US News Biden and oil: goof or not goof?

14:45  27 october  2020
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US Presidential: The Trump camp intensifies (again) its attacks against Joe Biden

 US Presidential: The Trump camp intensifies (again) its attacks against Joe Biden Donald Trump and Joe Biden were this Sunday in two key states of the election: Nevada and North Carolina. While the outgoing president lags behind in the polls, he has multiplied the insults and attacks against his opponent © Sipa Donald Trump and Joe Biden clashed remotely on two competing television channels on October 15, 2020. ELECTION - Donald Trump and Joe Biden were this Sunday in two key states of the election: Nevada and North Carolina.

As Biden nudges ahead in the polls, the US oil and gas industry should prepare for far-reaching potential changes. We empower clients to make better strategic decisions, providing objective analysis and advice on assets, companies and markets.

Hitting the campaign trail in Florida, President Donald Trump seized on Joe Biden 's comment that America should shift its reliance on oil toward renewable energy during Thursday night's debate to argue Biden 's stance would mean that America's seniors "have no air conditioning during the summer

Joe Biden © JIM WATSON / AFP Joe Biden CAMPAIGN JOURNAL # 26 - Ever since Joe Biden announced his desire to "leave the old" oil industry, which "pollutes significantly", Donald Trump has attacked it relentlessly for this "blunder". But is it really? Times have changed, and Biden has opinion on his side.

The most exasperating, for four years, is to see Donald Trump and the political world be subjected to different standards. When Trump says whatever goes through his mind, including the worst horrors, his constituents swoon over their hero who "tells it like it is" and many in the media appreciate the fact that he does "speak" not like a politician ". But as soon as one of these politicians says without make-up what he thinks, it is the outcry: what awkwardness! What a blunder! It will cost him votes!

Biden or the impossible turn back of American diplomacy

 Biden or the impossible turn back of American diplomacy © POOL The Democratic presidential candidate of the United States Joe Biden, and the current Chinese president Xi Jinping, in 2012 in Los Angeles while they were both vice-presidents Restore American leadership: summed up in this phrase, the foreign policy of a president Joe Biden seems to want to wipe out the Trump era. But if he is elected, the Democrat will have to deal with a different world and cannot be satisfied with a simple step backwards.

Joe Biden has no trouble lingering in place, wherever he is, especially if there’s a point he wants to finish — or start. The main program often follows an unorthodox format whereby a supporter offers a testimonial to Biden and introduces him; the former vice president then speaks for a half-hour or so

The next week, Biden made good on his pledge — and set off a deluge of criticism. In an interview on NBC’s “Today,” Biden said he wouldn’t advise his family to fly on “I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places right now," Biden said. "It’s not that it’s going to Mexico, it’s that you are in a confined aircraft.

An example? Biden's comments on oil, in the second and final debate, Thursday, October 22, . When Trump asked him if he wanted "the oil industry to go out of business," Biden didn't shy away: "Yes, I have a transition plan to leave the old industry." And to clarify: "The oil industry pollutes significantly", "it must be gradually replaced by renewable energy and I will stop showering it with federal subsidies."

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Trump could not believe his good fortune: "You will remember Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Ohio?" And since, he pounded Biden in all his meetings for this "blunder", affirming - even if it is a lie - that the Democrat also wants to ban "fracking".

Existential threat

But is it really a blunder? Democrats in oil-extraction regions admittedly squealed, and within an hour of the debate, Biden and his advisers clarified that this was a long-term plan: "We're not going get rid of fossil fuels before long, "said the candidate.

Donald Trump versus Joe Biden: You can do it differently

 Donald Trump versus Joe Biden: You can do it differently In their last TV duel, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are surprisingly tame. The deep mutual aversion can still be clearly felt. © POOL / REUTERS Again chaos, again confusion and brutal screaming? What was not all feared in the run-up to this second TV duel between Donald Trump and Joe Biden , the last one before the election on November 3rd. But then that: The opponents acted on the stage in Nashville, Tennessee , surprisingly civil, almost tame.

The coronavirus pandemic and climate change are among the issues that Biden will influence if he wins the US election. Thank you for visiting nature.com. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser

In Denmark, it was 80 percent to just 6 percent, while the best that Trump could manage was among Italians, where he trailed by ‘only’ 58 percent to 20 percent. Whatever the poll’s faults, I don’t doubt that the general sentiment – Biden good , Trump bad– is a view held by most Europeans.

Video: "It's very unfair": Donald Trump reacts to the mics cut for the 2nd debate (Le Figaro)

But he did not deny his words, on the contrary. On Saturday, October 24, on a podcast, Biden spoke about climate change with unusual force: “This is my number one priority,” he said. "Climate change is an existential threat to humanity, if we do nothing the planet will literally roast. This is not hyperbole, this is reality. And we have a moral obligation" d 'to act.

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Calculated bet? Without a doubt. In the oil regions, it is doubtful that Joe Biden's words cost him much voice. "I don't think that's a problem," said the deputy governor of Pennsylvania, a Democrat from the western part of the state, where the wells are located. "I believe that if you are fundamentally dedicated to this industry, you have already made your choice." Even at the scale of this key state for the presidential election, it is not at all sure that the political cost of this frank talk is high: in Pennsylvania, 74,000 jobs are related to clean energy, against 23,000 associated with oil . We can see the same transition to renewable energy in Texas, a leading state in wind power, an industry that is now recruiting former employees from the oil industry.

Biden ahead of Trump: The Candidates' Advertising Spending Compared

 Biden ahead of Trump: The Candidates' Advertising Spending Compared In the past three months, presidential candidate Joe Biden has spent more on programmatic advertising in the US than any company. Much of the money went to the video sector. © Nuno21 / Shutterstock.com US presidential candidate Joe Biden. If the US presidential election were all about advertising spending, Joe Biden would already be the winner. The 77-year-old's campaign spent $ 582 million on advertising through October, according to provider Advertising Analytics .

Quite simply, a Biden nomination would spell disaster. Spearheaded the Alliance for Prosperity, which increased deportations, border militarization, privatization, and oil pipelines for American Follow all the topics you care about, and we’ll deliver the best stories for you to your homepage and

JOE Biden finally addressed his son Hunter's "Ukraine, crack and sex" laptop scandal, slamming it as a "smear campaign." Biden 's campaign has repeatedly denied that he or his son were embroiled in any wrongdoing in Ukraine with just two weeks until the election.

Conversely, Trump's promises to "save" fossil fuels were just that: empty commitments. And in the regions concerned, it shows. Take, for example, charcoal, the president's favorite during his first campaign. Peabody, the industry leader, saw its stock climb to nearly $ 47 in June 2018, boosted by Trump's promises; it is now worth $ 1.53. Arch Coal, No. 2, has seen its share price drop 62% since its peak in April 2019. Industry No. 3 and 4 are bankrupt. ARP's No.5 stock is worth seven times less than Trump's election day.

Wind power "kills all birds"

The reality is simple: Trump or not Trump, companies keep shutting down their coal plants because consumers don't want them. The ore only provides one fifth of electricity production, compared to more than half ten years ago. Oil is less advanced in this transition, but the direction is the same. There is nothing revolutionary about Biden's words.

The novelty is that he can pronounce them. "Joe Biden says we are going to have to switch from petroleum to renewable energy. This is considered common sense. It is important," notes Bill McKibben, one of the most famous environmental activists. In recent years, with natural disasters helping, American opinion has changed dramatically: nearly two-thirds of voters believe that the federal government is not doing enough to mitigate the effects of climate change, indicates a poll by the Pew Research Center . For 79% of them, the development of alternative energies should be a priority.

It even goes beyond opinion polls. British Petroleum announced in August its intention to drastically reduce the share of its activities in oil and natural gas. And five of America's six biggest banks - Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo - pledged last year to stop funding Arctic exploration and new drilling.

To hear Trump ramble on about "ruinous" wind energy which "kills all birds", one has the right to wonder if "Joe-the-blunderer" is not the one who, in terms of the environment, has knew how to update its software.

US election: Biden faces US election victory - counting continues - Fed should wait after the election .
Democrat Joe Biden is the favorite on the home stretch, while the last votes in the US presidential election are counted. © Provided by Finance.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images Biden wins major states After winning major states, challenger Biden seems only a few steps away from the White House. Incumbent Donald Trump, however, claimed the victory for himself and sent his lawyers off with lawsuits in several states.

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