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13:40  28 october  2020
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Auchan leaves China and sells its activities to Alibaba for 3 billion euros

 Auchan leaves China and sells its activities to Alibaba for 3 billion euros © Supplied by La Tribune More than one year after Carrefour , it is Auchan's turn to sell its activities in China. The other French retail group is leaving the Middle Kingdom with the sale of its Chinese subsidiary SunArt to e-commerce giant Alibaba for some three billion euros, thus drawing a line on the Chinese market, "inspiring" but "very specific".

A lockdown is a requirement for people to stay where they are, usually due to specific risks to themselves or to others if they can move freely.

Lockdown is a term that refers to measures being placed on the whole of society to restrict movement and services to their essentials, of which mass The thinking behind lockdown is to ‘flatten the curve’ of the pace of advance of the virus. COVID-19 is a relatively contagious disease: seemingly twice as

The term "lockdown" has been making the rounds for months. If the word "shutdown" was also mentioned in the spring, there are now new word creations such as "lockdown light" or "shaft calculator lockdown".

But what is actually right? Business Insider explains it:

Lockdown: According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the term describes in the original sense a situation in which buildings or areas may not be entered or left. According to Duden, the term can be defined as curfew or closure.

The term is currently often used as a synonym for the restriction of public life, i.e. when businesses are closed or many companies have stopped producing. In fact, the situation does not meet the definition, as nothing is currently cordoned off or blocked.

Health Minister Jens Spahn: "With some rules you ask yourself: Do they actually fit together?"

 Health Minister Jens Spahn: In Germany, a new maximum value for detected new corona infections was reached within one day: According to information from the RKI on Thursday (October 22, 2020), the health authorities reported 11,287 new cases. The fear of a renewed shutdown of public and economic life is growing steadily. But Health Minister Jens Spahn (40) recently gave the all-clear. " I don't see a second lockdown, as it is always meant," , he explained in an interview on Jodel. © Provided by BUNTE.de What are the conse

A lockdown is a period of time in which holders of a company’ s stock are restricted from selling their shares. Lockdown periods are put in place to protect companies from excessive selling pressure following their IPO. Lockdown periods are a compromise solution that requires insiders to wait

Lockdown calendar. Workers coming into contact with others during their shifts should consider washing Sport and culture Cultural and sporting events will be allowed to take place behind closed doors for If all the five tests are met and there is scientific advice that suggests further changes are

linguists simply see this as an extension of the term. The Leibniz Institute for German Language, for example, now defines "lockdown" in this context as a "period in which almost all economic and social activities are shut down by political order (for example to protect against infection)".

Lockdown light: The addition of "light" is intended to weaken the original meaning of the term lockdown in order to better describe the actual situation.

In addition, the now planned cuts can be better differentiated from those in spring, where there were much harder cuts. At that time, borders were sealed off, schools and daycare centers were closed, and cultural and sports facilities were closed to the public. Most restaurants, shops and service providers were not allowed to receive customers, meetings in churches or sports clubs were forbidden.

Commodities: Oil prices are weak

 Commodities: Oil prices are weak The crude oil prices have largely given up their gains from the previous day. Market participants continue to expect low prices. © dpa Brent is the most important type of oil for Europe. The WTI variety comes from the USA. Oil prices are weak on Wednesday. A barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent cost $ 40.59 in early trading. That was 61 cents less than the day before. The price of a barrel of the US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) fell 77 cents to $ 38.80.

LOCKDOWN is a possibility for the UK in the near future amid the coronavirus outbreak - but what does lockdown mean? Sources close to City Hall told the Sun that the government is planning on placing London- the worst affected area in the country- on lockdown first.

Lockdown has been extended to 28 May by the Scottish government, which has been promoting a Differing from the guidance in England, the Scottish government says that businesses whose Northern Ireland. Stay Home remains an official slogan but a five-stage plan for easing lockdown has

breakwater lockdown: According to health expert Karl Lauterbach (SPD), this involves a concept in which facilities nationwide are closed over two weeks with an announcement - usually one week in advance: restaurants, bars, pubs, all cultural venues , Gyms, clubs. However, schools, daycare centers and essential businesses remain open. This lockdown is intended to break waves of infection in order to gain time.

Shutdown: Defines the dictionary as a situation in which a company (temporarily) closes its operations. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) spoke publicly of "Shutdown" for the first time on April 20th: "I think we are all united (...) that there will be no new general shutdown." In the USA the term is used to describe the closure of large parts of government agencies.

Plan C: This is the idea of ​​a private initiative . The concept: every citizen radically limits his private contacts for one week per month. After three weeks of "normality", another week of voluntary lockdown follows.

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Lockdown in der Gastronomie © picture alliance / Kirchner Lockdown in gastronomy

Faced with the comeback of the Covid, Italy is closing in a little more .
© Luca Bruno In a passage in Milan, on October 25. A night-time curfew will come into force Thursday in the country, still traumatized by the first wave of the epidemic but frightened by the social consequences of a new shutdown of its economy. Little by little, all of Europe is reconfiguring itself. Italy on Wednesday announced another turn of the screw in an attempt to stem the coronavirus epidemic. From Thursday, a curfew will be implemented nationwide until December 3.

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