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03:25  01 november  2020
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USA 2020-Less chaos, but spikes, during the ultimate Trump-Biden debate

 USA 2020-Less chaos, but spikes, during the ultimate Trump-Biden debate USA-ELECTION-DEBATE: USA 2020-Less chaos, but spikes, during the ultimate Trump-Biden debate © Reuters / JIM BOURG USA 2020: TRUMP AND BIDEN OPPOSE HEALTH CRISIS IN ULTIMATE DEBATE by Trevor Hunnicutt and Jeff Mason NASHVILLE, Tennessee (Reuters) - Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden on Thursday delivered diametrically opposed visions of the coronavirus health crisis, seeking to convince in a final debate the few Americans still undecided just twelve days before

Biden leading national presidential polls. National polls are a good guide as to how popular a With that caveat aside, Joe Biden has been ahead of Donald Trump in most national polls since the start of the year. That 's one of the reasons why some political analysts rate his chances of re-election as

The mask slips: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump © REUTERS/Leah Millis; REUTERS/Jim Bourg. When Biden claimed that Pelosi’s HEROES Act is just waiting for Trump ’s approval, Trump countered that it was a partisan “bailout” that would reward

INFOGRAPHIES - Les sondeurs, qui n'avaient pas vu venir l'élection de Donald Trump en 2016, placent Joe Biden dans une position bien plus favorable que Hillary Clinton il y a quatre ans. © Reuters

INFOGRAPHIES - Pollsters, who had not seen Donald Trump's election coming in 2016, place Joe Biden in a much more favorable position than Hillary Clinton four years ago.

Donald Trump multiplies the tweets angry against the "fake polls" (false polls) and repeats that the coup of four years ago will happen again. Two days before the vote, the outgoing president is however clearly ahead of Joe Biden in the polls. The average of polls across the country gives the Democratic challenger eight to ten points. Three months ago, before the official nomination of the two candidates by their respective parties, the gap was almost the same - as shown in the first graph of our infographic below, made from data from the site FiveThirtyEight , which refers to. Neither the televised duels nor the hospitalization of Trump after his infection with Covid-19 have therefore changed the balance of power.

Biden and oil: goof or not goof?

 Biden and oil: goof or not goof? © JIM WATSON / AFP Joe Biden CAMPAIGN JOURNAL # 26 - Ever since Joe Biden announced his desire to "leave the old" oil industry, which "pollutes significantly", Donald Trump has attacked it relentlessly for this "blunder". But is it really? Times have changed, and Biden has opinion on his side. The most exasperating, for four years, is to see Donald Trump and the political world be subjected to different standards.

In the second presidential debate, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were more restrained. The candidates allowed each other to speak. After a pugnacious first debate, during which Donald Trump 's constant interruptions may have cost him support in subsequent opinion polls, the president

President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden have fiercely clashed in one of the most chaotic The US president was challenged over white supremacist support and refused to condemn a specific Trump needed this debate to shake up a race that is tilting against him. Biden 's lead has

In 2016, Hillary Clinton ended the campaign four points ahead of Donald Trump, but losing ground the last two weeks. The Secretary of State had finally won more votes (48.2% against 46.1% for Trump); but she had been a victim of the American voting system. In the United States, the President is elected by a college of 538 electorate voters, themselves nominated by the voters in each state, their number varying according to the population of the states. To win, a candidate must obtain the vote of at least 270 major voters.

In the state of the current polls, Biden would be assured of obtaining a majority of large voters Le point sur les sondages des élections américaines à 48h du scrutin. (JDD) © Arnaud Focraud (JDD) Update on the polls of the American elections 48 hours before the poll. (JDD)

Four years ago, Trump snatched victory by some 78,000 votes, obtained in Pennsylvania (20 major voters), Michigan (16) and Wisconsin (10), three industrial states of Rust Belt, this workers' belt of the American Northeast. Can this situation happen again on Tuesday? "A candidate who wins the citizens' vote with at least eight points difference would be almost guaranteed to win in the electoral college," suggests Mathieu Gallard, director of studies at Ipsos France. The indicators are therefore green for Biden. Especially since the former vice-president of Obama has more than five points in advance in the three states which had failed Clinton in 2016. If this gap were confirmed at the polls, the Democratic candidate would be assured of get a majority of the voters.

Trump and Biden launch final sprint in key states

 Trump and Biden launch final sprint in key states USA-ELECTION: Trump and Biden launch final sprint in key states © Reuters / KEVIN LAMARQUE TRUMP AND BIDEN LAUNCH FINAL SPRINT IN KEY STATES by Steve Holland and Trevor Hunnicutt OPA-LOCKA, Fla. / WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) - Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Monday kicked off the final sprint of a heated presidential campaign in the United States, marked by a record number of votes by anticipation, as businesses began to barricade for fear of unrest.

Joe Biden . He is the main challenger of Donald Trump in the Road to White House. He was ex-Vice President under Barack Obama and is a Senator Joe Biden is standing for Presidential election, looking forward to restoring the status quo before the pandemic and highlighting Trump ’s failures in

Biden respects the US and its people. Trump only respects himself and cares nothing for anybody else, even his “base”. Biden puts more states in play giving the Dems the best chance of winning the white house and Voting for Joe Biden is the only logical choice whose advantage is obvious: it will

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"Joe Biden is very clearly the favorite of the election, but Donald Trump still has a chance to win, however specifies Mathieu Gallard . He will need a perfect alignment of the planets for that, even more than the last time. " Thus, the outgoing president must imperatively be full in the States where he is neck and neck with Biden (in gray on our map), including Florida (29 voters). He must also turn the situation around in Pennsylvania, where he is just over five points behind Biden in the polls. Victory in Michigan and Wisconsin, on the other hand, seems highly improbable for him: he is nearly 9 points behind his rival.

Fewer voters declaring themselves undecided than four years ago

The behavior of American voters can nevertheless change until the last moment if one camp comes to mobilize more than the other. But more than 66% of the number of voters in 2016 have already voted in advance, and the number of voters declaring themselves undecided is much lower than four years ago, reducing the likelihood of a reversal in extremis.

As for the pollsters, they claim to have learned from their mistakes. With hindsight, they believe that in 2016 the representativeness of their samples did not take sufficient account of the educational level of the people questioned. An overrepresentation of graduates had artificially inflated voting intentions for Hillary Clinton, to the point that, on the last day of the campaign, FiveThirtyEight still estimated their chances of winning the election at 71%. On Saturday night, the same site gave Biden a 90% chance of winning.

Joe Biden plagiarized him 30 years ago, British politician congratulates new president .
© KEVIN LAMARQUE / Reuters Biden was caught in the act of plagiarism in 1987. The 46th President of the United States did not always take the time to write his speeches… In 1987, when he was already aiming for the top post, Joe Biden plagiarized ex-Labor leader Neil Kinnock. In 1987, Joe Biden 's first campaign for to enter the White House was marred by a plagiarism scandal: thirty years later, British politician Neil Kinnock, whose speech he had stolen, a warmly welcomed his election.

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