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19:55  27 october  2020
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Did you know? Brigitte Macron almost backed down before marrying Emmanuel

 Did you know? Brigitte Macron almost backed down before marrying Emmanuel © Dominique Jacovides / Bestimage Did you know? Brigitte Macron almost backed down before marrying Emmanuel Thirteen years ago, Brigitte Trogneux married Emmanuel Macron, but what little is known is that the marriage almost did not take place. The first lady could have never said yes to the future President of the Republic. After thirteen years of marriage , nothing seems to be able to separate Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron.

The murder of the teacher Samuel Paty shocked France. President Macron wants to protect the country from further Islamist attacks. But he risks a Pyrrhic victory, says Luisa von Richthofen.

Trauerfeier für den ermordeten Samuel Paty im Innenhof der Sorbonne - Soldaten tragen den Sarg hinaus © Francois Mori / Reuters Funeral service for the murdered Samuel Paty in the courtyard of the Sorbonne - soldiers carry out the coffin

It is actually not customary to play pop songs in the courtyard of the venerable Parisian Sorbonne. But when Samuel Paty's coffin was carried out on Wednesday last week (October 21) and "One" was heard from U2, no one was surprised any longer. It was the favorite song of the teacher who was brutally killed by an Islamist terrorist. And on this evening of the commemoration of Paty one also suspected that "One" - "We are one" - will now become a battle term for Emmanuel Macron. The confrontational course towards radical Islam that the French president has been pursuing since then harbors its own dangers.

Brigitte Macron: this photo which harms her

 Brigitte Macron: this photo which harms her © Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage Brigitte Macron: this photo which harms her Brigitte Macron is at the heart of a controversy in spite of herself. On social networks, an internet user reacted virulently to a picture of the First Lady not wearing a mask. But, as pointed out by our colleagues from the World on Wednesday, October 21, this photo was taken when wearing a mask was not yet compulsory ... Since arriving at the Elysee Palace, Brigitte Macron has, alas, been , accustomed to criticism.

The horrific murder of Paty unsettles an already divided society. Little is left of the beaming smile of the young President on the evening of the 2017 election victory, of his announcement that the French voted with him for "hope and lust for the future". It was a victory over the "Front National" of Marine Le Pen, a party that above all stirs up fear and hatred. But "crisis" became the true catchphrase of the Macron era. The protests of the "yellow vests" were followed by strikes that paralyzed the country for months. Now the corona pandemic with its 35,000 deaths so far. The country has fallen to its knees. The French currently have to sit at home in the evening, they are not allowed to leave the house. In this situation, France needs social cohesion more than ever.

For Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron "has totally lost control of the situation" with Erdogan

 For Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Emmanuel Macron This weekend, Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned "the mental health" of Emmanuel Macron because of his attitude towards Muslims © CEDRIC BUFKENS / SIPA Jean-Luc Mélenchon at the Cabaret sauvage, in Paris. DIPLOMACY - This weekend, Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned Emmanuel Macron's "mental health" because of his attitude towards Muslims Jean-Luc Mélenchon will not support Emmanuel Macron face personal attacks by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

An attack on French identity

And now the full execution of Samuel Paty. The teacher was beheaded by his murderer on the way home. Paty had shown controversial Mohammed cartoons in class. But the fact that his death caused such violent reactions cannot be explained by the barbaric manner of killing alone. For many, the murder is an attack on the foundations of the French nation. Because nothing is more sacred to the French than the "Laïcité", the separation of religion and state on the one hand and the public education system on the other, which has shaped generations of students with the values ​​of the "République".

DW-Redakteurin Luisa von Richthofen © DW / P. Böll DW editor Luisa von Richthofen

Macron takes on the fight against the common enemy of all freedom-loving people, Islamic fundamentalism. In the past few days, he has announced a series of measures to reform Islam in the country and prevent foreign influence on mosques. His aim is to protect the French from further religious terror. That is understandable and makes sense.

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: discover Westminster, the hotel where they were married

 Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: discover Westminster, the hotel where they were married © DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGE Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron: discover Westminster, the hotel where they were married On October 20, 2007, Emmanuel Macron married his beloved Brigitte Macron in Le Touquet. After the town hall, the couple headed to the very chic Westminster hotel for a private reception. 13 years of marriage and love. Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron, an not quite normal couple , who made their difference a strength and weathered many storms.

But insisting on laicism makes the debates difficult. The murdered teacher had offered the students, who might be offended by the cartoon, to leave the classroom or look away. Macron, on the other hand, has loudly postulated a "right to blasphemy", announced a law against "Islamic separatism" - and has described Islam across the board as a religion that is in crisis worldwide. His interior minister recently said he was shocked to see kosher and halal meat counters in the supermarket. There, said Gérard Darmanin, it is already beginning for people to entrench themselves in parallel societies.

Where did the republic fail?

Since the massacre in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, 260 people have died in Islamist attacks in France. The country thus occupies a macabre top position in Europe. So France lived with the danger of Islamism even before Macron. Fighting this successfully now requires more than just sharp words and symbolism. Because nowhere in Europe do so many young Muslims live without prospects on the fringes of society. Islam gives them an identity that the French nation does not offer them for granted even after two generations - regardless of the public school system. This is not a justification or an excuse, but it remains important for problem analysis. Thought must be given to why the Islamist lure is so great. And where the republic failed.

Macron's task is like a tightrope act: he has to get the influence of political Islam under control in France without giving the 5.4 million Muslims living in France the feeling that they are under general suspicion. It's about uniting all of society again. This is a challenge that Emmanuel Macron cannot fail to face. It is much more difficult for him than his opponent in the upcoming elections in a year and a half. Because Marine Le Pen usually peddles much simpler solutions.

Author: Luisa von Richthofen

Brigitte Macron "cloistered at the Elysée Palace": these threats which worry the security services .
© Starface Brigitte Macron "cloistered at the Elysée Palace": these threats which worry the security services If most French people hope to be able to relive freely in four weeks, this is not the case for Brigitte Macron who may not be able to come out for a long time. Le Parisien cites “threats” that would weigh on the presidential couple. The last few weeks have been difficult for Brigitte Macron ... and the next ones are no less complicated .

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