US News "The Voice" candidate Grace Mertens: She died when she was only 16 years old.

12:20  24 october  2020
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Just a few days ago, Grace Mertens announced it to her fans on Instagram herself, now it has occurred. At the age of only 16, the former candidate for " The Voice Kids " died on Thursday evening (October 22nd) of a brain tumor, as her family has now confirmed. The family wrote on Instagram: "Grace will stay 16 forever. With the three of us at our side, she passed away peacefully. Our hearts are broken". She had already received the diagnosis at the show, in which she participated as a 13-year-old. Over the years her condition worsened and the tumor finally got out of control, so that the doctors only gave Grace Mertens a few days to live.

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© Instagram / grace.mertens "The Voice" candidate Grace Mertens: She died at the age of 16

Grace loved Lady Gaga - and her idol gave her strength with a very personal message! In the video above you can see the touching words of the megastar to her fan.

Grace Mertens was planning her own funeral

It is impressive how bravely the teenager dealt with this news. Shortly after telling fans about the shocking prognosis from Doctors on Instagram , Grace devoted herself to planning her own memorial service. For example, she would like to see videos of family and friends reporting on shared memories. It was also important to her that the funeral should be "a celebration of my short life".

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Grace Mertens shared her ordeal

Grace was not only open about her illness on "The Voice Kids". Since then, she has also provided constant updates on her health on her Instagram channel. A few months ago, she also let her fans know that she was blind because of the brain tumor.

But all the terrible events couldn't take the 16-year-old's smile away. In order to make Grace shine on her last days too, her parents started the "Sing for Grace" challenge.

In this event, everyone who wanted to take part should post videos of themselves on the Internet, singing songs by their great idols Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift for Grace. A touching gesture that could certainly give her joy on her last journey.

In the video below, a psychologist gives tips on how you can be a support in times of grief.

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