US News Corona crisis: 3 exercises with which we can train our brain for uncertain times

10:10  28 october  2020
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Corona: Bodyguard security risk

 Corona: Bodyguard security risk Federal President Steinmeier is in quarantine after the corona infection of a bodyguard. It's not the first time a politician's bodyguard has tested positive. The Federal Criminal Police Office has set up a crisis team. © Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa Politicians, like Ursula von der Leyen here, are forced to come pretty close to their bodyguards - a risk in Corona times. Bodyguard security risk It is the one contact that top politicians cannot avoid - at least not when they leave the house.

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So, let go and accept that things are different and uncertain for a while. Step 9: Pay Attention: The previous eight steps are meant to free your brain from the panic-inducing thoughts to allow you to think sensibly in the face of the coronavirus crisis .

In the past few months the corona crisis has transformed the world into a place of perpetual uncertainty: How long will it take for the economy to adapt to the consequences of the Corona Lockdowns recovered? Will an effective vaccine be found? Will life return to normal after vaccination or will our way of working, our buying behavior and our living environment have changed forever? (Also read: According to Elon Musk, if you want to become a millionaire, you should read these 10 books )

lifestyle-karriere-essay-unsicherheitsvorkehrung-illu.jpg © Mark Long lifestyle-career-essay-unsicherheitsvorkehrung-illu.jpg Corona crisis: We have no idea what the future will look like

No matter what is said, we don't know the answers to these questions. At the moment we are not simply dealing with a risk, a situation in which one does not know exactly what the future will bring, but possible scenarios are known. We are facing real uncertainty right now, a situation in which we have no idea what the future will look like. (Also interesting: How we can act more future-oriented and plan our career with foresight )

Altmaier calls for new ways to revitalize inner cities in the Corona crisis

 Altmaier calls for new ways to revitalize inner cities in the Corona crisis At the start of the deliberations on the situation in inner cities in the Corona crisis, Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) has called for creative solutions. "Our inner cities are an important part of our social coexistence and our business location. They should become people's favorite places again," said Altmaier on Tuesday in Berlin. Digitization and the creation of "experience spaces" with culture and gastronomy are "decisive factors" for lively inner cities.

Try these fun brain exercises that make your brain more flexible and integrates the left and right hemispheres. Great for promoting neuroplasticity and

We 're more relaxed about screen time hours for us and our kids, a huge culture shift from just a few weeks ago. It feels unlikely that'll disappear overnight. Retail was already having a tough time . The lockdown and its ripple effects will speed up the huge structural changes under way in our High Streets.

We have to actively anticipate uncertainty

Unfortunately, school and society have taught us to view the future as a risk situation. We are taught to plan for future scenarios that are already conceivable and whose approximate probabilities are known - and we have learned to act on these plans. We assume that the future is predictable - perhaps a comforting idea, but one that ultimately harms us! Because it makes us vulnerable when the future turns out to be completely unexpected - like this year.

We must learn to be open to potential uncertainty and not believe that we can predict the future. This increases the probability of being able to continue to live normally even in uncertain times. Those who anticipate uncertainty are less likely to be disturbed by it because they expect the unexpected and act accordingly. (Worth reading: An expert reveals: How to find the job that really suits you! )

Six corona cases at Alba Berlin: Euroleague game canceled

 Six corona cases at Alba Berlin: Euroleague game canceled Bad news for Alba Berlin: Six team members at the German champions have been infected with the corona virus. The upcoming Euroleague game against Vitoria has been canceled. © imago images Alba Berlin has had six corona cases. As the Berliners announced, five more people tested positive after the first corona finding before the canceled cup game against Braunschweig. "All six have been isolated and are under continuous medical observation.

7 positivity exercises that will train your brain to remain positive, despite all the craziness of the As a daily positive thinker, life’s distractions, negative people, and other external “ brain drainers” can leave you The good part is, you can learn to train your brain to help stay positive when times are tough.

Our brains are wired to be negative, but the good news is that you can train your brain to hold on to happiness in a few minutes a day. As we understand better how the brain works, it gives us more power to change our mind in so many ways, says Rick Hanson, neuropsychologist and author of the

If you don't have large financial resources, you should build up mentally

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In order to be open to uncertainty, one has to be adaptable - and adaptability is based on certain resources. This could be money, for example - but you don't have to have assets to deal with uncertainty. It makes more sense to develop a resource that is accessible to everyone.

By that I mean the ability to find the unknown unsettling, but still be able to act - even without knowing what will happen next. This ability can be developed by regularly going into situations in which one is confronted with one's own ignorance. Think of it like strength training, an exercise program that actively helps you acquire a new skill. (Read also: An expert reveals what skills you need as a future manager! )

Anyone who exposes themselves to small uncertainties is better able to cope with great uncertainty

I propose that regular handling of small uncertainties can help to cope better with great uncertainty - for example the consequences of a global pandemic. Therefore, simple activities are best for this workout - as long as you feel a little uncomfortable doing it because you are exposing yourself to your own ignorance. Also, prevent you from pinching! For example, by telling friends, relatives or your social media followers about your project - and set a deadline for each exercise! (Also interesting: Why now is the right time for job crafting! )

Health Minister Jens Spahn: "With some rules you ask yourself: Do they actually fit together?"

 Health Minister Jens Spahn: In Germany, a new maximum value for detected new corona infections was reached within one day: According to information from the RKI on Thursday (October 22, 2020), the health authorities reported 11,287 new cases. The fear of a renewed shutdown of public and economic life is growing steadily. But Health Minister Jens Spahn (40) recently gave the all-clear. " I don't see a second lockdown, as it is always meant," , he explained in an interview on Jodel. © Provided by BUNTE.de What are the conse

Brain Exercises or Brain Thinners? What Makes A Good Mind Exercise ? The 9 Best Brain Instead of helping you, those apps train your brain to get good at completing tasks within the world of those You can train your brain to focus on what people are telling you and remember everything they say.

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With these three exercises you will learn how to act even in the face of uncertainty.

Do something you haven't mastered yet: Make a list of five activities (as simple as making bread or pizza) that you avoid even though you would benefit from them. Then select the three pursuits whose results seem most valuable to you. Divide these activities into individual work steps that must be carried out one after the other in order to achieve the desired result. Then follow the simplest of the steps. Deal with an idea that you are critical of: Write down five people whose work you do not like. Pick the three most influential people. Then select a work of each of these people (texts, videos, podcasts, works of art) that you particularly reluctantly. Study the shortest of the three papers intensively and write a short text about why this work makes sense despite your reservations and publish it. Get in touch with someone you don't know before: List three people who you admire but who also feel intimidated by you. Write two to three lines each about why you admire each person or what they do. Then get in touch with one of these people (for example by e-mail or Twitter).

Vaughn Tan is a professor, consultant and author ( “The Uncertainty Mindset” ). vaughntan.org

management expert warns: "We have to finally face the 'New Normal'" .
management expert Stefan Lammers denounces that managers in some places are trying to sit out the corona crisis. Managing at a distance from the home office must be normal. © Shutterstock Covid-19 pandemic: The corona crisis is turning into a leadership crisis. The second Covid-19 wave also means a second home office wave.

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