US News Harnik on professional time: “Breakouts with cold sweats”

12:40  26 october  2020
12:40  26 october  2020 Source:   spox.com

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A look at cold sweats , where a person sweats without requiring the body to cool down. Included is detail on situations where someone might experience them. Fast facts on cold sweats : Sweating is usually the body’s way of cooling itself off. The activation of the fight or flight (stress) response usually

Cold sweats are sudden sweats that don't come from heat or exertion. Learn if you should act and when it Look for other signs of shortness of breath in a patient with cold sweats , like fatigue Most importantly, if you're concerned about cold sweats —especially the first time it happens—see a doctor.

A few weeks after the end of his Bundesliga career, ex-professional Martin Harnik spoke very openly and critically about the “mental stress of professional football”.

Martin Harnik erlebte in seiner Profizeit viel Druck. © Robert Michael / dpa-Pool / dpa Martin Harnik experienced a lot of pressure in his professional time.

«Every development has an effect on my physical condition. Before games, I sometimes had sweats with a cold sweat, ”said the 33-year-old in an interview with“ spox.com ”. «Unsuccessful phases robbed me of a lot of energy. When I woke up in the morning, I often felt drained. " In successful phases he “experienced the exact opposite: Even after two hours of sleep I was in a great mood and full of energy. This roller coaster ride of emotions was brutal for me. "

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Cold sweats can break out on your palms, armpits and even the soles of your feet. Cold sweats related to anxiety are often a result of the stress that your anxiety is putting on your body, which Most of the time , drinking fruit juice or eating something with a small amount of natural sugar can help get

Heavy sweating and dizziness are both signs of heat exhaustion. Other symptoms to look out for include However, cold sweats and dizziness can also occur. There are times when dizziness and sweating can occur together. There are a variety of conditions that can cause these symptoms.

Harnik played in the professional field for Werder Bremen, Fortuna Düsseldorf, VfB Stuttgart, Hannover 96 and last season on loan for Hamburger SV. At the beginning of the month, the 68-time Austrian national player broke his contract with Werder and joined the upper division TuS Dassendorf in Hamburg.

«If I play a catastrophic game for Dassendorf and we lose, it won't affect my private life. It's a great relief for me, ”said Harnik. In professional football, on the other hand, he “identified strongly with each of my clubs and always sought direct contact with the employees. It builds up a lot of pressure when you hear from them: "If you don't move up, I don't know if I'll have a job next year." Then there are the restrictions in the private sector. After defeats I didn't like to be seen in public. "

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