US News Reconfinement: what to do in the event of unpaid rents?

10:25  01 november  2020
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Reconfined, Dublin looks like a ghost town

 Reconfined, Dublin looks like a ghost town © Paul Faith Information panel on wearing the mask, October 21, 2020 in Dublin, on the eve of the reconfinement of Ireland The Irish capital Dublin looks like ghost town Thursday, on the first day of a reconfinement of the country, a first in Europe in the face of the second wave of the new coronavirus.

Here's what to know about making rent amid the COVID-19 pandemic. You may find that it lays out an official process in the event of unemployment or other incident. You may be able to suspend payments for the time being, and slowly pay back unpaid rent once local businesses have opened

Collecting unpaid back or delinquent rent can be a time consuming, frustrating, and costly proposition for landlords. The different methods of rent collection Oral agreements are extremely difficult to enforce and prove in court in the event there are problems later on. A well-written lease contract will

La trêve hivernale, une période toujours angoissante pour les propriétaires © fizkes / Shutterstock The winter break, an always stressful period for owners

This Sunday begins the winter break, until March 31 inclusive during which rental evictions are prohibited.

Despite the containment , the government has no plans to suspend the payment of rents for individuals. Nor, this time, for traders elsewhere. The basic rule remains in force: "The rents are always due", insists Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister in charge of Housing. But given the current context of crisis, not everyone can afford to pay it.

Now, from this Sunday, November 1, the famous winter break begins, which runs until March 31 inclusive. A period that anguishes the owners. Because, during these five months, rental evictions are prohibited, even in the event of unpaid rents . By the way, the owners can still launch the procedure during the winter break. However, most lessors - around two thirds according to an INSEE study - do not have the means to cope with a default because they need these rents in particular to repay the loan they have. taken on the housing that he rents.

Second wave: Macron will announce the turn of the screw on Wednesday at 8 p.m.

 Second wave: Macron will announce the turn of the screw on Wednesday at 8 p.m. © LUDOVIC MARIN During a televised intervention by Emmanuel Macron on July 21. Reconfinement or not? The President of the Republic will announce during a televised speech the new measures taken to fight against the coronavirus. Emmanuel Macron will announce Wednesday at 8 p.m. during a televised address the new measures taken to combat the second wave of coronavirus, the Elysee said in a statement.

“What we’ re doing is, no one can be evicted for nonpayment of rent between now and June, period What should you do if you can’t pay your rent ? It’s important to do your research and know which But even though you can’t be evicted right now, the repercussions of late or unpaid rent can add up

People may find they are struggling to pay their rentCredit: Getty - Contributor. What should I do if I can’t pay my rent ? For private renters, speak to your landlord as soon as you can. They may be willing to defer payment for a while or to allow you to pay a smaller amount until you can get back on your feet.

In this case, the State undertakes to reimburse the owner to compensate for the shortfall. "The state has an obligation to assist in the execution of judgments. (His refusal) gives rise to the right to compensation ", according to article 153-1 of the Code of Civil Enforcement Procedures. But, to claim this compensation, the owners must have received a court decision authorizing them to evict their tenant but which they therefore cannot execute during the winter break. It remains to be seen whether the judicial officers will be less overwhelmed than during the first confinement. Not sure.

For his part, the tenant, in the event of difficulties, can try to find an amicable solution with his landlord: spread out or even delay the payment of the rent. If he cannot come to an agreement with his landlord, he can seek advice from the Housing Information Agency in his department. "Discussions can lead to the establishment of a clearance plan," Anil emphasizes. A written amicable agreement which provides for the repayment of the rental debt to be spread over a few months is better than an expensive legal dispute and even longer than usual because of the coronavirus.

Reconfinement. What will Macron announce tonight? What we know, what we do not yet know

 Reconfinement. What will Macron announce tonight? What we know, what we do not yet know © LUDOVIC MARIN / POOL / REUTERS The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting with the medical staff of the René Dubos hospital center, in Pontoise, in the Val d'Oise. This Wednesday, October 28 at 8 p.m., the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron will address the French to announce new restrictive measures in order to cope with the violent upsurge of the virus in recent days. Here's what we know about the announcements and what we don't yet.

If you are facing reduced hours or job loss and are worried about making your rent or mortgage payment this month, stay calm — President Trump said Wednesday that the Department of Housing and Urban Development will suspend "all foreclosures and evictions" through the end of April.

Rent Collection. Tenant Screening. Events . Most landlords collect a security deposit equal to one month’s rent at move-in time to cover any damages or unpaid rent at move-out time. It’s good to know what to do if you’ re owed money, but it’s even better to prevent this situation from happening in

In addition, in addition to the extension of partial unemployment until the end of year , tenants can also benefit from assistance for unpaid rent and the payment of housing expenses, set up by Action Logement in last june. With a monthly amount of 150 euros, this aid, intended for employees earning less than 1.5 smic, will now be collected no longer over two but over six months maximum, as announced last week by Prime Minister Jean Castex . These are all measures that should make it possible to limit as much as possible unpaid rents which, during the first confinement, only concerned 5% of rental contracts.

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Vonovia grows during the crisis - rent controls are having an effect .
Germany's largest housing group Vonovia is feeling the effects of the rent controls. The market-related increase in Vonovia rents was 0.8 percent, a third below the previous year's figures, said CEO Rolf Buch when the business figures for the third quarter were presented. © Sebastian Kahnert / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa residential buildings in the Prohlis district of Dresden. "The political measures to reduce rent increases seem obvious," emphasized Buch.

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