US News In the United States, Joaquin Oliver, killed in the Parkland shooting, calls for a vote against weapons

23:05  29 october  2020
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REPORT. In Detroit, voting Biden makes sense, but not automatic

 REPORT. In Detroit, voting Biden makes sense, but not automatic © Yona Helaoua Wendy Caldwell-Liddell will vote Biden, but she is angry with the Democratic candidate and his team. The Democratic candidate cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of Hillary Clinton, who in 2016 lost Michigan to the wire. All eyes are on the African-American electorate in Detroit. © Yona Helaoua Pastor Charles H. Ellis III: “The lesson of Hillary Clinton's defeat bore. When a politician wants to address the African American community, he goes to church.

The parents of two Parkland victims share different views on the issue of gun violence in the US . When students Meadow Pollack and Joaquin Oliver were shot and killed in the 2018 school shooting in Parkland , Florida, their parents turned to advocacy to heal - but in different ways.

Manuel Oliver , the father of slain high school student Joaquin Oliver , works on a painting on the US border wall, part of his Manuel Oliver , whose 17-year-old son was shot dead in Parkland , in a video created by gun safety advocacy group Change the Ref, entitled Stand Up Against Gun Violence.

Grâce à la technologie du deepfake, Joaquin Oliver, tué dans la fusillade de Parkland, appelle les électeurs américains à voter contre les armes.  © (Screen capture)

Thanks to deepfake technology, Joaquin Oliver, killed in the Parkland shooting, calls on American voters to vote against guns.

"Vote since I can't do it". These are the words of Joaquin Oliver, who has been dead for two years, who calls on American citizens to vote for candidates in favor of limiting the carrying of weapons. With the approach of the presidential elections in the United States, the site unfinishedvotes.com promotes a vote against firearms based on rather classic tools: number of victims of firearms in the United States, list of all shootouts ... And in the middle of it all: Joaquin's deepfake.

In Arizona, Donald Trump's disappointments could cost him his reelection

 In Arizona, Donald Trump's disappointments could cost him his reelection © Robyn Beck Convinced republican, Josh Heaton, in front of his house in Phoenix, October 16, 2020, in Arizona Josh Heaton assures him: he almost regretted "immediately" to have voted for Donald Trump in 2016. Like him, many Arizona voters, yet convinced Republicans, are now preparing to give their voice to his rival Joe Biden, at the risk of overturning the State in the democratic camp.

Students and school staff across the US are commemorating the Florida school shooting with a walkout, exactly one month after the killings. In Parkland , families and supporters applauded as thousands of students slowly marched on to the Stoneman Douglas school football field.

The teen was buried in NBA player Dwyane Wade's jersey. The Olivers later started a nonprofit organization called Change the Ref, a platform Alaina participated in the high school Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) program and volunteered for a program with The Church of Jesus

It is a great uneasiness that one feels when the image, particularly realistic, of this young man of 17 years, who died two years ago during the shooting of Parkland in front of his school, is addressed directly to the American voters . He asks them to vote against arms, for him and for all the victims who, like him, can no longer do so. What to challenge effectively. It is thanks to the deepfake technology that it can thus give the impression of still living, in video.

An icon of the fight against guns

His image has already been used in the past, the parents of the young man having engaged in the fight against firearms since his death. A statue of Joaquin made with a 3D printer had already been ordered by Joaquin's family, with the aim of making him the icon of the anti-arms fight in the United States. The affair had an important echo since the question arises here of the parents' right to use the image of their son for political ends, but also that of protecting post mortem people from political positions which they can no longer assume. .

The shooting of which Joaquin was the victim particularly marked the spirits across the Atlantic. Another media figure was born from this tragedy: Emma González. A survivor of the killing, she became a spokesperson for the fight against firearms, chaining meetings and even going so far as to question Donald Trump directly. Two months after the shooting, she already had more followers on Twitter than the NRA (powerful gun lobby in the United States).

Ivorian Presidential: those who will vote and those who will not .
© AP Photo / Sunday Alamba D-2 before the Ivorian presidential election 2020. D-2 before the presidential election in Ivory Coast. A poll that the opposition promises to prevent to block Alassane Ouattara's candidacy for a third term. Since August, the climate has become considerably tense. Political violence has left more than 30 people dead in three months. The outgoing president has rallied all the opposition against him. And the mediations have not worked so far.

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