US News Compromise proposal is available: Breakthrough in the collective bargaining dispute over public service in sight

10:40  25 october  2020
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Hospitals on strike: "Not all promises were followed by action"

 Hospitals on strike: © Sameer Al-Doumy / AFP Hospital staff in France are called on strike on Thursday to demand more resources, so that the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic is sweeping over France. For Sophie Crozier, neurologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière and member of the inter-hospital collective, invited to the announcements of the Ségur de la santé (Health Segur) remained without consequences. The malaise continues to persist in French hospitals.

B.A breakthrough in collective bargaining in the public sector. As it became known from the negotiating circles of both parties, the compromise proposal was to be economy Proposal for an agreement A breakthrough in the dispute over public service salaries is in sight Status: 01:25 | …

Start studying Collective Bargaining . Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games legal term defined as a strategy in collective bargaining in which one of the parties "merely goes Items that are permitted to be brought up during negotiations, but do not need to be negotiated over .

Trade unions and employers negotiated for several days. Today, carers, bus drivers and officials should find out how their incomes are increasing.

Bundesweit hatte es wie hier in Dortmund Streiks gegeben. © Photo: Bernd Thissen / dpa There had been strikes nationwide, like here in Dortmund.

Trade unions and employers want to settle their month-long collective bargaining dispute over the public service this Sunday. At noon, both sides want to announce a breakthrough. As was learned from participants in Potsdam, the top group of both sides agreed in principle on a compromise proposal on Sunday night.

That night, the committees of both sides discussed this proposal for a collective agreement. However, the vote of these bodies is not just a matter of form. With an agreement, new strikes in clinics, daycare centers, local transport and town halls would be off the table after weeks of strikes.

EU and Great Britain: Only Johnson can avert the embarrassment.

 EU and Great Britain: Only Johnson can avert the embarrassment. Failure of the Brexit negotiations would damage both parties enormously. The British Prime Minister in particular must have a keen interest in a trade deal. © REUTERS Where are you going? Boris Johnson has to decide whether to continue negotiating. Only Johnson can avert the embarrassment A popular souvenir from Great Britain are T-shirts or fridge magnets with the imprint "Keep calm and carry on", so: stay calm and just carry on.

Bargaining Over New Contracts. Distributive Bargaining Integrative Bargaining Attitudinal Bargaining Intraorganizational Bargaining . The outcome of contract negotiations can have important consequences for labor costs, productivity, and the organization's ability to compete.

Start studying chapter 9 labor relations/ collective bargaining . Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. a stalemate in negotiations that often leads to an economic weapon being used by the union in the form of a strike, or by management in the form of a lockout.

The income of around 2.3 million municipal and federal employees should be set. According to the union demands, the result is to be transferred to around 225,000 civil servants. After the last state of negotiations, incomes should increase in stages. Further details were not initially known.

The compromise of the negotiators in the federal tariff commissions of Verdi and the civil servants' association dbb should be discussed. Most of the members of these committees were connected online. The general meeting of the Association of Municipal Employers (VKA), who traveled to Potsdam, also discussed the issues.

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The latest Covid figures show a "worrying" spread to the elderly

 The latest Covid figures show a © Copyright 2020, L'Obs The Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread "from the youngest to the oldest", observes this Friday, October 16 Public health France, deeming this development "very worrying", while the times for screening tests tend to improve. People aged 15 to 44 are still the most affected, with 278 new cases of contamination per 100,000 inhabitants, against 180 per 100,000 on average for all age groups, according to its latest epidemiological bulletin which covers data.

Start studying Collective bargaining . Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards Importance • Productivity and pay change over a persons life time- tend to overpay workers in the Strategic to say that they are not bargaining in good faith so that their workers can only be temporarily locked out.

Arbitration that involves disputes over the terms of proposed collective bargaining agreements. An arbitration procedure used in the public sector whereby the arbitrator must select one party's offer either as a package or issue-by-issue selection.

Video: No rapid tariff agreement in the public service in sight (Reuters)

The committees are to be interconnected again on Sunday morning and discuss. The basic representatives of the trade unions wanted to decide on an agreement according to the statutes by majority. Requests for changes could also be made there. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), who represents the federal government, announced in the internal round that he wanted to gain feedback within the federal government, it was said.

In the morning from 10 a.m., the eight-person leading group wanted to get back together to clarify the last details. In addition to Seehofer, Lüneburg's Lord Mayor Ulrich Mädge (SPD) for the municipalities - and for the trade unions, Verdi boss Frank Werneke and Ulrich Silberbach, the chairman of the dbb Beamtenbund and Tarifunion. It was planned to inform the public at noon. The ongoing third round of negotiations began on Thursday. For a long time, the positions were far apart. Negotiations lasted almost 14 hours on Saturday.

Agricultural policy: EU subsidies at a crossroads

 Agricultural policy: EU subsidies at a crossroads The EU wants to become greener, but this can hardly be achieved without European farmers. The future of agricultural policy is now being decided in Brussels. Much is at stake. © DW / J. Ospina-Valencia Provided by Deutsche Welle It is true that the stands were orphaned and many speakers only switched on via video. Nevertheless, the air burned in the European Parliament in Brussels that morning.

In collective bargaining there are economic pressures in the form of lockouts, plant closures, and the replacement of strikers that are used by the. In collective bargaining , all matters concerning rates of pay, wages, hours of employment, or other conditions of employment are examples of.

The intention is to showcase an array of mechanisms, mostly interconnected, that governments and social partners around the world have developed to minimize and resolve disputes – and especially interest disputes in collective bargaining – in the public services .

CORONA AND TARIFFS: The corona pandemic made the collective bargaining round considerably more difficult. The unions were under pressure to carry out strikes and protests in compliance with hygiene rules. They had repeatedly accused the municipal employers of taking advantage of the situation. The municipal budgets, on the other hand, are heavily burdened due to the economic crisis and falling trade tax revenues.

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LINEAR INCOME INCREASE: The unions had entered negotiations with the demand for a wage and salary increase of 4.8 percent for a one-year period. The federal government and municipalities had offered a total increase in fees of 3.5 percent, namely by 1.0 percent as of March 1, 2021, then by a further 1.0 percent and 1.5 percent one year later. The term should be three years. The unions rejected such a long term as "glass ball reading". The three years were "very important" to employers.

STRENGTHENING LOWER INCOME: The unions demanded at least 150 euros more per month. The employers offered a minimum amount of 30 euros. And a special corona payment for all employees to alleviate the burden of the crisis in the amount of 300 euros.

CARE: In view of the stresses and strains on carers in the corona pandemic , care was one of the focus of the negotiations. The employers had offered a care allowance of 50 euros per month for employees in hospitals and care facilities. Verdi boss Werneke had rejected this as "scandalous". The unions demanded an allowance of 300 euros. Individual care areas were negotiated intensively. VKA boss Mädge had announced: “According to our ideas, an intensive care nurse will get eight percent more salary.” (Dpa)

Dispute over CDU party congress: Merz raises serious allegations against party leaders .
The postponement of the CDU party congress angered Friedrich Merz - his competitor Laschet wanted them. What's next now? © Photo: Michael Kappeler / dpa The rivals. Is it still getting ugly in the competition for the top CDU? Friedrich Merz is angry. When he arrived in the studio on Monday morning for his appearance in the ARD morning magazine, it was already becoming clear that the CDU party convention in December would not work.

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