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03:40  25 october  2020
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Afghanistan: thousands of people flee the violence in the south of the country

 Afghanistan: thousands of people flee the violence in the south of the country © AFP Whole families have left urgently in Helmand, to escape the violence that has been raging for six days. Fighting continues for the sixth straight day in Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital of Helmand, in southern Afghanistan. The Taliban have launched an offensive on the positions of the Afghan security forces despite the ongoing peace talks in Doha. With our correspondent in Kabul, Sonia Ghezali Entire families have fled.

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Some may find the home office unbearable in the meantime, the unstructured working atmosphere impairs concentration. But where do you go when you can't stand it at home anymore?

KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/GettyImages © Provided by Finanz.net KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP / GettyImages Home office overkill

Many Germans have been in the home office for a few months now. Some may think by now that it just doesn't work anymore. With the children at home, concentrated and undisturbed work is next to impossible, productivity suffers: it is simply unbearable, a change of scenery is needed. But where to go in the times of Corona? Many employees cannot go to the office at the moment.

Terrace or balcony, exteriors at a gold price

 Terrace or balcony, exteriors at a gold price The presence of a balcony or a terrace is a criterion highly appreciated by applicants for housing © IStock / City Presse Most buildings have balconies and no terraces. SILVER - The presence of a balcony or terrace is a very popular criterion for applicants for housing. Having an outdoor space can be a luxury in an urban area. Rather than an garden , it is often necessary to be content with a balcony or an terrace , for the passage of a substantial increase in the sale price of 8.8% on average,

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Co-working spaces as an alternative

Co-working spaces offer an answer to this. There are many co-working operators across Germany who make their space available. The question now arises as to how co-working should work if the minimum distances and hygiene rules are to be adhered to. Companies that rely on open hangouts and open spaces for co-working are faced with a major challenge and some have to close. As the Handelsblatt reports, the entire industry is facing difficult times, as many companies are terminating short-term contracts with co-working companies such as WeWork , while these are mostly tied to long-term rental agreements.

The empty co-working spaces might come in handy for frustrated home office workers. Companies such as Beehive offer individual co-working offices for daily or weekly rentals. A private individual office including fast WiFi, cleaning and printer costs around 100 euros per week at Beehive. And other co-working providers are also keeping their locations open and making their premises available, according to the start-up scene. These can also usually be booked by the day or by the hour.

"It's not arbitrary or coincidental": Spahn defends plans for extended special corona rights

 Health Minister Spahn has explained why he considers the extension of special rights in the corona pandemic to be necessary. There is new criticism from Bundestag Vice Roth. © Photo: Imago Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn wants to extend special rights in the corona pandemic. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) defended the extension of special rights he wanted.

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Tobias Kollewe from the German Co-Working Association tells Gründerszene that there is actually a moderate demand from workers in the home office. Other companies would also prefer to send their employees to co-working spaces instead of the home office for data protection reasons.

Home office in the hotel

Another business model that addresses the nationwide home office can be seen in the hotel industry, which has been hard hit by the coronavirus. Hotels are currently not allowed to rent their rooms to tourists and there is no income. That is why there is now a new business concept: some hotels are now renting their rooms on a daily or weekly basis to employees and self-employed people who are forced to work from home, but can no longer stand it at home or simply do not have an adequate workplace. The platform and website "Home office in the hotel" offers an overview of all participating hotels, so far there are 548. A few hotels from Switzerland and Austria are also included. The hotels attract with an undisturbed working atmosphere, good internet connection and room service for lunch, snacks and drinks. But the catch is: Few people have taken up the offer so far, so Gründerszene. In addition, the hotels are more expensive per day than co-working spaces.

Economic history: Big data threatens to be broken up - just like Rockefeller's Big Oil

 Economic history: Big data threatens to be broken up - just like Rockefeller's Big Oil The lawsuit against Google has a historical model. When John D. Rockefeller established a monopoly with Standard Oil in 1906, President Roosevelt forced what was then the richest man in the world to disentangle his empire. © Getty Images A historical illustration by Udo J. Keppler from 1904 shows an octopus, representative of the US company Theodore Roosevelt was actually a man of business in terms of origin and ethos.

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The hotel portal HRS is following a similar approach and founded the MeWork initiative on the occasion of the Corona crisis. As part of this program, however, instead of employees, HRS addresses employers who are looking for a suitable working environment for their employees on a larger scale. The company can send an inquiry to HRS MeWork, which then searches for a suitable hotel. Special requirements and wishes are also taken into account. The normal office becomes a hotel office. Suitable hotels can charge the original overnight rates as the daily rates, according to HRS.

Alone in co-working

Another co-working provider shows how co-working can also be modified during Corona times. As part of a Corona special campaign, Cobaas is making its co-working spaces and holiday apartments available to employees of a cooperating music school. All spaces and apartments have a separate entrance and a desk with WiFi, but overnight stays are prohibited. If the employer rents the premises for the employee, it is considered an official workplace even during the curfew. At Cobaas, 20 working days cost 380 euros. Finanzen.net editorial team

Rent to property: Ministry plans higher hurdles for converting apartments .
After protests by the SPD, Federal Building Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) is now planning higher hurdles for converting rental apartments into condominiums. This provides for a new draft for the building land mobilization law, which is available to the German Press Agency in Berlin. According to current plans, it is to be passed by the cabinet next Wednesday. Then the Bundestag has to give its approval.

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