US News film tip: "I Am Greta" provides an intimate portrait of environmental activist Greta Thunberg

19:50  25 october  2020
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Covid-19. During the curfew, France Télévision will offer a film every evening

 Covid-19. During the curfew, France Télévision will offer a film every evening © Benoit Tessier / Reuters France Télévisions will offer a prime-time film every evening during the curfew. France Télévisions will broadcast a film every evening on its various antennas "to entertain and bring families together" in this context of health crisis, while several cities in the country and Île-de-France will be subject to a curfew , from Friday midnight for a minimum of four weeks.

"People always tell us, that young people are going to save the world. But there is simply not enough time to wait, ”said Greta Thunberg once. The Swedish environmental activist and initiator of the “Fridays For Future” movement is one of the most prominent faces of her generation, but at the same time one of the most controversial. Because the young Swede does not always meet with understanding with her statements. But maybe that's exactly what makes Greta Thunberg an authentic voice for a better future on earth. A new film accompanied her on her way from the lonely fighter to the idol of the masses and shows her more personally than seldom before.

Spy Game on Arte: the attacks of September 11 almost compromised the release of the film

 Spy Game on Arte: the attacks of September 11 almost compromised the release of the film On the occasion of the release of Spy Game, a look back at the event that almost compromised the release of the film and forced Tony Scott to return in the editing room. © Metropolitan FilmExport Spy Game on Arte: the attacks of September 11 almost compromised the release of the film Released on November 21, 2001 in the United States, Spy game almost never found its way to theaters.

Greta Thunberg Film-Tipp Doku „I am Greta“ Getty Images © Getty Images Greta Thunberg Film Tip Documentary “I am Greta” Getty Images “I Am Greta”: This is how the film about Greta Thunberg was made Acting cameraman for the film. His project for a film about the young Swede turned out to be a clever move, because as early as 2018, when the world was just beginning to hear from the student, he was already accompanying her with his camera. With this right nose, the filmmaker succeeded in capturing significant moments on Greta Thunberg's path - like the beginning of what is now known as the “Fridays For Future” movement: Greta Thunberg, then 15 years old, is sitting on a Friday in winter 2018 with a sign “Skolstrejk för klimatet” in front of the Swedish parliament: School dispute for the climate. Your statement: Why learn for a world in which there is no future? A question that not only passers-by in Stockholm ask her during her famous sit-in, but that is often controversial as a result.

Agricultural policy: EU subsidies at a crossroads

 Agricultural policy: EU subsidies at a crossroads The EU wants to become greener, but this can hardly be achieved without European farmers. The future of agricultural policy is now being decided in Brussels. Much is at stake. © DW / J. Ospina-Valencia Provided by Deutsche Welle It is true that the stands were orphaned and many speakers only switched on via video. Nevertheless, the air burned in the European Parliament in Brussels that morning.

Within a very short time Greta Thunberg became world famous, more and more young people are doing the same and are staying away from school on Fridays for environmental activism and climate strikes. It becomes the face of a global movement, but also a political issue. Nathan Grossman, who is already present with a camera during her first sit-in, gradually becomes friends with the Swede and films almost all the scenes himself, as he usually does without a large team for his work. A procedure that proves to be exactly right for his Greta project and enables him to create a portrait of a young woman who has probably never been so close outside of her family.

Greta Thunberg divides minds - just like the new film about her

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So the film about Greta Thunberg could rekindle the controversy about her person. Has your voice lost its strength in the meantime because it was instrumentalized for political purposes? As a result of the movement, the young Swede was seen more and more frequently on prominent stages. She spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Chancellor Angela Merkel and traveled publicly across the Atlantic to America to take part in the United Nations Climate Change Summit in

New York - an ambitious project that also featured in “I. Am Greta ”and shows how at one moment she questions her travel plans on the high seas.

Opinion: EU is pushing for real agricultural reform

 Opinion: EU is pushing for real agricultural reform In the EU agricultural policy, environmental protection should play a greater role in the future. That’s a good resolution. But despite the agricultural reform, Brussels is still a long way from an ecological turnaround, says Max Zander. © Jochen Tack / picture-alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle Late, but hopefully not too late, the EU recognized that agriculture and environmental protection are two sides of the same coin.

There are scenes that remind us that Greta Thunberg is not just an environmental activist, but a young adult, now only 17 years old. A quiet girl with Asperger's Syndrome, who benefits from his sudden fame in his mission, but at the same time has been under enormous pressure on whose shoulders and the crowds sometimes frighten her. Greta Thunberg, who is filmed in the course of the film at a point where she thinks about giving up. And which, with its increasing fame and popularity, also gets to be felt by the other side: criticism and hatred, which is particularly drastic in times of social media. And voices that accuse her of wanting to gain attention for herself with her alleged climate strike. "I don't care about being popular, I care about climate justice", Greta Thunberg replies appropriately to her opponents in the new documentary film.

Why the film "I Am Greta" is so important right now

Like Greta Thunberg herself, the new film "I Am Greta" has received divided opinions since its premiere. Many viewers praise it as an authentic and intimate film portrait and a reminder of the urgency to change something about our impact on the planet. Others criticize him as a romanticized image of a young woman who lets herself be exploited by the climate lobby and who now wants to gain new popularity with a film. Whatever you think of the film project itself, you have to admit: Once again, Greta Thunberg manages to draw attention to herself - and that seemed increasingly difficult recently. Because while in some places students take to the streets and protest in times of the corona pandemic in compliance with the distance rules, many people have lost sight of the climate goals.

The outbreak of Covid-19, which affects us to this day, should be an alarm signal. For the fact that we cannot continue to do with our earth and its living beings what we want. And for the fact that we must act better yesterday than today in order to enable our future generations to live on our home planet. No matter what attitude you take as an individual towards Greta Thunberg, the film is a good inspiration. And a lasting impression is ultimately what we make something out of.

The film "I Am Greta" can now be seen in selected cinemas in Germany.

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