US News In Nice, "we are starting to get tired of putting down flowers and candles"

12:45  31 october  2020
12:45  31 october  2020 Source:   europe1.fr

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Invité d'Europe 1, dimanche, Jean-Claude Hubler, président de l’association Life for Nice, a fait part de sa colère après l'attentat de jeudi, qui a fait trois morts dans la Basilique Notre-Dame. Il s'est également fait le porte-voix des victimes, et plus largement des habitants de Nice, traumatisés par ce nouvel attentat, quatre ans après l'attaque à la voiture-bélier qui avait fait 86 morts sur la promenade des Anglais. © VALERY HACHE / AFP Guest from Europe 1, Sunday, Jean-Claude Hubler, president of the Life for Nice association, said part of his anger after the attack on Thursday, which left three dead in the Notre-Dame Basilica. He also acted as the spokesperson for the victims, and more generally for the inhabitants of Nice, traumatized by this new attack, four years after the ram car attack which left 86 dead on the Promenade des Anglais.

"A feeling of nervousness, of disgust. People don't know what to do, they are disgusted." Jean-Claude Hubler, president of the Life for Nice association, was invited to the microphone of Europe 1 on Saturday morning. This man, engaged since Nice was the victim of an attack four years ago, is once again in shock after Thursday's attack, which left three dead in Notre-Dame Basilica . "Not all people have even recovered from July 14," he breathes. In 2016, a crazy truck had indeed hit the crowd, killing 86 people and injuring 400 people. "We may have to clean up the S files. We know that this terrorist had just arrived in France, but we have to move forward, it is not normal that we release terrorists like that in the wild" .

Knife attack in Nice: Watch out for these images and videos that are not linked to the attack

 Knife attack in Nice: Watch out for these images and videos that are not linked to the attack Videos that are not linked to the knife attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice are resurfacing on the networks social © Valery HACHE / AFP Police officers guard the street leading to Notre-Dame church in Nice, this Thursday. FAKE OFF - Videos that are not related to the knife attack in the Notre-Dame church in Nice resurface on social networks An knife attack took place this Thursday morning in the Notre-Dame basilica Lady of Nice .

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The people who were around the basilica at the time of the attack, including the secretary general of the Life for Nice association, have indeed expressed their state of shock. "Some families lose a loved one, others are physically injured. The victims find it difficult to come back up."

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Reinforce the measures

Jean-Claude Hubler therefore wants the government to tighten the screw , monitor and treat more severely files S. The young man who committed the attack of Thursday, October 29 was, however, neither registered nor known to the police, because he had just arrived in France after having passed through Italy and the island of Lampedusa , making its monitoring by the anti-terrorism authorities more complicated.

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The sanction remains. Faced with these acts, is there a need for exceptional justice, a French "Guantanamo" as suggested by the deputy Eric Ciotti? "Exactly, I've been saying for a while now that we should not put them in the same place as common prisoners. Not all governments have taken the necessary measures," he said. "We are starting to get tired of placing flowers and candles."

INFORMATION EUROPE 1 - Nicolas Sarkozy accompanies Jean Castex on Saturday in Nice .
© AFP According to our information, the former President of the Republic was contacted by Prime Minister Jean Castex. The latter offered to be on his plane for the trip to Nice on Saturday in tribute to the victims of the attack perpetrated in the Notre-Dame basilica on October 29. It's a surprise: Jean Castex will not be alone in the plane which will take him to Nice on Saturday, to pay tribute to the three people killed in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice on Thursday, October 29 .

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