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19:10  03 november  2020
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Alassane Ouattara à la sortie d'un bureau de vote à Abidjan, samedi. © MACLINE HIEN Alassane Ouattara at the exit of a polling station in Abidjan, Saturday. The outgoing president was unsurprisingly recognized as the winner of a ballot boycotted by the opposition. Its main opponents reject the results.

In Abidjan, the Ivorian megalopolis, the results of the presidential election fell on Tuesday at 5 a.m. at the end of an endless night's vigil, punctuated by shootings and attacks against the residences of some opponents. In this deleterious climate, it is no surprise, the outgoing president, Alassane Ouattara, who won the ballot on Saturday, collecting just over 3 million votes out of the 3.2 million votes cast, or 94.7% votes.

Presidential in Côte d'Ivoire: inhabitants of Abidjan leave the city "not to relive 2010"

 Presidential in Côte d'Ivoire: inhabitants of Abidjan leave the city © Issouf SANOGO A resident in the street in Abidjan, October 16, 2020 "I do not want to relive what 'we lived in 2010 ": Véronique Yao, trader in Abidjan, decided to flee the Ivorian capital with her young son, fearing deadly violence during the presidential election on Saturday. © Evelyne AKA IMAGES Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara arrives at his last meeting before the election on Saturday.

In reality, it wasn't so much the name of the winner that could create the suspense. With the exception of a small independent candidate, the opposition had indeed decided to boycott the election, deeming unconstitutional the candidacy of the outgoing president who stood for a third term and also calling for a reform of the suspected electoral commission. to be subservient to the power in place. “In this context, the only real issue is participation. If it is too low, the election will not be credible. If it is too high, the opposition will consider it a provocation ", confided a diplomat on Monday, when the counting operations had already started. Weather forecast for violence

In view of the results announced on Tuesday at dawn, the turnout officially stood at 53.9% at the end of an election punctuated by violence, which resulted in some thirty deaths before and after the vote. Like this family burned alive in their house on Sunday, 200 km from Abidjan. Since the end of the week, it's actually the same litany of incidents reflected every day by “security points” broadcast on the WhatsApp application: “Yopougon, Adjame, Abobo, Plateau, Marcory, Treicheville: population hiding in she. Bongaounou: population forming a self-defense committee. Yamoussoukro [the capital], the north and south corridors are not passable, there is a roadblock ", listed on Sunday, the day after the vote, one of these listings which are now the daily weather forecast for violence and disturbances.

Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara in the process of being reelected, the opposition contests

 Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara in the process of being reelected, the opposition contests COTE-D-IVOIRE-ELECTION: Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara in the process of being reelected, the opposition contests © Reuters / LUC GNAGO CÔTE D'IVOIRE: OUATTARA ON THE PAST OF BEING RE-ELECTED, THE OPPOSITION CHALLENGES ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Alassane Ouattara should be widely re-elected for a third term at the head of the Ivorian state at the end of a presidential election boycotted by the opposition.

A situation of unprecedented volatility for ten years, in a country, the leading economic power in French-speaking West Africa, which seemed to have returned to stability and economic development after experiencing civil war in the 2000s Are the old demons back? This is what Ivorians fear when the official announcement of the results was preceded, Monday evening, by a statement from the opposition which affirms not to recognize the ballot and considers that "the mandate of the outgoing president is now completed ".

In a damp atmosphere at nightfall, Pascal Affi Nguessan, the leader of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), one of the two candidates who rejected the very holding of the vote, thus denounced "a parody of election", affirming that "only 8% of the electorate voted". He also announced the creation of a "National Transitional Council" which will prepare for the "holding of fair and transparent elections" and immediately form a government.


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Two governments for one country? The scenario is effectively reminiscent of the crisis resulting from the controversial 2010 elections, when two presidents declared themselves victorious. One of them was (already) Alassane Ouattara. He was then allied with Henri Konan Bédié, irremovable president of the Democratic Party of Ivory Coast (PDCI), founded by the father of independence, Félix Houphouët-Boigny. Today Bédié has joined the opposition in the ballot and is expected to chair the Transition Council announced on Monday evening. In fact, it was from his residence in the upscale Cocody district that his new ally, Affi Nguessan, expressed distrust of the opposition two days after the vote.

Video: Ivorian presidential election: the opposition announces that it will form a "transitional government" (AFP)

Your browser does not support this video A few hours later, Bédié's residence was the target of gunfire. guns and tear gas jets from mysterious assailants who also attacked the homes of two other opposition leaders. At the same time, on the Ivorian public channel, the representatives of the electoral commission announced one by one the results of each department. Regular interruptions allowed viewers to entertain themselves with "messages for peace" voiced by various clerics, followed by a documentary celebrating the developmental achievements and successes of the outgoing president.

"At the call of duty, belly down"

Political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire: pressure is mounting on the opposition with the opening of investigations

 Political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire: pressure is mounting on the opposition with the opening of investigations © Evelyne AKA SONOREThree leaders of the Ivorian opposition who do not recognize the re-election of President Alassane Ouattara and who have formed a regime of "transition" are under investigation for "acts of terrorism", "murders" and "conspiracy against the authority of the State", declares the prosecutor of Abidjan Richard Adou at a press conference .

Sunday like Monday, some mess in the announcement of certain results caused countless mockery on social networks, while the figures announced sometimes totaled more voters than d 'registered. "Bugs" that made people laugh but also fueled suspicions of ballot stuffing denounced as early as Friday, the day before the election, by the videos of certain Internet users.

In the press release announcing the final results on Tuesday morning, the president of the electoral commission nevertheless split a real cry from the heart, rather unusual: "At the call of duty, stomach to the ground, elbows to body, heels on the buttocks, knees, chest, we think we have answered present ", he exclaims in this official text, assuring that the electoral commission, had done everything so that" each of our compatriots who wished to take part freely to vote ”. Before concluding that despite some disturbances, "overall the vote went well". What the opposition disputes.

Conclusions at the antipodes

These differences of analysis do not only concern the Ivorian political class. Throughout Monday, the various observer missions present in the country to follow the election, delivered their "preliminary remarks" on the electoral campaign and the conduct of the poll. However, their conclusions were sometimes poles apart from each other. An "international observation mission" affiliated with the Liberal International, a world federation of political parties, has thus delivered total satisfaction, believing that "the electoral competition was transparent, open and democratic". Problem, one of the representatives of this mission posted on Twitter a selfie with Alassane Ouattara, two days before the poll, accompanied by an eloquent "my champion" to the address of the president in place.

Katharine, the white shark equipped with a tracer, resurfaces after a year and a half of silence

 Katharine, the white shark equipped with a tracer, resurfaces after a year and a half of silence © FOTOLIA A white shark in the Caribbean Sea (photo illustration). Katharine, a female white shark equipped with a tracking device since 2013, has once again given birth to life. The transmitter on his fin had not sent a signal for a year and a half. The shark's Twitter account was therefore reactivated to provide updates on the animal. Katharine is back. This 4 m long female white shark gave her news after a year and a half of silence.

During the same afternoon, in the majestic setting of the Hôtel Ivoire, placed on the lagoon, the observer missions of the African Union (AU) and ECOWAS, the main regional organization, issued timidly a few nuances and reservations. Recalling that the campaign "took place in a tense atmosphere" according to ECOWAS, while believing that the vote took place "in a calm, serene atmosphere", according to the AU.

The most severe judgment

Another story about the NGO Indigo Côte-d'Ivoire which notes that "23% of the polling stations nationwide have remained closed" and also refers to "suspicions of jams of ballot boxes ”. But the harshest judgment came from the International Election Observation Mission (IEOM), deployed by the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA) and the Carter Center. Whose preliminary report bluntly denounces a "political and security context" which would not have made it possible "to organize a competitive and credible presidential election", recalling that "the decision of the outgoing President to present his candidacy for a third term , after having undertaken not to be a candidate for his own succession, caused a strong tension within the political class and created strong tensions within the population ”and deploring the fact that following the boycott of the opposition , only 41.15% of voter cards were distributed.

To ward off the boycott, the government allowed voters to show up with a simple ID card at their polling station. This may have limited the impact of abstention. But in the end, the official results announced on Tuesday still cause some confusion. The electoral roll updated in 2020 normally contains 7.4 million voters. But in its final communiqué, the electoral commission only speaks of 6 million voters. Did she count only the electoral population with access to open polling stations, 17,000 out of 22,000 according to her? This calculation also raises the participation, stake of the ballot.

For its part, the European Union noted on Tuesday that “the lack of consensus on the electoral framework has fractured the country”, expressing its “deep concern about the tensions, provocations and incitement to hatred that have prevailed and continue to exist in the country ”before inviting the stakeholders“ to appeasement of the climate ”and“ a resumption of dialogue ”.

But is it still possible? "Today, the question is which country we are in," said an expatriate from Abidjan. "Are we still in this wonderful country, favorable to business, offering the reassuring image of a certain modernity? Or are we falling into an unpredictable situation that breaks this idyllic image? ” he worries. In the meantime, the government announced at midday that it had seized the prosecutor to bring to justice "the authors of the disturbances".

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