US News Danger for pregnant women & immunocompromised: Listeria! Company recalls cheese throughout Germany

20:15  30 october  2020
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The great plague: those who benefit from the bark beetle

 The great plague: those who benefit from the bark beetle The bark beetle eats its way through German forests. Tens of thousands of trees have to be felled. But where do you put it? In any case, the plague brought an order boom for the Bremen logistics company Brelog. © picture-alliance / dpa / J. Stratenschulte Provided by Deutsche Welle Brelog stands for Bremer Logistik. An abbreviation that was a natural choice when the forwarding company started up ten years ago. Arne Lücken is a managing partner.

As the Dutch company Vandersterre announces, the manufacturer Bettinehoeve is calling out the "Bastiaansen Organic Goat Roll Chèvre Blanc Affinnee 50% Fett i.Tr." or the "Zigenrolle Chevrollè Bastiaansen" back. Consumption is strongly advised against after a microbiological analysis has shown that the products may contain traces of the bacterium "Listeria monocytogenes".

Käserückruf © iStockphoto.com/Михаил Руденко Cheese recall

In an information letter , the manufacturer expressly warns that the cheese should not be consumed: "This could pose health risks, especially for the risk group small children, Pregnant women, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system arise. "

Retail: Bookstores Thalia and Osiander form alliance against Amazon

 Retail: Bookstores Thalia and Osiander form alliance against Amazon The retailers want to survive the corona crisis with a joint sales organization. The company should be open to other competitors. © obs The bookseller seeks alliance with the competitor Osiander. In view of the pressure from the corona crisis, the German book retail chains are pooling their strengths even more: The family businesses Thalia Mayersche and Osiander want to found a joint sales company.

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What makes Listeria so dangerous?

Important to know: Even after a longer incubation period, about 8 weeks, Listeria can trigger symptoms that are very similar to a flu-like infection. However, they can also cause blood poisoning and meningitis with a death rate of 30 percent. Listeriosis is particularly dangerous for the unborn child in the womb, as it can even lead to premature births, miscarriages and damage, while the mother does not even notice it.

What can I do as a customer?

The cheese is sold at cheese counters. Customers can also return the product to the respective stores without presenting the receipt.

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