US News US Presidential. "The polls have it all wrong": they vote Trump and are proud of it

12:40  25 october  2020
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American Presidential: under the Florida sun, disenchantment wins over seniors

 American Presidential: under the Florida sun, disenchantment wins over seniors © Yona Helaoua, France 24 "The Villages", a retirement community in Florida, where residents get around by golf cart. Traditionally more inclined to vote Republican, more and more seniors seem to abandon Donald Trump, accused of failing to manage the health crisis. France 24 traveled to Florida, to America's largest retirement community, "The Villages". Reportage. Under the blazing sun of downtown Florida one October afternoon, Richard Roman was resting on the bench of a small shopping street.

Biden leading national presidential polls . National polls are a good guide as to how popular a candidate is Most states nearly always vote the same way, meaning that in reality there are just a handful of The US election process can be confusing. The BBC is here to help make sense of it .

Did US election polling get it wrong in 2016? Reality Check considers whether polls can predict who'll be the next US president . But polling companies suffered a shock in 2016 when they didn't foresee Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton. Did the pollsters get it all wrong ?

Daryl Bernard et ses filles. © Yona Helaoua Daryl Bernard and his daughters.

Their name is Daryl or Jennifer, they live in Pennsylvania or Michigan. What they have in common: they assume their choice in favor of the current President of the United States for a second term on November 3.

The election of the next President of the United States will take place on Tuesday, November 3, the first Tuesday in November as is the rule. This is the 59th presidential election since 1788. The last debate between the two candidates, Donald Trump the Republican, incumbent president, and Joe Biden the Democrat, took place on Thursday in a more great serenity than the first, the two candidates remaining on an equal footing. The polls on voting intentions, however, have given Joe Biden the winner for several weeks. One of the major themes of the campaign is the management of Covid-19. The postal vote, which promises to be massive, could also weigh on the result.

Donald Trump, in difficulty, continues his marathon campaign

 Donald Trump, in difficulty, continues his marathon campaign © Brendan Smialowski Donald Trump in Ocala (Florida) on October 16, 2020 Donald Trump continues his campaign at a frantic pace, with multiple trips across the country on Saturday, to mobilize his troops and catch up on his Democratic opponent Joe Biden, 17 days before the US presidential election.

Flip state polling - US election analysis. In Iowa, the result was over six percentage points more in favour of Trump than the final polling average While it was indeed Clinton who won the popular vote , questions will now be asked about why the LA Times was the only polling company to see

President Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden have faced off in their second and final presidential debate of the election campaign. Mr Biden also pointed to spikes in Republican states in the Midwest - but the midwestern state of Illinois, which voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has a

Jennifer et Debra. © Yona Helaoua, Ouest-France Jennifer and Debra. On the Supreme Court Rose Friend. © Yona Helaoua, Ouest-France Rose Friend.

Daryl Bernard, 55, medical salesperson from Maryland. Came with his two daughters to Trump's meeting in Middletown. He hails the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court: “I have two wonderful daughters and the judge will be a great role model for them. She has seven children, some of them a different color, someone who has been able to juggle the different responsibilities at home and at work. She truly believes in our Constitution and does not allow herself to be guided by the political whims of society. It is this same Constitution that has ensured that our country is still here, more than 240 years after its creation. »

US Presidential: The Trump camp intensifies (again) its attacks against Joe Biden

 US Presidential: The Trump camp intensifies (again) its attacks against Joe Biden Donald Trump and Joe Biden were this Sunday in two key states of the election: Nevada and North Carolina. While the outgoing president lags behind in the polls, he has multiplied the insults and attacks against his opponent © Sipa Donald Trump and Joe Biden clashed remotely on two competing television channels on October 15, 2020. ELECTION - Donald Trump and Joe Biden were this Sunday in two key states of the election: Nevada and North Carolina.

The US president was challenged over white supremacist support and refused to condemn a specific far-right As is normal after a presidential debate, both the Trump and Biden camps have been claiming Hillary Clinton said she was "so proud of Joe Biden". A snap viewer poll by CBS News

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden have batted away key questions during separate meet-the-voter TV events. In just three weeks, Americans head to the polls to cast their vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden.

On the Covid-19 Monte Bordner. © Yona Helaoua, Ouest-France Monte Bordner.

Jennifer and Debra, in their forties (they don't want to give their age or last name), crossed paths at Trump's meeting in Middletown, Pa. Live in Union County. They talk about Trump's handling of the pandemic.

Jennifer: “At first people said he was xenophobic, racist, because he tried to restrict travel very early on, before the virus spread, before we understood what it was about and before there is any treatment. So I think he did the best he could. And I appreciate the fact that he tried not to stir up panic in the audience. It would have been the worst thing to do. We had a shortage of toilet paper, and not for a gastroenteritis outbreak! Can you imagine if he hadn't calmed things down? »

About Joe Biden and the Democrats

Bob Price. © Yona Helaoua, Ouest-France Bob Price.

Rose Friend, 83, retiree from Washington County, Pa. "I don't like where Biden is going, with Kamala Harris and all this socialism… They want to take our guns away from us, and me guns, I've got plenty! According to the latest news I read on my computer, they are against a lot of religions and churches. They are very pro-abortion, and that's a sensitive topic for me. Babies must not be killed. Joe Biden, I'm sorry for him. I think, really, he doesn't know what he's talking about most of the time. I think someone is telling him what to say.

Donald Trump versus Joe Biden: You can do it differently

 Donald Trump versus Joe Biden: You can do it differently In their last TV duel, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are surprisingly tame. The deep mutual aversion can still be clearly felt. © POOL / REUTERS Again chaos, again confusion and brutal screaming? What was not all feared in the run-up to this second TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden , the last one before the election on November 3rd. But then that: The opponents acted on the stage in Nashville, Tennessee , surprisingly civil, almost tame.

View the latest 2020 presidential polls and head-to-head match-up between Joe Biden and Donald Trump . We process your personal data to personalize content and ads, measure the delivery of such content and ads, to provide social media features, to extract insights about our properties and as

President Trump and Joe Biden return to the campaign trail after a calmer final election debate. We 're shutting down our election live coverage for the night, but we 'll be back to do it all again In the final presidential debate last night, Donald Trump said the US has had the "best carbon emission

On Black Lives Matter

Monte Bordner, 67, a cow breeder in Sturgis, Mich. The demonstrations, the riots, the looting ... "That’s not the way to solve problems. Often it is businesses run by blacks or immigrants who have come here to work that are burnt, as in Minneapolis. I don't understand what the opposite side gets out of all this. I have my own idea. They want Trump to go so badly that they are ready to do anything.

On polls predicting Trump's defeat

Bob Price, retired engineer, former Barry County Republican committee boss, resident of Delton, Michigan. 67 years old. “The polls have it all wrong. They were wrong four years ago, and they are wrong again today. The way the questions are structured forces people to say what the pollster wants them to say. Me, I do not answer. However, surveys only tell you about those who answered them. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump wins more ahead than last time. "

This Tuesday, Americans vote (but 100 million have already done so) .
© JOSEPH PREZIOSO In a polling station in Dixville Notch, in New Hampshire, the first village to vote on November 3rd. Already on the rise during the last elections, postal voting and early voting have exploded for this presidential election. The United States wakes up this Tuesday for "Election Day", which must decide the future President of the United States , Donald Trump four years older or Joe Biden, as well as many other issues such as the Senate and the House of Representatives .

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