US News There is no evidence that Putin and Salman negotiated a church against a mosque

14:40  26 october  2020
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Coronavirus: The Great Mosque of Mecca reopens to the faithful

 Coronavirus: The Great Mosque of Mecca reopens to the faithful A maximum of 40,000 people will now be allowed to pray at this most sacred site in Islam © HOGP / AP / SIPA Mecca, October 4, 2020. PILGRIMAGE - A maximum of 40,000 people will now be allowed to pray at this most sacred site in Islam With the relaxation of restrictions against the coronavirus, worshipers will be able to travel to Mecca more easily.

Putin refused to weigh in on claims that the former VP himself was “getting a lot of money from Russia," as insinuated by Trump, responding “no comment” when asked. The Russian leader also said he is unaware of any “commercial relationships” between Hunter Biden and Yelena Baturina, the widow of

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Dugin's vision of “Holy Russia,” which is shared with the Russian Orthodox Church , sees Russia's mission as being to expand its influence and authority until it dominates the Eurasian landmass by means of a strong, centralized Russian state aligned with the

Rencontre de Vladimir Poutine et du roi Salmane, à Riyad en 2019. © Aleksey Nikolskyi Meeting of Vladimir Putin and King Salman, in Riyadh in 2019. For several years, an excerpt from a conversation between the Saudi ruler and the Russian president circulating online. It is supposed to illustrate Putin's steadfastness in the face of Islam. But nothing guarantees the authenticity of this exchange (link posted on Facebook).

This is the story of a meeting between King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The first asks the second if he can build a large mosque in Moscow. The Russian head of state accepts, but lays down a condition: a large Orthodox church must be built in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. The king refuses and the discussion ends there.

Macron asks Putin for a “strengthening” of anti-terrorism cooperation

 Macron asks Putin for a “strengthening” of anti-terrorism cooperation © Gerard Julien / Pool via REUTERS Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine, at the fort of Bregançon, in the south of France, on August 19, 2019. The French president spoke on Tuesday to his Russian counterpart and "wished for a strengthening of Franco-Russian cooperation in the fight against terrorism and illegal immigration", after the assassination of Samuel Paty, on October 16, by a young Russian man of Chechen origin.

Putin ’s supposedly transformative national spending projects worth an eye-watering 0bn have largely failed to materialise. His promises of economic modernisation and raised living standards must be set against a consecutive five-year fall in real wages and cuts to state pensions.

The gleeful greetings that Vladimir Putin extended to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has caught, not just the mainstream media, but also Donald Trump and the rest of the global geopolitical observers. It does not contain chocolate chips, you cannot eat it and there is no special hidden jar.

"This is what I call a head of state", enthusiastic many Internet users ( here , here or there for example) in posts, shared tens of thousands of times and illustrated by a portrait of Vladimir Putin.

This exchange comes up regularly on social networks, always for the benefit of Putin, because he has shown here firmness in the face of Islam, and in particular the funding of this cult by foreign powers.

Almost a year ago to the day, a tweet shared hundreds of times also reported. "This is the application of the principle of reciprocity", greeted a Parisian lawyer , himself retweeted by Christine Boutin.

A few months earlier, in March 2019 , it is no longer the King of Saudi Arabia who allegedly offered this barter to the tenant of the Kremlin, but the crown prince of the kingdom, Mohammed ben Salman .

The Pope for civil union between homosexuals: "A way to put an end to hypocrisy", according to the editor of a Catholic review

 The Pope for civil union between homosexuals: Your browser does not support this video The Pope knows that there are homosexuals in the Vatican and that civil unions are "legion" there, says Gino Hoel of the Catholic review Golias. According to him, this position "will upset all this conservative, even reactionary fringe, which exists in the Church". © Provided by Franceinfo In a documentary, Pope Francis spoke out in favor of a civil union for homosexual couples .

And if there are no results, it's time to act,” the Turkish president said. The dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia is more than a century old, with both countries believing they have strong claims over Nagorno-Karabakh. The region is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, but is populated by

There are two things to remember about this. First, the body of evidence strongly suggests that the virus has long since reached endemic status pretty much Second, since there is not a scrap of evidence that any restrictions slow or stop the virus, haven’t we been “letting the virus rip” anyway?

The first traces of this story date back to August 2017 , on Facebook pages of French-speaking supporters of Putin or on the site of the very right-wing Party of France.

History of 2008

Problem: there is no proof that this exchange took place, nor that the two heads of state thus cashed in places of worship to be built in each other.

In 2018, 20 Minutes already met the poison. In 2019 we dedicated a Detox. And more recently, it was the AFP Factuel that was also being verified, as rumors resurfaced in Belgium.

There is no trace of such an exchange in official records of previous meetings between Vladimir Putin and King Salman ( 2015 , 2017 ).

The story which may have inspired this hypothetical dialogue dates in fact from 2008. In November of this year, according to an dispatch from the Russian news agency Interfax spotted by AFP, the Saudi authorities propose, by the through the muftis (Muslim religious authorities) of Russia, to build a mosque in Russia. In return, several Russian Orthodox organizations ask to be able to build a church in the Saudi kingdom.

On the other hand, if there is already a large mosque in Moscow , there are on the other hand no churches in Saudi Arabia .

Denis Pelletier: "Faced with the attacks, the brotherhood of Catholics is a political project" .
© VALERY HACHE In front of the Notre-Dame de l'Assomption basilica, in Nice, Saturday. For the sociologist, a specialist in Catholicism, the bishops of France reacted remarkably to the attack on Nice by putting themselves "on the side of peace". Director of studies at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Denis Pelletier is a specialist in the history and sociology of Catholicism.

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