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21:25  30 october  2020
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Trial of the Bamako attacks in 2015: a "revenge" after Charlie Hebdo

 Trial of the Bamako attacks in 2015: a © STRINGER The Mauritanian jihadist Fawaz Ould Ahmed, April 21, 2016 in Bamako A Mauritanian jihadist tried in Mali claimed Wednesday two attacks which bloodied Bamako in 2015, saying he was "proud" to have acted "out of revenge" after the publication of caricatures of the prophet of Islam by the French weekly Charlie Hebdo.

A Nice, jeudi, lors d'une manifestation de groupes identitaires de Nice, hostile aux musulmans. © Arie BOTBOL In Nice, Thursday, during a demonstration by identity groups in Nice, hostile to Muslims. In the aftermath of the Notre-Dame de Nice attack, the most radical fringe of the far right called for reprisals against Islamists and, more broadly, against Muslims.

About ten people, smoke bombs and a hastily made banner that proclaims: "Let's behead the Republic." The same evening of the attack in Nice which made 3 victims Thursday morning, of French Action activists gathered at Place de la Concorde in Paris to denounce "this corrupt Republic" which would be according to them "complacent with our enemies ”. "If you too refuse to die without a fight, join us," urged the royalist movement in a tweet calling for action.

Knife attack in Nice: Watch out for these images and videos that are not linked to the attack

 Knife attack in Nice: Watch out for these images and videos that are not linked to the attack Videos that are not linked to the knife attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice are resurfacing on the networks social © Valery HACHE / AFP Police officers guard the street leading to Notre-Dame church in Nice, this Thursday. FAKE OFF - Videos that are not related to the knife attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice resurface on social networks An knife attack took place this Thursday morning in the Notre-Dame basilica Lady of Nice .

On the Jeune nation site, digital avatar of the Pétainist movement of the French Work led by Yvan Benedetti, we wonder whether the Islamist attack in Nice is not the prelude to “the war of national liberation” , as Isabelle Kersimon spotted the Institute for Research and Studies on Political, Religious and Societal Radicalities (Inrer). Because on the social networks of the extreme right it was indeed violence and war that has been discussed, once again, since the attack in Nice. Of that led by jihadist terrorist organizations and that which should be led according to the movement "in retaliation" against Muslims.

Visuals of Templars

In the hours following the attack, there were calls for revenge in the comments of the Telegram channel of Damien Rieu, parliamentary collaborator of the MEP RN Philippe Olivier and figure of the identity movement. They have now disappeared but one could read, among other things, a chilling message left by an anonymous: “I am trying to see with a friend if we decide to [make] a mosque. […] It won't be 2-3 dead. ”

Attack in Nice: the city targeted by three attacks in five years

 Attack in Nice: the city targeted by three attacks in five years Once again hit, the Riviera city had already experienced terrorism on July 14, 2016, but also in February 2015, when soldiers were attacked. © AFP Nice targeted by a new attack. (Photo by Valery HACHE / AFP). Once again, France has been hit by an attack. This Thursday morning, three people were killed, including two in a church, in the heart of Nice during a knife attack, causing shock in France on the eve of a reconfinement to fight against Covid-19. The perpetrator was arrested.

On Instagram, we exchange visuals of the Templars, one knee on the ground under a shower of Fatimid arrows, calling for the crusade "for God willing", using the expression of the 11th century crusaders. "Go all die", "they will have my hatred", "either they crush us or we crush them", "we must now take action", "if one of my hunter friends has an extra rifle ... c 'est pour un ami ”… So many messages disseminated by accounts of activists or radical organizations calling for revenge and that Liberation was able to consult. For revenge against whom? An Internet user sums up the point of view of these convinced Islamophobes by: “What is the link between a radicalized Muslim and a moderate Muslim? A radicalized Muslim wants to assassinate you while a moderate Muslim wants a radicalized Muslim to assassinate you. " The macabre game of the jihadists, who wish by their attacks to trigger a response (state or not) against the Muslims in order to provoke a civil war, is thus made.

Attack in Nice: who is the 21-year-old Tunisian assailant?

 Attack in Nice: who is the 21-year-old Tunisian assailant? The attacker arrested this Thursday is a 21-year-old Tunisian who arrived in France at the end of September via Italy. © AFP New attack in Nice this Thursday. (Photo by Valery HACHE / AFP) The attacker with the knife who killed three people on Thursday in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice is a 21-year-old Tunisian, who arrived in Europe by Lampedusa at the end of September and in France at the beginning of October, we learned from sources close to the case.

"Civil war"

Already the attack on Samuel Paty had provoked similar reactions. A man had called for the Béziers mosque to be “burned down” in retaliation (he will be tried in correctional proceedings next January). Muslim worshipers in a commune in Eure had received a message threatening to make them "pay for Samuel's death." Others on Islamophobic and anti-Semitic forums announce "wait for the next live in a mosque as you wait for the messiah." A reference to the attack perpetrated by white supremacist Brenton Tarrant on mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand (March 2019, 51 dead).

Within the institutional far right, the rhetoric is more measured, but none the less radical. Jean Messiha, customary of the fact, split an amalgam between "immigration and insecurity and immigration and Islamic terrorism". Since the assassination of Samuel Paty, the framework of the National Rally has increased the charges against Muslims living in France, to the point of being called to order this Friday morning on BFM by Marine Le Pen, whom she alone decided "to the line of the National Rally ”, asking not to confuse“ the Islamists and our Muslim compatriots ”. Overwhelmed by her right within her party, she is also by her niece, Marion Maréchal, who also mentioned Thursday in a video posted on her Instagram account the possibility of "a civil war".

INFORMATION EUROPE 1 - Nicolas Sarkozy accompanies Jean Castex on Saturday in Nice .
© AFP According to our information, the former President of the Republic was contacted by Prime Minister Jean Castex. The latter offered to be on his plane for the trip to Nice on Saturday in tribute to the victims of the attack perpetrated in the Notre-Dame basilica on October 29. It's a surprise: Jean Castex will not be alone in the plane which will take him to Nice on Saturday, to pay tribute to the three people killed in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice on Thursday, October 29 .

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