US News management expert warns: "We have to finally face the 'New Normal'"

09:20  05 november  2020
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management expert Stefan Lammers denounces that managers in some places are trying to sit out the corona crisis. Managing at a distance from the home office must be normal.

Covid-19-Pandemie: Die Coronakrise wird zur Führungskrise. © Shutterstock Covid-19 pandemic: The corona crisis is turning into a leadership crisis.

The second Covid-19 wave also means a second home office wave. While many companies dared to retreat to the office in the late summer, the motto now is: command back! For the management consultant Stefan Lammers it was foreseeable: "This is a new everyday life, many have not yet understood that or it is only slowly dawning on many managers." Lammers has observed a way of sitting out the corona crisis in the executive suite and denounces it at t3n -Call on. "We will no longer have the same times as before Corona," said the expert. Anyone who has not yet seriously dealt with the leadership at a distance must urgently catch up. According to the expert, what mainly suffers from this lived passivity is the motivation of the employees. The design of the remote meeting culture in particular harbors risks, but also opportunities.

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corona crisis becomes a management crisis

distance management becomes normal in the corona crisis. (Photo: Shutterstock)

"If we are honest, most online meetings are a bad attempt to simply recreate face-to-face events in digital form," says Stefan Lammers. “The accumulation of video calls, the sometimes seamless transition from one conference to another, the brutal frequency, sometimes up to four times that per day - that sucks,” explains the management consultant, wondering how to work consistently in the home environment? Just recently, the software development company Atlassian found two interesting figures in a survey: Only 27 percent of the global respondents believe that their workload has increased, but 42 percent say that they spend more time on work. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that processes in the home office are still inefficient and, on the other hand, more time is spent on calls. A fact that managers should address.

Köllner warns of "promotion team"

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A new kind of patriotism. Mark Lawrence Schrad is an associate professor of political science and author of the forthcoming Smashing the Liquor Machine: A Global History of Prohibition. VR allows us to have the experiences we want even if we have to be isolated, quarantined or alone.

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"For many people it is simply exhausting to sit at the computer during the classic meeting time," says Lammers. “It was a good change in the past, but has now been moved to the screen.” Conversely, what is all the more important these days are answers to pressing questions such as: What does a meeting need? How many and which participants are needed to make a decision? Where is a short phone call enough? What fits in an email? What has to be discussed anyway? Regular feedback meetings are a good lever to answer these and many other questions. “A climate index is currently being determined in a company that we have supported. Employees are asked individually how satisfied they are with their employer on a scale from 1 to 10. After the answer, it is asked what it takes to get to 10 by the end of the year, ”says Lammers.

DIRECT. Covid-19: 224 new deaths, "Christmas will not be a normal holiday", warns Olivier Véran

 DIRECT. Covid-19: 224 new deaths, © Nicolas Tucat / EPA The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. The coronavirus epidemic caused 224 new deaths in France this Saturday, October 31. While we are celebrating All Saints' Day this Sunday, November 1, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran is already anticipating the end of the year celebrations and warning that they will not take place under the usual conditions. In England, a new confinement begins Thursday, November 5. It will last until December 2.

He also warned education will also have to change dramatically to encourage a new way of thinking, making people 'more individualistic, and more empathetic'. ' We also need to focus on what children want to do and show particular passion and talent for something, we need to encourage them to go for

Even western countries are starting to accept that shielding our faces could save lives … whether you live in New York or Berlin.

“It is important to be even closer to the employees!”

“Quick wins” can be derived from this, as the management consultant says, in order to subsequently increase satisfaction over the long term. Specifically, it can also be used to determine the employees' mood towards the meeting culture in practice and, if necessary, to derive consequences and changes. The method benefits from direct discussions, but if you want to create a regularly automated feedback channel for reasons of time, you can also use online tools. Providers such as Office Vibe or the German challenger Company Mood make this possible: Team members can give their employee feedback on specific topics via weekly mood ratings via app or in the browser. Services such as 15Five, Culture Amp, Weekdone and Tinypulse are also popular. However, these tools should complement the direct feedback discussion and not attempt to replace it.

“A very important key at this time is to be even closer to the employees,” says Stefan Lammers. "This is perhaps even more necessary than before." A manager must have a real interest in the emotions, wishes and needs of employees more than before in order to support them sustainably in the current challenges of the corona pandemic. Because the elimination of the radio, the kitchen talks or the personal interview vis-a-vis there is a lack of reflection area. But not only bosses are in demand: employees should also stand up for their concerns, address requests for change and, last but not least, demand them if a topic does not seem to have been addressed. The lived meeting culture is only one of many topics that contribute to increasing employee motivation - there are also concrete rules of accessibility.

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The double burden of malnutrition is a situation where overweight and obesity exist side-by-side with under-nutrition.

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Superiors would have addressed these factors sometimes more or less, for example in the form of virtual café conversations and regular video meetings without any specific professional reference, admits Stefan Lammers. “Now, depending on the team and the individual employees, that no longer seems to be sufficient. We are increasingly noticing this, ”said the expert. "It manifests itself in impatience, questioning on principle and sometimes verbal aggressiveness in the workforce," explains Stefan Lammers. Many managers are then aware at the latest that they have to do something differently, but it does not have to come to that. Management consultant Stefan Lammers believes that simply sitting out the corona pandemic and hoping that everything will be back to normal in a few weeks or months is absolutely unlikely. "We finally have to face the 'New Normal'."

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