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"Swing States": These states could decide the US election

 Who will be the next US president will be decided in a few US states. In many of the 50 states, the same party always wins, but about a dozen are highly competitive. In the election on November 3rd, eyes will be on these "battleground states" or "swing states". The Republican Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden also campaigned for votes there in the final spurt of the election campaign.

At the time some residents of French regions were hostile to Parisians who had fled the capital. During the first Covid wave, however, certain regions of France - Paris and the north-east in particular - were being badly hit when the lockdown was imposed, while other areas had comparatively few cases.

We were late because we got .. in a terrible traffic jam. STUCK . We are going to .. off early because we want to get to the hotel before it gets dark. SET. This song reminds me .. my holiday. OF. There is a taxi .. just outside the station . RANK.

Le confinement a débuté vendredi en France. Mais à la gare de Lyon à Paris, les habitants de la capitale continuaient de partir en train vers leur lieu de résidence pour les semaines à venir.  © THOMAS SAMSON / AFP Containment began in France on Friday. But at the Gare de Lyon in Paris, the inhabitants of the capital continued to leave by train to their place of residence for the weeks to come. “This time, we don't stay stuck for three months in a small apartment and we go back,” explains Julie on Europe 1.

Despite on the first day of confinement , Parisians continue to flee the capital. According to information from Europe 1 , 50,000 TGV tickets from Paris were sold Thursday for journeys to be made before November 1, an increase of 75% compared to sales of the previous days. At the Gare de Lyon in Paris on Friday, many are taking advantage of the gray area and the hesitation at the start of this second confinement to go green. "This time, we don't stay stuck for three months in a small apartment and we go back", explains Julie on Europe 1.

Handicap: what will change in Paris

 Handicap: what will change in Paris © Sipa Jacques Galvani, Anne Hidalgo's deputy at Paris City Hall, is responsible for meeting the expectations of people with disabilities. Here is his roadmap. Make Paris a city "100% accessible" to people with disabilities. This is the ambition of the mayor, who has just sent a roadmap to his deputy in charge of the file, Jacques Galvani. Before reaching "in fine" this objective on "the whole of Paris", a dozen "100% accessible zones (roads, public and private facilities, etc.)" will have to b

B. Me too!! This time tomorrow we 'll be getting on the plane, and we won't be thinking about work! B. If we don't hurry, by the time we get to the station , the train will have left. A. ¿Por qué caminas tan deprisa? B. Si nosotros no nos damos prisa, para cuando lleguemos a la estación, el tren habrá salido.

13 Housewife: This time next week I (not wash) up the breakfast things. I (have) breakfast in bed in a luxury hotel. 14 I (not wear) glasses when you see me next. 10 Ann; 7 p.m. (suit) you? I (not be able to) come before that as I usually ( not get ) away from the office till 6 p.m.

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"As we had already caught the Covid ... "

With Yannick, they took a one-way ticket at the last minute to Aix-en-Provence. So here they are surrounded by their big suitcases and their cat, in its transport case. As for a possible control of the police: "We said to ourselves that we were taking the risk", says Yannick. "We are lucky to have our parents in Aix. We are students and we live in Aix and Paris, so we will play on that," adds Julie. The duo have already passed the first confinement in Paris. "But the second confinement, as we had already caught the Covid ...", loose Yannick. "We said to ourselves: 'It's good, we are not at risk for our family," "says Julie.

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Paris: A municipal police force only armed with a "Tonfa"

 Paris: A municipal police force only armed with a The municipal police in Paris, wanted by Anne Hidalgo, must be launched in 2021 after the expected adoption of a bill on security. © Woytek Konarzewski / SIPA They will be 5,000 by 2024, trained in a Parisian school, equipped with "Tonfa" sticks to fight, in particular, against incivility: the municipal police in Paris, wanted by Anne Hidalgo, must be launched in 2021 after the expected adoption of a security bill.

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Поставь глаголы в правильную форму. 1. Have you got any idea where Rick was ? I haven't seen him at work now. 2. Hurry up! We don't have much time to spend here.— I'm coming! 3. She's trying to lose weight, but I think she isn't trying to do her best. 4. She thinks he's driving dangerously now.

A departure sometimes delayed by waiting for instructions from companies

Yannick and Julie are far from being the only ones to follow this path. So much so that Gare de Lyon, we have the impression that the confinement will not really begin until Monday, at the end of the All Saints holidays. For many travelers, everything went too fast, with the announcement of the confinement by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday, the details provided by Prime Minister Jean Castex on Thursday and already the start of the confinement on Friday.


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Floriane, who was waiting for instructions from her company before deciding to take a train, therefore leaves this Friday for the country of Gex, at the Swiss border: "We were told yesterday (Thursday) and especially this morning that we would switch to 100% telecommuting. We have been told for the whole month of November and we know that for December it does not look very good. I am going back to my parents! "

series on the smart economy: How digitization is displacing cash .
Up until February 2020, many of the trends in digitization were considered a dream of the future. The concept of the smart economy, i.e. the digitized economy with practical solutions close to the consumer, was still theoretical in many aspects. It has been possible to pay cashless for years, for a long time by card, recently by smartphone, and yet many customers shied away from it. © www.ksta.de According to the German banking industry, the corona crisis has accelerated the already existing tr

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