US News Nice attack: for Estrosi, "we must modify the Constitution" to fight terrorism

13:00  30 october  2020
13:00  30 october  2020 Source:   europe1.fr

Chile: the Constitution of Pinochet may be living its last days

 Chile: the Constitution of Pinochet may be living its last days © RODRIGO GARRIDO During a feminist demonstration in favor of a new Constitution in Valparaiso, on October 14th. The "yes" to a new Constitution is given overwhelmingly a winner in the polls leading up to Sunday's poll, the largest since the end of the dictatorship in 1990. As confinement was lifted from the month of 'August, protests gradually resumed in Santiago .

A knife attack in which three people were killed in Nice on Thursday morning was perpetrated by an French President Emmanuel Macron and Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi visit the scene of a knife He said the country was “under attack .” Two people were killed inside a Catholic church in the southern

Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said that it's suspected to be a terrorist attack . France’s anti- terrorism prosecutor's department has launched an investigation into the incident. Darmanin said France must continue to fight against “rampant Islamism which is arming people ideologically.”

Au lendemain de l'attentat de Nice, qui a fait trois morts, Christian Estrosi appelle à une réaction beaucoup plus ferme en matière de lutte contre le terrorisme. Sur Europe 1, le maire de la ville souhaite adapter la Constitution à ce nouveau défi qui demande des © Europe 1 In the aftermath of the Nice attack, which left three dead, Christian Estrosi calls for a much stronger reaction in the fight against terrorism. On Europe 1, the mayor of the city wishes to adapt the Constitution to this new challenge which requires "acts".

What answers can France provide after the Nice attack, which killed three people on Thursday morning ? Some want appeasement and respect for the rule of law, while others, especially on the right and the far right, are asking for exceptional justice to face the terrorist threat. For Christian Estrosi, LR mayor of Nice and guest of Europe 1, Friday morning, a modification of the Constitution must take place if the current text does not provide sufficient answers.

Saxony's Interior Minister Roland Wöller in the criticism: Mistakes and deception maneuvers in the protection of the constitution

 Saxony's Interior Minister Roland Wöller in the criticism: Mistakes and deception maneuvers in the protection of the constitution The fatal attack by an Islamist in Dresden could have been prevented. Wöller bears the political responsibility for the disaster. © Photo: Sebastian Kahnert / dpa In the criticism. After the fatal assassination attempt by an Islamist in Dresden, Saxony's Minister of the Interior, Roland Wöller, has to ask unpleasant questions. The case is a disaster that is spreading. Saxony's protection of the constitution failed to monitor the highly dangerous Islamist Abdullah Al H. H.

NICE Mayor Christian Estrosi called for all churches in the city to be put on lockdown after three people were killed in a suspected terror attack at Notre Nice plunged into terror on Thursday morning after a man attacked and killed at least three people near the Notre Dame Basilica in the city centre of the

Nice attack : 3 killed in suspected terrorist attack in Nice , France. Estrosi said the Nice attacker had repeatedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” even being detained by police. “America stands with our oldest Ally in this fight . These Radical Islamic terrorist attacks must stop immediately.

"The will to act is not enough"

"We can no longer allow ourselves to say 'the unity, the unity of the nation in meditation, in homage, in the will to act' ... willingness to act is not enough, "said the mayor of Nice," upset "by this attack, at the microphone of Sonia Mabrouk. "We need immediate acts and acts."

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"Democracy is respect for the Constitution, continues Christian Estrosi. If we are forced to respect points that are not suitable for power to wage war in accordance with the Constitution, then the Constitution must be amended. "

Parallel between terrorism and coronavirus

Welcoming to see the Head of State identify "with words the enemy that is radical Islamism", the mayor of Nice believes that "we are paying 40 years of cowardice" and that 'we must now fight more actively against "the fifth column". “We know that we cannot win the war against this enemy with the laws of peace,” he said.

"France seems a little too much like the country and the symbol of freedoms. Today, I think we have to attack some of these freedoms", he says, daring to draw the parallel between terrorism and coronavirus: "With the Covid-19, we deprived the French of a certain number of freedoms to which they agreed to fight the virus. Islamo-fascism is a virus, we have permanent bombs on our territory in situation to explode. "

INFORMATION EUROPE 1 - Nicolas Sarkozy accompanies Jean Castex on Saturday in Nice .
© AFP According to our information, the former President of the Republic was contacted by Prime Minister Jean Castex. The latter offered to be on his plane for the trip to Nice on Saturday in tribute to the victims of the attack perpetrated in the Notre-Dame basilica on October 29. It's a surprise: Jean Castex will not be alone in the plane which will take him to Nice on Saturday, to pay tribute to the three people killed in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice on Thursday, October 29 .

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