US News The CFCM calls on Muslims to cancel the festivities linked to the anniversary of the birth of the prophet

19:25  29 october  2020
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"We Muslims are not persecuted in France": the text sent by the CFCM to imams

 © Copyright 2020, L'Obs On the eve of Friday prayers, and a few days after their meeting with Emmanuel Macron which followed the assassination of Professor Samuel Paty, the French Council of the Muslim Cult ( CFCM ), the main interlocutor of the public authorities in France, sent on Thursday October 22 to the imams of France a proposal for a text which they can, if they wish, be inspired for their preaching. Having no religious role, this text is therefore only a proposal.

  Le CFCM appelle les musulmans à annuler les festivités liées à l’anniversaire de la naissance du prophète © Copyright 2020, L'Obs

The president of the French Council of the Muslim Cult (CFCM), Mohammed Moussaoui, called on Muslims to cancel the festivities of the Muslim festival of Mawlid "as a sign of mourning and solidarity" with the victims of the Nice attack, this Thursday, October 29. These celebrations, scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, commemorate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

The president of the CFCM calls on Muslims to "defend the interest" of France

On Franceinfo , he also asked that places of worship close tonight.

I strongly condemn the terrorist attack that took place near the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice. As a sign of… https://t.co/GjeLq7jPS5

Erdogan calls for a boycott of French goods in conflict with Macron

 Erdogan calls for a boycott of French goods in conflict with Macron In the dispute over the Islamic statements by French head of state Emmanuel Macron, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for a boycott of French goods. "Don't pay attention to French-labeled goods, don't buy them," Erdogan said in a televised speech on Monday, joining a series of calls for boycotts in the Middle East. Meanwhile, the federal government condemned Erdogan's statements about Macron as "completely unacceptable".

—CfcmOfficiel (@CFCM) “Outrage to our faith and our religion”

The president of the CFCM also condemned the attack in Nice and expressed his “compassion”:

“I strongly condemn and vigorously denounce this terrorist act which is once again breaking into our lives. I express all my compassion and solidarity with the victims, their families and loved ones. I express all my solidarity with the Catholic community in France which was preparing to celebrate All Saints' Day. "

He added:" These acts are an affront to our faith and our religion, we must strongly denounce them. "

" We must defuse this crisis ": two French Muslims testify against the call to boycott French products

Mohammed Moussaoui fears" a deleterious climate "in which Muslims will be singled out, but insisted:" Decency and dignity obliges me to first think of the victims and their families. Muslims in France must feel hurt, horrified by these acts which have been claimed in the name of the Muslim religion. "

Caricatures: the Arab-Muslim world protests again against France .
© Provided by Le Point caricatures, Mahomet Bangladesh , Pakistan , India , Mali ... France continues to be the target of criticism from the Arab-Muslim world. On Friday, they were tens of thousands of people, in many countries, to demonstrate against France, to burn effigies of Emmanuel Macron or to call for a boycott of French products. The reason for their anger does not change: they protest the position of France on the caricatures of the prophet Muhammad .

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