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08:50  30 october  2020
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"Goodbye Germany" star Peggy Jerofke: Wow, this back can definitely delight!

 Peggy Jerofke (44) has not had it easy in the past few months. At the beginning of the year, the " Goodbye Germany " emigrant wanted to open her own restaurant together with her partner Steff Jerkel (50) directly on the beach in Cala Ratjada on Mallorca. But their heart project threatened to fail when a storm raged over the island . With the Corona crisis , regular operation was definitely out of the question.

The World Savings Day was established on October 31, 1924, during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress ( World Society of Savings Banks) in Milano, Italy. The Italian Professor Filippo Ravizza declared this day the "International Saving Day " on the last day of the congress.

World Savings Day , also called the World Thrift Day , is celebrated every year on October 31 across the world . The ceremony was introduced in 1924 for promoting the value of bank savings and re-establish citizen’s confidence in banks. The Day was launched during the First Congress held at the

The banks used to celebrate World Savings Day at the end of October. This should bring savings and provision closer to customers. In the meantime, it is more the banks that have to save - and not just on the promotional gifts.

Weltspartag: Goodbye, Sparbuch! © Shutterstock World Savings Day: Goodbye, savings book!

Today is World Savings Day . The older ones among us still know it - as a child you proudly walked to the bank, the money box with lots of coins with you, and had the money in it entered into your savings account. Yes, enter it - with a rattling dot matrix printer, which recorded it line by line loudly. In addition, you got some nice freebie, which at the time was still unpretentiously called a giveaway.

In Rennes, the Book Forum celebrates comics

 In Rennes, the Book Forum celebrates comics © Nathalie Pillay David Tako will be signing at the Book Forum, in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), for his album “Green Class”. In the context of the cancellation of the Quai des Bulles festival in Saint-Malo (Ille-et-Vilaine), the bookstore is offering an exhibition and dedications this Saturday, October 24, 2020. This is a first, ”explains Pierre-Emmanuel Sirjacq, from the Forum du livre , in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine).

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In the meantime, times have changed - for the better (the dot matrix printer is in the museum and we can find out our account balance at best via a fancy app), but also for the worse in some respects: Because the savings book, which has partly given way to the overnight money account, hardly ever throws Interest. Sometimes we can still be happy if the bank does not ask for money for keeping our money.

And yet, as shown by an study by the payment service provider Klarna , which was presented this week, 54 percent of Germans still save on savings accounts or overnight money. Interest rates well below the percentage mark actually show that the overnight money is actually hardly justified. It doesn't bring any interest, the savings that we are supposed to keep ready as an iron reserve for three months of lost wages, we can put in the current account at the current interest rate level, and there are actually no more arguments for overnight money, except that banks still like it as Use an entry-level product (and therefore offer a few months more interest) to actively offer other services to customers.

Daniela Büchner: Daughter Joelina: "The best decision we made"

 Daniela Büchner: Daughter Joelina: Off to Mallorca and not just for a vacation: six months after her mother, " Goodbye-Germany " -Star Daniela "Danni "Büchner (42) got to know her future husband, the pop singer Jens Büchner († 49), at a city festival in Delmenhorst, in 2015 for teenage girl Joelina Karabas (now 20) and her two siblings Volkan (now 18) and Jada (today 15): Off to the south.

World Savings Day , likewise called the World Thrift Day , is commended each year on October 31 over the world . The function was presented in 1924 for advancing the estimation of bank reserve funds and re-set up native's trust in banks. The Day was propelled amid the First Congress held at the

World Savings Day is an event created to increase the public's awareness of the importance of savings both for modern economies and for individuals alike.

companies such as Weltsparen and Zinspilot , on the other hand, try to get at least a little more out of it for customers by relying on foreign institutions - partly in the euro area, partly beyond. This is praiseworthy and good for the customer if he is aware of the slightly higher (but absolutely justifiable!) Risks. But either way, that's not the world.

Banks will earn money differently in the future

But how should banks earn their money in the future? Many bankers ask themselves that too - because the difference between the interest paid and the returns earned when the bank works with our money has melted away, the monthly fees for current accounts, real-time transfers and the like, customers are rarely willing to pay - and that Interchange fees hardly contribute to the banks being able to afford the familiar high-rise buildings made of chrome and glass in the future.

So is World Savings Day popular with the banks themselves? In fact - there is hardly a banking group that is not currently pursuing a rigid austerity course (or, like the neobanks N26 , Vivid and Co., have dispensed with said immobile status symbols): branches of the classic banks that were opened on the occasion of the corona crisis If they were temporarily closed, they often remain permanent, workflows, especially when they have to do with the customer, are streamlined - what is possible is digitized. And in fact, this is where the greatest savings potential for banks can be found. Because if you look at the banking world, it becomes clear how many processes still run with forms or are processed on paper at the latest when third parties are involved.

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 The application letter: Why Merkel hardly appears in Friedrich Merz's new book Friedrich Merz is in a hurry. “We don't have much time to get used to this new, rough world,” he says. It has to go quickly - not only with the decision about the CDU party chairmanship, which he has urged, but also otherwise. © dpa Friedrich Merz The new CDU chief is now to be determined in January instead of December. Merz has already submitted a 260-page application letter. "New time. New responsibility ”is the name of his book, which reads as Merz speaks.

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But digitalization alone will not be enough - because the customer can choose whether he is willing to save on service (keyword branch network and advice) or whether he can cover the running costs, which in the past mainly consisted of the difference between the official interest on Market and interest that the customer receives, has been paid, wants to pay himself. That means that logistics for a current account can cost a few euros a month.

New revenue models for banks - the customer as a product

The alternative, as numerous banks and companies such as Klarna or Check 24 are already showing with the new C24-Bank , is that the customer becomes a product: Then namely, if the account is free of charge in a basic variant, but otherwise only the basis for further business - Klarna cleverly focuses on covering all payment situations of the customer as a trading partner, the C24-Bank on the mediation of further services such as insurance, mobile phone contracts or loans via the in-house comparison portal. This works so well with an account because, at best, the company knows about the customer's financial relationships, but at least has one foot in the door.

Such new business models also open the door for digital corporations, payment service providers and all non-banking companies that (want to) have anything to do with money. This is a thorn in the side of the banks, but here they compete (whether they like it or not) with companies that earn part of their money in a different way and can therefore calculate completely differently than Sparkasse, Volksbank or a direct bank.

The payment service provider Klarna also asked as part of the study mentioned above how much money the Germans were able to put aside last year: Exactly 6,297 euros was on average, a little less for the younger ones, a little more for the older ones. But if you have permanently deposited the money in your overnight account or savings book, you should not even have received the equivalent of a crate of beer. So it's not just the banks that have to rethink this, we customers too.

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