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02:50  04 november  2020
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Faced with the second wave, Delfraissy sounded the alarm: "We are in a critical situation"

 Faced with the second wave, Delfraissy sounded the alarm: © Copyright 2020, L'Obs The coronavirus epidemic reaches a new record in France with 52,010 new cases positive recorded in twenty-four hours , and a continuous increase in the number of patients in intensive care, exceeding 2,500, according to figures from Public Health France. More than a million cases of Covid in France ...

Medical materials and other goods shortages caused by the COVID - 19 pandemic quickly became a major issue of the pandemic. The matter of pandemic-related shortage has been studied in the past

Infectivity of COVID - 19 is determined by its reproduction number, or R0 (pronounced R naught), which current epidemiological estimates suggest lies between 1.5 to 3 . This means that every COVID - 19 patient can infect up to What is the World Economic Forum doing about the coronavirus outbreak?

Des passants dans la rue Montorgueil à Paris, au quatrième jour de confinement, le 2 novembre 2020. © LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Passers-by in rue Montorgueil in Paris, on the fourth day of confinement, November 2, 2020.

Voices are rising to demand stricter confinement measures, while the government will study the 'hypothesis of a return of the curfew in Paris, during a defense council this Wednesday.

While a quack in the communication of the government leaves some doubt on the establishment of a curfew at Paris and Ile-de-France , several voices are raised for a toughening of confinement, deemed too light and inefficient to fight against the epidemic of Covid-19 .

The health situation is deteriorating in France with nearly 3,900 Covid-19 patients now hospitalized in intensive care or intensive care and more than 36,000 new cases recorded on Tuesday .

Cyril Hanouna: what future for TPMP in the event of re-containment? He answers !

 Cyril Hanouna: what future for TPMP in the event of re-containment? He answers ! This October 27, while a re-containment would be under consideration by the government, Cyril Hanouna made a series of announcements for his fanzouzes ... © C8 Cyril Hanouna: what future for TPMP in the event of re-containment ? He answers ! This October 27, a tweet from Prime Minister Jean Castex promised "new measures (...) essential to fight against the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic". It is in this context that Cyril Hanouna made his arrangements.

Ultraviolet light is an effective tool that has been in use for decades in hospitals and operating rooms and technological breakthroughs in UV light could become a key tool used to Covid - 19 has killed more than a quarter million people as the coronavirus spread exponentially due to its contagious nature.

The cause of COVID - 19 clotting was still unclear, he said, but Australia was watching cases COVID - 19 is new so scientists are looking at similar viruses such as the flu and the more common That ’s why everyone is being urged to have their flu shot and follow tough containment measures


Several politicians are calling for stricter measures, like Christian Estrosi , who criticizes semi-confinement in the columns of the Parisian . "People are in this paradox: the vast majority fear the epidemic and, at the same time, do not discipline themselves" affirms the mayor of Nice . "I see traffic jams on TV at the entrance to Paris, I see people in the public space who continue to walk around to get some fresh air. I understand this need, but it is precisely in this public space that the virus continues to be transmitted. he adds.

Georges Méric, doctor and socialist president of the Haute-Garonne department, calls Emmanuel Macron to be more firm. According to him, this containment will take longer than the announced date of December 1 to curb the epidemic. The doctor believes that, without strengthening measures, there is a good chance that the French will spend the end of the year celebrations confined to their homes.

Europe is reconfiguring itself

 Europe is reconfiguring itself The alarming progression of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe has led the French government to introduce new national containment from October 30 to December 1. But France is not the only one to strengthen its restrictive measures and return to containment, Germany has also just decreed country-wide containment for the entire month of November. Our map offers an overview of European countries that have reconfigured their populations or introduced curfews.

The current coronavirus, COVID 19 , is disrupting economies, travel and daily life across the entire planet. Also, all those groups have considerable genetic diversity and different subgroups, so anything way too targeted is not possible. That plus the bizarre global response a la Gordon’s article

That projection emerged Thursday morning as officials released modelling on how the COVID - 19 crisis could unfold in the country, and suggested that containment measures, such as physical distancing and quarantines, could be Watch: 'This will be the new normal until a vaccine is developed': Trudeau

Curfew in Paris?

Proof that the idea of ​​a hardening is germinating in people's minds, the spokesman of the government Gabriel Attal , invited on BFM this Tuesday morning, announced unequivocally that an curfew will soon be restored in Paris and “perhaps in Ile-de-France . " Matignon immediately reacted by indicating that this measure was " absolutely not decided at this stage ".

But the idea of ​​a curfew in Paris is nevertheless well on the table and will be “examined during the defense council on Wednesday and implemented by the end of this week if it is adopted” , confides a close to the government.

This measure was requested by the Prefect of Police for two reasons, we read behind the scenes: “firstly, because the rate of circulation of the virus is very high in the capital, with one person hospitalized every 15 minutes in Paris and secondly, because many dinners, nocturnal trips and clandestine parties are observed.

Coronavirus. Reconfinement, a measure that is spreading in Europe

 Coronavirus. Reconfinement, a measure that is spreading in Europe © Tiziana FABI / AFP A large part of European countries have opted for the reconfinement of their population in the face of the progression of the new coronavirus. Faced with the rebound of the novel coronavirus epidemic in Europe, like France, the majority of countries are taking drastic measures to try to control the contamination.

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KPHB Colony has been the point of focus since the COVID - 19 in India, Yesterday there was a containment Zone set in te KPHB colony 3rd Phase Before that

Too many people outside

Unauthorized travel is in the sights of the authorities. Too many people would take advantage of the multiple exceptions to go all out. “There were 100,000 checks this weekend, 14,000 verbalizations. A number of verbalizations relate to people who were moving when they did not have to, others to places that received people and should not. I have the example of a bar in Evry-Courcouronnes which welcomed customers for an evening ", said Gabriel Attal.

Also targeted: certain companies that do not play the telecommuting game. Le Parisien teaches us, for example, that even if “teleworking is the rule” , the group Total asks “ a necessary face-to-face collective working time” . This instruction sets the company headquarters in Paris on fire, where 270 cases of Covid have been recorded since September 1.

Containment in France is "fairly severe"

If voices are raised for a toughening, according to Catherine Smallwood, responsible for emergency situations at WHO-Europe, confinement in France is "quite severe" . She explains to our colleagues from Parisian that if confinement is the only measure taken, the virus will start to circulate again as soon as it is lifted.

According to her, it is necessary to set up the test-trace-isolate as soon as the curve goes down again. "This strategy works when you have 20, 30, 40 new ones a day, not once the transmission of the virus takes off. The Asia Pacific got there. Of course, this system is expensive, but it is much less than closing an economy ", she concludes.

Covid-19: Will the French be able to take the train at Christmas? Jean Castex remains unclear .
It is still "too early" in the words of Prime Minister Jean Castex for the French to reserve their train tickets for the Christmas holidays while the containment against covid-19 will continue beyond 1st December. © Fourmy Mario / ABACA Jean Castex raised hopes for a relaxation of the re-containment rules on Thursday.

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