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12:55  28 october  2020
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"Swing States": These states could decide the US election

 Who will be the next US president will be decided in a few US states. In many of the 50 states, the same party always wins, but about a dozen are highly competitive. In the election on November 3rd, eyes will be on these "battleground states" or "swing states". The Republican Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden also campaigned for votes there in the final spurt of the election campaign.

The huge number voting this way injects massive uncertainty into this White House race. Millions of Americans are voting by mail for the first time. Different deadlines and legal challenges will add to the uncertainty in the race for the White House this year.

Other states allow postal voting only in certain circumstances, though the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has prompted further discussion about relaxing some of those In the run up to the 2020 United States presidential election , repeatedly asserting that mail-in voting will result in widespread fraud

Due to the pandemic, postal voting in the US presidential election is enjoying unprecedented success. A phenomenon that could cast doubt on the final result. Explanations.

Un bulletin de plus dans l’urne officielle installée à Salt Lake City dans l’Utah. © Rick Bowmer / AP / SIPA One more ballot in the official ballot box in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Encouraged or criticized, postal voting explodes. For some, American elections were simpler when a vast majority of voters walked into a polling station to record their choice directly on a machine. But this year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the advance voting and by mail have been encouraged by part of the political sphere. This last option, widely followed, poses human, technical and legal problems. If the race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is close on Presidential Election Day, November 3, many expect the battle to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

US election: Biden faces US election victory - counting continues - Fed should wait after the election

 US election: Biden faces US election victory - counting continues - Fed should wait after the election Democrat Joe Biden is the favorite on the home stretch, while the last votes in the US presidential election are counted. © Provided by Finance.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images Biden wins major states After winning major states, challenger Biden seems only a few steps away from the White House. Incumbent Donald Trump, however, claimed the victory for himself and sent his lawyers off with lawsuits in several states.

Where can you vote by post ? In the 2016 US presidential election , nearly one quarter of votes were cast by post , and that number is expected to rise Individual US states control their own voting rules for federal elections - and many are looking to increase postal voting to prevent large gatherings at

An election for president of the United States happens every four years on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Instead, presidential elections use the Electoral College. To win the election , a candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes .

An option that divides

Estimates show that more Democratic voters than Republicans are likely to vote by mail. It must be said in recent weeks, Donald Trump has increased the attacks against this vote. "Biggest electoral fraud in history", "disaster", "scam" ... The Republican camp has launched numerous legal actions to limit the use of voting by mail. An attitude decried by former President Barack Obama, who denounced an "attempt to undermine the election" of his successor.

76% of Americans could vote by mail

In 2016, approximately 33 million voters voted by mail. This year, according to the New York Times, 76% of Americans could make this choice, in order to avoid taking risks in the midst of a health crisis. In terms of ballots, this would represent nearly 80 million envelopes sent by mail and hundreds of thousands of ballots with contested validity. In the recent elections, around 1% of ballots mailed were refused, a proportion that may be higher this time around, not least because of the rules which vary from state to state.

Twitter again reports a "misleading" tweet from Donald Trump on voting

 Twitter again reports a Donald Trump attacked postal voting again on Tuesday. Twitter has flagged its post as "misleading" and will reduce its reach. © Jonathan Ernst / Reuters Donald Trump One week before the US presidential election, Donald Trump continues his work to undermine postal voting. On Tuesday, the US president tweeted: “Big issues and differences with Correspondence Voting across the United States. We must have the total count by November 3.

US election 2020. Image copyright AFP. Image caption The coronavirus pandemic has hit the US Postal There is expected to be a huge rise in mail-in voting in November's presidential vote Media captionWhy Alexis and Amira could help decide the US election . A spokesperson for the

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election .

Once the votes have been taken, postal ballots also involve a laborious process of counting and verifying, unlike in-person votes which are counted automatically. Especially since again, each state has its own rules. Some will only count the ballots received until election day, while others will accept them for up to 10 days after the polling date if they were sent before or on November 3.

Postage delays to be expected?

One of the possible obstacles to the successful conduct of the vote is the ability of the United States Post Office (USPS) to quickly manage the influx of mail. Recent reforms, supposed to redress the financial trajectory of the public service, have had the effect of slowing down distribution. For some, the Republicans wanted to undermine these votes in this way.

Another delay factor is the verification of signatures. In some states it is done automatically, in others it is employees who visually compare the signature with the one recorded in the archives for the voter in question. But signatures often change over time. Some people have several different ones, others, younger, do not necessarily have a signature archived by their administration. For rejected ballots, some states try to contact voters to confirm their signatures and thus allow their votes to be finally taken into account. These are all difficulties that could impact and delay the outcome of the election. We will have to be patient.

Georgia could tip the Senate ... in January .
© John Bazemore In Georgia, supporters of Republican Senator David Perdue pray for his victory on Tuesday night. If none of the candidates for the two state senator positions obtains more than half of the votes, the voters will be called back to the polls on January 5. The majority in the Senate could depend on these two seats. A never-ending election. Three days after the US presidential vote, America still does not know the name of its new president.

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