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14:45  25 october  2020
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Energy renovation: how France could save 113 billion euros by 2030

 Energy renovation: how France could save 113 billion euros by 2030 © SIERAKOWSKI / ISOPIX / SIPA Energy renovation The Enelia group and Citizing have calculated what the French could save by renovating homes "energy strainers ". Bad news for the household budget: their energy bills will increase in the coming months . On October 1, the price of gas jumped 4.7%, while the price of electricity had risen by 1.4% on August 1, after + 2.4% already in February. And inflation in energy prices will continue for the next few years.

A photovoltaic system , also PV system or solar power system , is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics .

The HCPVT system combines PV and solar thermal techniques: A hot-watercooled multichip receiver mounted in the focal point of a parabolic concentrator The average thermal and electrical efficiency of the system are 43% and 12%, respectively. The requirement of auxiliary electric energy for water

If it is easily confused with photovoltaics, aerovoltaics has the advantage of heating and ventilating the habitat in addition to producing electricity

L'aérovoltaïque permet de faire des économies d'énergie mais aussi de ventiler l'habitat et d'apporter plus de fraîcheur en été. © IStock / City Presse Aerovoltaics not only save energy but also ventilate the home and bring more freshness in summer. ENERGY - If it is easily confused with photovoltaics, aerovoltaics have the advantage of heating and ventilating the habitat in addition to producing electricity

If the photovoltaic is now a well-known technology and in constant progress for several years, the aerovoltaics is essential as the new kid on the solar energy . This hybrid system combines photovoltaic and thermal panels to both produce electricity and heat the home .

With this design trick, solar cells could become more than twice as effective

 With this design trick, solar cells could become more than twice as effective An international research group has apparently found a way in which solar cells could absorb more than twice as much sunlight. They use a simple trick to do this. © lalanta71 / Shutterstock solar cells could soon be much more effective. When generating electricity from solar power, the absorption rate of the solar cells - i.e. the ability to absorb as high a proportion of the incoming light waves as possible - plays a decisive role.

The combination of photovoltaic (PV) technology, solar thermal technology, and reflective or refractive solar concentrators has been a highly appealing option for developers and researchers since the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Thus the whole configuration of system is known as Solar Photovoltaics / Thermal Hybrid System . As end result, we get electrical energy and thermal energy which optimizes the system performance. Study conducted on many literature research papers has been discussed in this Seminar Report.

This innovation claims to exploit 80% of solar potential, instead of 20% for photovoltaic alone. An interesting solution, but which is still very expensive ...

A two-in-one system

Aerovoltaics provide electricity in the house but also recover the thermal energy produced by the sun's rays to heat the house. With this method, both sides of the solar panel are optimized to multiply its performance. Thus, it increases electricity production by 10% compared to conventional photovoltaic equipment. It also offers an summer air cooling system , because it combines the functions of heating and air conditioning.

Finally, this technology allows the home to be ventilated and purified, by filtering the outside air blown inside the home.

New electricity connection in the Baltic Sea connects two wind farms

 New electricity connection in the Baltic Sea connects two wind farms Representatives from politics and the energy industry have opened a new electricity connection between Denmark and Germany in the Baltic Sea, which also connects two wind farms. © Kay Nietfeld / dpa A 50Hertz employee at the inauguration of the German-Danish hybrid offshore interconnector, into which German and Danish offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea are being integrated.

Photovoltaic thermal collectors, typically abbreviated as PVT collectors and also known as hybrid solar collectors, photovoltaic thermal solar collectors, PV/T collectors or solar cogeneration systems , are power generation technologies that convert solar radiation into usable thermal and electrical energy .

Photovoltaic systems (PV systems ) are a renewable energy technology which transforms the energy from the sun into electricity using photovoltaics . Including a battery bank in your photovoltaic systems is optional, but it can double the amount of solar energy you can use. With a battery system

At what price?

If the aerovoltaic is an all-in-one system to reduce its energy bill, it is however a very expensive installation, much more elsewhere than the photovoltaic one. The price of this installation varies between 15,000 and 18,000 euros including tax for panels offering 3 kWp (kilowatt peak, the unit of measurement of these solar kits), around 24,000 euros for a 6 kWp and 40,000 for a 9 kWp.

Obviously, everything depends on the equipment installed, the difficulties associated with the installation and the companies which are still few to offer this type of solar panel.

What profitability?

Like photovoltaics, the profitability of your aerovoltaic equipment will first depend on where you live. Indeed, the energy production will be more efficient if your home enjoys a lot of sunshine throughout the day and year. Likewise, the insulation of your home will play a big role: older homes tend to minimize the beneficial effects of this type of development, unlike new or renovated homes that meet RT2012 standards.

Mediterranean: Athens accuses Ankara of "imperialist fantasies"

 Mediterranean: Athens accuses Ankara of © Provided by Le Point Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday accused Turkey of maintaining "imperialist fantasies" in the eastern Mediterranean during a meeting in Nicosia with the Cypriot and Egyptian presidents. Mr. Mitsotakis again criticized Turkey for resorting to "extreme rhetoric" and acting unilaterally, while ignoring calls for dialogue launched by the European Union, Russia and the states - United .

Thus, we introduce a concept termed thermal energy grid storage, which in this embodiment uses multi-junction photovoltaics as a based on typical interest rates of energy storage systems ,22 This is largely due to the limited cycle-life of batteries compared to the storage of energy via bulk

The combined Photovoltaic / Thermal panels are connected to a heat I electric energy conversion system converts heat energy into mechanical energy The development and design of the system is made by extensive use of modeling and simulation techniques. In the paper a part of the simulation

As for the financial aspect, Ademe carried out a study showing that savings for heating are only 3 to 10% for old houses and up to 27% for new ones. Also, don't expect a return on your investment for seven or eight years after installing the panels. It is therefore necessary to think of the aerovoltaic as a complete system which makes it possible to save electricity and heating, but especially which offers in addition a better quality of the indoor air and a cooling effect in summer.

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NGO accuses American companies of financing deforestation of the Amazon rainforest .
The NGO Amazon Watch reported that American financial groups have in total invested more than 18 billion dollars (15.2 billion euros) during of the last three years in mining, energy or agribusiness companies involved in "a series of abuses" of the Amazon rainforest.

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