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03:50  01 november  2020
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Covid-19: Spain first EU country to exceed one million cases

 Covid-19: Spain first EU country to exceed one million cases © AFP / Pierre-Philippe Marcou La Paz Hospital in Madrid, September 22, 2020. Spain deplores 34,366 deaths linked to Covid-19 since the start of the epidemic. Spain officially became on Wednesday the first EU member to cross the milestone of one million cases of the new coronavirus, as restrictions multiply in the country to contain the second wave of the epidemic.

Hospitals are overwhelmed because of the coronavirus. Here’s how to help. My emergency medicine colleagues around the country report that their waiting rooms are already There aren ’t enough covid - 19 tests as it is and, besides, at the moment, you are unlikely to receive a test in the ER.

Houston hospitals have been forced to treat hundreds of COVID - 19 patients in their emergency rooms as they scramble to open additional intensive care beds. ProPublica and NBC News have previously reported that a public hospital in Houston ran out of a medication to treat COVID - 19 patients and that

Des chirurgiens commencent à trier leurs patients à cause des déprogrammations massives. La deuxième vague devrait toucher les établissements de soin pendant au moins trois semaines. © Sipa

Surgeons are starting to sort their patients because of massive deprogramming. The second wave is expected to affect care facilities for at least three weeks.

"We are already forced to make sorting, difficult choices." Michaël Peyromaure, head of the urology department of the CHU Cochin in Paris, was, a fortnight ago, among the doctors rather optimistic about the second wave. "I thought that the deprogramming of operations would remain limited and that patients who were not Covid would be spared. But here we are facing an injunction for massive reductions." While the French are reconfining themselves, the wave, more brutal than expected, plunges caregivers back into the nightmare of spring.

Covid-19: what changes TousAntiCovid, the new application for monitoring contact cases

 Covid-19: what changes TousAntiCovid, the new application for monitoring contact cases The government has put online a new version of the application, after the failure of StopCovid, insufficiently adopted by the French. © Supplied by Le Monde The new version of the application is available on iOS and Android. After a first application, StopCovid, which did not have the expected effectiveness, the government launched Thursday, October 22 a new application for monitoring contact cases to fight against the pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2.

The COVID - 19 pandemic has impacted hospitals around the world. Many hospitals have scaled back or postponed non-emergency care.

Video duration 2:19. Overwhelmed India hospitals turn Covid patients away Jump to media player Hospitals in the country are struggling to cope with the War-torn Yemen's Covid - 19 struggle Jump to media player Yemen is already facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis and the pandemic has not


I will be obliged to select from among the cancers


In practice, Professor Peyromaure will have, from Monday, to give up any outpatient surgery in case of urinary incontinence or kidney stones because, in his hospital as often in those of regions in tension, they are postponed. He will even have to cancel heavier operations: "I will have to select from among the cancers. Prostate cancer is less urgent than bladder cancer, so he will have to wait. And to avoid encumbering resuscitations. , even some bladder cancers will have to wait while they are urgent. "

In Ile-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes or Hauts-de-France, where the rising tide has turned into a tsunami, where intensive care services are turning into Covid units and where the shortage of Specialized nurses are on the lookout, causing the authorities to fear hospital saturation, the dreaded deprogramming is increasing. In hospitals but also in clinics called in support.

More than a million cases of Covid in France ... but this is not the most worrying figure

 More than a million cases of Covid in France ... but this is not the most worrying figure © Copyright 2020, L'Obs If Spain officially became Wednesday, October 21 the first member of the 'European Union to cross the milestone of one million proven cases of Covid-19, the sixth country in the world, France , unsurprisingly , crossed this threshold this Friday, October 23.

Rural regions of Russia, already poorly resourced, are taking the brunt of the latest wave of COVID - 19 cases. Many hospitals are running out of room and supplies for new patients, and morgues are overflowing.

Hospitals in New York state, which has more than 44,000 confirmed COVID - 19 cases, are crammed beyond capacity before apex of patients hits. And the borough of Queens is feeling that more acutely than anywhere. Elmhurst Hospital is already crammed over capacity and in one 24-hour period 13

Video: Covid-19: "This wave will be much more devastating for the hospital system" worries Frédéric Valletoux (Le Figaro)

"Ethical questions are already being asked"

Saturday, the CSMF launched an alert entitled "Deprogramming: beware of danger!" Its author, Franck Devulder, the president of the specialist branch of this union of liberal doctors, wants "to do everything to ensure that what happened in the spring does not happen again". "We are far from the idea of ​​calling for resistance to these deprogramming, but we must prevent them from being massive, otherwise we run into a health catastrophe." His biggest worry? That cancellations be imposed from above by certain school directors. "Let the doctors decide which patients they can and cannot deprogram."

This is precisely the ambition displayed by the authorities. If, for Ile-de-France, Aurélien Rousseau, the director general of the regional health agency, recognizes that "ethical questions already arise", he ensures that everything is done so that the doctors themselves take difficult decisions while preserving "oncology, pediatrics and transplants".

Covid-19. In hospitals, the intensive care units are approaching saturation

 Covid-19. In hospitals, the intensive care units are approaching saturation © Franck Dubray / Ouest-France The intensive care unit of the Nantes University Hospital with patients suffering from Covid-19 coronavirus. More than 2,900 Covid-19 patients were hospitalized in intensive care on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. They occupy half of the beds currently available in France in these services welcoming the most seriously ill patients, according to the latest official figures. But as the epidemic progresses, saturation is fast approaching.

Coronavirus infections are up in 45 states over the past two weeks and hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID - 19 patients. Up next. Now playing: us. El Paso hospital overwhelmed by COVID - 19 cases.

Coronavirus has already impacted hospitals and healthcare professionals across the US, with states like California and New York expressing concern If 20 per cent of the population becomes infected with Covid - 19 in six months, which is a "conservative" scenario, hospital beds in a vast majority of


This is not a torrent that sweeps away everything in its path, but the flow of new contaminations is impressive


The senior official specifies that after the "sudden acceleration of last week", "the pressure remains very strong "this weekend in Ile-de-France hospitals. According to the latest figures published on Friday, 3,443 Covid-19 patients are now in intensive care or intensive care in France (soon to be 7,000 beds available). "We have the impression of being below a dam, describes Aurélien Rousseau. We hear the water bubbling. It is not a torrent carrying everything in its path, but the flow of new contaminations is impressive." Saturday, Olivier Véran, the Minister of Health tweeted that "# covid19 is: 1 patient every 2 sec. 1 hospitalization every 30 sec. 1 death every 4 mins".

The deaths, in recent days, are numerous in nursing homes (+ 84% between October 19 and 25 compared to the previous week) and this trend will be accentuated due to the increase in contamination among the elderly. On Saturday, 10% of nursing homes were affected by Covid-19. "There is a strong acceleration, one indicates to the Ministry of Autonomy. The human and ethical choice which was made to maintain the visits supposes that the families show themselves of an absolute caution. They must be that they scrupulously apply barrier gestures and keep masks on even in bedrooms. " It is thanks to confinement but also to a sum of seemingly innocuous precautions that the fall could be a little less deadly than announced.

Covid-19: Greece will reconfine itself for at least three weeks .
© AP Photo / Yorgos Karahalis Greece will reconfine itself from this Saturday, for a period of at least three weeks. In Greece, with some 700 official deaths, the population has been relatively spared from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, faced with an upsurge in positive cases and very limited hospital capacity, the country is reconfiguring itself from this Saturday, for a period of at least three weeks.

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