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19:00  30 october  2020
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Nice attack: Bruno Retailleau points to the link between terrorism and "migratory disorder"

 Nice attack: Bruno Retailleau points to the link between terrorism and © VALERY HACHE / AFP The right has called for a tightening of the legislative arsenal after the Nice attack perpetrated in a basilica on Thursday morning. Bruno Retailleau, president of the Les Républicains group in the Senate and questioned by Europe 1, evokes a cause and effect relationship between immigration, Islamization and attacks. Four years after the attack on the Promenade des Anglais , Nice was again hit by an attack on Thursday.

Un bateau de migrants s'approche de l'île de Lampedusa, en Italie, le 24 juillet 2020. © MAURO BUCCARELLO / REUTERS A migrant boat approaches the island of Lampedusa, Italy, July 24, 2020.

L ' assailant arrived by this small Italian island which is one of the gateways for migrants to Europe.

After the Nice attack, the Italian island of Lampedusa is again talking about it. "The assailant (a 21-year-old Tunisian, Editor's note) arrived on September 20 on the island of Lampedusa, in Italy, then in Bari on October 9," Jean-François Ricard, the national anti-terrorism prosecutor, said Thursday.

What should you know about Lampedusa, a small Italian island of 6000 inhabitants? On the occasion of this new attack, we take stock.

In Nice, "we are starting to get tired of putting down flowers and candles"

 In Nice, © VALERY HACHE / AFP Guest from Europe 1, Sunday, Jean-Claude Hubler, president of the Life for Nice association, said part of his anger after the attack on Thursday, which left three dead in the Notre-Dame Basilica. He also acted as the spokesperson for the victims, and more generally for the inhabitants of Nice, traumatized by this new attack, four years after the ram car attack which left 86 dead on the Promenade des Anglais. "A feeling of nervousness, of disgust.

Why are migrants arriving by Lampedusa?

For many years, this Italian island has been one of the privileged entry points for immigrants in an irregular situation wishing to reach Europe. The explanation is simple: it is above all geographical.

“People who arrive in Lampedusa leave from Libya or Tunisia by all kinds of boats. It is an island very close to the coasts, especially those of the Maghreb, ”explains Virginie Guiraudon, researcher at the CNRS and specialist in migration issues.

Who is coming to Lampedusa?

“A lot of people from Tunisia arrive in Lampedusa. Many also come from Libya, which is currently in total chaos. Migrants arriving from Libya are not necessarily Libyans, they can also come from other countries, ”explains Virginie Guiraudon.

Knife attack in Nice: Watch out for these images and videos that are not linked to the attack

 Knife attack in Nice: Watch out for these images and videos that are not linked to the attack Videos that are not linked to the knife attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice are resurfacing on the networks social © Valery HACHE / AFP Police officers guard the street leading to Notre-Dame church in Nice, this Thursday. FAKE OFF - Videos that are not related to the knife attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice resurface on social networks An knife attack took place this Thursday morning in the Notre-Dame basilica Lady of Nice .

"There have always been arrivals from Tunisia ... sometimes they are numerous, sometimes less, and the presence of Bangladeshis on boats from Libya is nothing new," Flavio Di Giacomo told AFP , spokesperson for the IOM (International Organization for Migration) last July.

How many migrants arrive through Lampedusa?

"Arrivals are up compared to last year, but remain low compared to those of two years ago, and all the more so those of three or four years ago", detailed Flavio Di Giacomo last July. That month, around 8,000 people had arrived by sea in Italy since the start of the year. This is more than in 2019 (3,000 at the same time of year), but less than the year before (17,000 in 2018).

This flow is incomparable with that which followed the Arab revolts of 2011, in Tunisia and Libya. Lampedusa then saw about 50,000 people disembark, half of Tunisians linked to Ben Ali or seizing the opportunity to reach Europe and half of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa who took refuge or worked in Libya and driven out by the conflict.

Attack on Notre-Dame de Nice: the political and religious worlds between "astonishment", "compassion" and "anger"

 Attack on Notre-Dame de Nice: the political and religious worlds between © VALERY HACHE "Nice, like France, is paying a much too heavy price" , reacted Christian Estrosi after the attack in Nice. The moment is for the emotion in the political class and the religious authorities. The far right takes the opportunity to demand stronger measures against Islamism. Three people were killed, including a fatally cut throat, this Thursday morning near the Notre-Dame church in Nice, by an individual with a knife who was arrested.

How is it for the migrants, once in Lampedusa?

"Lampedusa is what we call a 'hot spot', it is the word used since 2015 and the impressive arrivals of Syrians", explains Virginie Guiraudon. It is not uncommon for the island's emergency reception center to house more than 1,000 migrants, ten times its maximum capacity.

Since 2015, explains Virginie Guiraudon, a European registration center - with Frontex (the European Coast Guard Agency, Editor's note), the European asylum support office and Europol (the European police agency criminal, Editor's note) -, is present on the island, in particular to spot terrorists potentially already under surveillance. Concretely, "since 2015, people who arrive have been recorded, including by taking their fingerprints, in a file called Eurodac", continues Virginie Guiraudon. This file is then used to "track" asylum seekers in order to prevent them from filing applications in several European countries.

We also find very different situations with arriving migrants. “Some will apply for asylum, others will not. Some stay in Italy, others go to other countries. There are also some which disappear in nature, ”summarizes the researcher.

Attack in Nice: Nicolas Bedos calls for "a fierce fight" and reacts Laura Tenoudji

 Attack in Nice: Nicolas Bedos calls for © Starface Attack in Nice: Nicolas Bedos calls for "a fierce fight" and reacts Laura Tenoudji While a new attack has cost the lives of three people in Nice this Thursday, October 29, Nicolas Bedos reacted with emotion on Instagram. His message reached Laura Tenoudji, the wife of the city's mayor, Christian Estrosi. Horror, again. This Thursday, October 29, an knife attack left three dead and several injured in Nice. This new attack took place around 9 a.m.

The attacker from Nice was in an illegal situation

Concerning the terrorist from Nice, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin indicated on RTL on Friday that the assailant had had an Italian decree to escort him to the border. But he was not detained in an administrative detention center pending repatriation, specifies Le Corriere della Sera , an Italian daily.

This is how he took the opportunity to reach France where, not seeking asylum, he was also there in an irregular situation. The perpetrator of the attack arrived at 6:47 a.m. Thursday at Nice-Thiers station, the city's main train station, before heading and then entering the Basilica of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption at 8:29 a.m.

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Nice attack: for Estrosi, "we must modify the Constitution" to fight terrorism .
© Europe 1 In the aftermath of the Nice attack, which left three dead, Christian Estrosi calls for a much stronger reaction in the fight against terrorism. On Europe 1, the mayor of the city wishes to adapt the Constitution to this new challenge which requires "acts".

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