US News “That women are rough has to become more visible”: Ariane Alter in an interview

15:50  29 october  2020
15:50  29 october  2020 Source:   zeitjung.de

Paris: An investigation opened after the assault of two women on Sunday in Champ-de-Mars

 Paris: An investigation opened after the assault of two women on Sunday in Champ-de-Mars The assault on women was relayed by Internet users, who explain that the victims "wore a headscarf". "At this stage of the investigations, there is no evidence to support the thesis of a racist motive or linked to the wearing of the veil", confides a source © Dominique Boutin / SIPA The Eiffel Tower, October 18. FAKE OFF - The assault on women was relayed by Internet users, who explained that the victims "wore a headscarf".

Ariane Alter makes an announcement.

  „Dass Frauen Derb sind, muss sichtbarer werden“: Ariane Alter im Interview © Free of charge - only for this program including social media if ZDF and Robert Sakowski are mentioned.

The presenter and jack of all trades Ariane Alter gets a new show on ZDFneo. “Late Night Alter” takes over the broadcast slot from Jan Böhmermann's “Neo Magazin Royale” and thus follows in big footsteps. Broadcasting starts on October 29th at 10:15 p.m. every Thursday. Ariane Alter spoke to us about men on television, adventures in the rainforest and the "Tik-Tok Rabbithole".

ZEITjUNG: What sets your show apart from other late night shows and what can we expect?

Ariane Alter: “THE Host is different, otherwise it's a pretty classic late night. Because there are so few women who do late night, the focus may be different and topics may be dealt with differently and viewed differently. That doesn't mean that men are completely excluded. And what to expect is actually very classic. There's no desk, there's a sofa - it might take a bit of getting used to, but it's a very nice sofa. And otherwise there are elements such as skits or clips, a stand-up. We try to address topics that are either entertaining or socially critical or only socially critical and should not entertain, but rather should point to something. ”

Two women attacked with a knife near the Eiffel Tower: judicial information for willful violence

 Two women attacked with a knife near the Eiffel Tower: judicial information for willful violence © Copyright 2020, L'Obs The Paris public prosecutor's office on Wednesday October 21 opened a judicial investigation for "willful violence" accompanied by racist remarks, after the stabbing attack on Sunday of two women near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, AFP learned from the Paris prosecutor's office.

Do you have the feeling that there are too few women in late night shows?

“Definitely. But generally on German television. Especially because it is very badly mixed. Alone with chefs, if you look at it, they're only men. It's the same with Late Night, there are many, many more men, I think that has to change. ”

Do you have any idea why that could be?

“Well, I think men are credited with being allowed to joke and be rough, women with that kind of style have it a bit more difficult, I think. Being able to knock the thighs out - in general, television is a male-dominated world, definitely in front of the camera, so everything is very fruitful. The fact that women are tough and joke, that has to be made even more visible. ”

Change of subject: How does a week work for you?

“You can't really say that, everything has shifted a little now that Late Night Age is starting to take place mainly in Berlin, so it's actually not that confused. You either shoot a sketch, have a book review or a moderation meeting, or record a podcast from home. Everything that goes in the home office is done in the home office. So meetings or editorial meetings, or the podcast that is organized in such a way that you can do it with the microphone at home and not sit together in the studio. ”

Brandenburg's parity law is unconstitutional.

 Brandenburg's parity law is unconstitutional. Significantly more men than women have political mandates in Germany. Brandenburg wanted to steer against it. But the constitutional judges in Potsdam overturn the corresponding law.

What was the most extraordinary experience of your career?

“When we were there in Indonesia to reforest this rainforest, that was physically quite a number, I was at the end. First the body goes on strike, and at some point the emotional, there wasn't so much going on with me. Among other things, the “souvenir” is that I burned my back so much that I still have a brown stripe on my back. You can see exactly where the pants end and where the T-shirt begins. ”

What do you enjoy more YouTube or TV?

“In principle, it is primarily - not secondarily - to me, regardless of what happens to the stuff that I have recorded, whether it is on YouTube or broadcast on television, doesn't change anything about my action before the Camera. And that's why it's more what I do and not what I do it for. But I think it's nice, and that's the nice thing about the media, when you are with, I now say almost friends - in the new editorial office we still have to find each other as friends, but if you're in an editorial office for longer, then that will Yes friends. And the most fun is that you can work with people who are like you. Acting around a little with sketches or going out and seeing what people answer to one or the other question. If you can do that in a team, then that's actually the best thing. ”

Period pain: symptoms are comparable to a heart attack .
Pain during your period must be taken seriously because it is comparable to the pain that occurs during a heart attack. At the Royal College of General Practitioners, John Guillebaud, Professor of Family Planning and Reproductive Health, concluded that menstrual cramps are not just a little stomach ache . It is very painful and comparable to a heart attack.

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