US News Faced with the second wave, Delfraissy sounded the alarm: "We are in a critical situation"

15:05  26 october  2020
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Covid-19. More than 250,000 dead in Europe, tightened restriction measures

 Covid-19. More than 250,000 dead in Europe, tightened restriction measures © OLI SCARFF / AFP The work of a street artist, in Manchester, United Kingdom, where two-thirds of deaths linked to Covid-19 in Europe. Faced with a second wave, European countries are putting in place drastic measures to counter the evolution of the coronavirus, which has claimed more than 250,000 victims since the start of the pandemic.

Delfraissy asserted that the virus is circulating extremely quickly, adding that the impact on the health system will be realized in the next three weeks. The government advisor claimed that the second wave is stronger than the first and that new Covid measures should be implemented soon to ensure their

The continent was facing a major threat to public health and a "highly concerning epidemiological situation ," said Andrea Ammon, director of Across the planet, Covid-19 has now claimed the lives of 1.1 million people and infected close to 42 million, with the WHO warning the northern hemisphere

  Face à la seconde vague, Delfraissy tire la sonnette d’alarme : « On est dans une situation critique » © Copyright 2020, L'Obs

The coronavirus epidemic reaches a new record in France with 52,010 new cases positive recorded in twenty-four hours , and a continuous increase in the number of patients in intensive care, exceeding 2,500, according to figures from Public Health France.

More than a million cases of Covid in France ... but this is not the most worrying figure

Guest on RTL on Monday October 26, the president of the scientific council Jean-François Delfraissy described "A very difficult situation, even critical", and estimates that we are "rather around 100,000 cases, counting the cases which are not diagnosed and the asymptomatic cases".

Covid-19: Spain crosses the million case mark, a first in Europe

 Covid-19: Spain crosses the million case mark, a first in Europe © Jose Jordan, AFP A couple seated in front of thousands of Spanish flags symbolizing people who have died of the new coronavirus in the country in Valencia on October 4. Country among the most bereaved in Europe, Spain officially became on Wednesday the first EU member to cross the milestone of one million coronavirus cases. To stem the second wave of the epidemic, the country is preparing for new measures. This is a record that Spain would have done well.

The 30- second spot uses older remarks from Fauci in a way that suggests he was praising the president. The Czech Republic is facing Europe’s strongest surge in Covid-19 cases, when adjusted for population, as the number of infections detected since the outbreak started has soared to nearly

It has faced criticism over shortages of equipment and slow response times. Prime Minister Jean Castex is also under investigation But suddenly it feels like we are back where we began. Just as in March, we are warned of a virus that has become rampant and can only be stopped with drastic action.

If the president of the scientific council had warned about the threat of a second wave as early as July, he recognizes " being surprised by the brutality of what has been happening for two weeks ", with a "second wave stronger than the first".

An extended curfew or a re-containment?

According to him, faced with the epidemic resumption, restrictive measures must be tightened. He mentioned two hypotheses. The first is to go "towards a more massive curfew , both in its schedules and its extent on the national territory" that can be "put in place on weekends", which would be evaluated according to the evolution of the contaminations curve in ten or fifteen days, to possibly “go towards re-containment”. According to him:

Video: "Too many countries are experiencing an exponential increase in the number of cases" of Covid-19, deplores the WHO (Le Figaro)

More than a million cases of Covid in France ... but this is not the most worrying figure

 More than a million cases of Covid in France ... but this is not the most worrying figure © Copyright 2020, L'Obs If Spain officially became Wednesday, October 21 the first member of the 'European Union to cross the milestone of one million proven cases of Covid-19, the sixth country in the world, France , unsurprisingly , crossed this threshold this Friday, October 23.

Belgian experts sounded the alarm in mid-July, when coronavirus numbers spiked after a relief in June, and even insisted that the second wave had already begun for the country. “ We may have had to deal with old infections largely in the summer months,” the lab's clinical biologist Frederik Van Hoecke

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"The faster we take action, the more the level of these measures will be effective. "

The second hypothesis would be" to go directly towards confinement, less hard than that of March, of shorter duration, which allows both to keep a school activity, a certain number of economic activities "with "Very specific deconfinement conditions, including a curfew". He continues:

“The protection of older people is a measure common to both scenarios. For the most fragile people (over 65, diabetics), there must be a form of self-containment with their consent, that they limit the number of contacts. "

Regarding restaurants, Jean-François Delfraissy believes that their closure" will be necessary in the evening in both scenarios ". According to him, a discussion on the opening of restaurants at noon could be opened. "You will especially need to be extremely careful in corporate restaurants," he says.

"Protect the most fragile people"

According to Jean-François Delfraissy, three objectives must be followed in the face of this increase in Covid-19 cases: "Protect the most fragile people because they are the ones who will develop serious forms" by specifying that it is "out of the question to confine them, it is a question of taking a series of precautions".

“The second objective is that the economy and the school can continue, because the economic crisis will be even more terrible than the health crisis, and there is a stake for the young generation. "

And finally," stop the circulation of the virus, and get back to a viral circulation which allows the use of the only strategy we have: test, trace, isolate ".

Why the re-containment could extend well beyond December 1 .
© Copyright 2020, L'Obs "I decided that it was necessary to find, from Friday, the confinement which stopped the virus", Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday evening. Until December 1 ...

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