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23:40  06 november  2020
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Ivorian Presidential: those who will vote and those who will not

 Ivorian Presidential: those who will vote and those who will not © AP Photo / Sunday Alamba D-2 before the Ivorian presidential election 2020. D-2 before the presidential election in Ivory Coast. A poll that the opposition promises to prevent to block Alassane Ouattara's candidacy for a third term. Since August, the climate has become considerably tense. Political violence has left more than 30 people dead in three months. The outgoing president has rallied all the opposition against him. And the mediations have not worked so far.

About the crisis in Cote d ' Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Following elections in Cote d ’ Ivoire in October 2010, both President Laurent Gbagbo and opposition candidate, Alassane Ouattara, claimed victory. Government and civil society in Côte d ' Ivoire are divided over the scope of the investigations to be

Peacemaking in Côte d ’ Ivoire . After the rejection of Alassane Dramane Ouattara’s (ADO) candidacy But the fragile peace situation in the country continued to deteriorate. A new political crisis Since the end of the conflict Côte d ’ Ivoire has been trying to rebuild itself politically and economically.

SONORETrois dirigeants de l'opposition ivoirienne ne reconnaissant pas la réélection du président Alassane Ouattara et ayant formé un régime de © Evelyne AKA SONOREThree leaders of the Ivorian opposition who do not recognize the re-election of President Alassane Ouattara and who have formed a regime of "transition" are under investigation for "acts of terrorism", "murders" and "conspiracy against the authority of the State", declares the prosecutor of Abidjan Richard Adou at a press conference .

The pressure was further mounted on Friday on the Ivorian opposition, which is contesting the re-election of President Alassane Ouattara, with the announcement of judicial inquiries against several of its leaders, apparently isolated both nationally and internationally.

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The violence shattered Côte d ' Ivoire 's hopes of rapidly regaining its status as francophone West Africa's economic powerhouse and a regional beacon of stability. In April 2001, eight paramilitary gendarmes were charged with murder in connection with the massacre of the Charnier de Yopougon.

The United Nations Operation in Côte d ' Ivoire (UNOCI) (French: Opération des Nations Unies en Côte d ' Ivoire (ONUCI)) was a UN-NATO peacekeeping mission in Ivory Coast ( Côte d ' Ivoire ) whose objective was "to facilitate the implementation by the Ivorian parties of the peace agreement signed by

Three of the main opposition leaders, who called for "civil disobedience" before the October 31 election, then declared the institution of a parallel power known as "transition" after the election they held boycotted, are the subject of investigations for "conspiracy against the authority of the State", "insurrectionary movement", "assassination" and "acts of terrorism", declared the prosecutor of Abidjan, Richard Adou.

Des habitants dans le quartier des affaires d'Abidjan, le 6 novembre 2020 © Issouf SANOGO Residents in the business district of Abidjan, November 6, 2020

This is Maurice Kakou Guikahué, number two of the main opposition party, "arrested on November 3", the spokesperson opposition and former Prime Minister Pascal Affi N'Guessan, and former Minister Abdallah Mabri Toikeusse. The latter two are "on the run and actively sought", according to the prosecutor.

Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara in the process of being reelected, the opposition contests

 Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara in the process of being reelected, the opposition contests COTE-D-IVOIRE-ELECTION: Côte d'Ivoire: Ouattara in the process of being reelected, the opposition contests © Reuters / LUC GNAGO CÔTE D'IVOIRE: OUATTARA ON THE PAST OF BEING RE-ELECTED, THE OPPOSITION CHALLENGES ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Alassane Ouattara should be widely re-elected for a third term at the head of the Ivorian state at the end of a presidential election boycotted by the opposition.

MaximsNewsNetwork: 24 February 2010 - UNOCI: Côte dIvoire - Facilitator of the Ivorian peace process, President Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso, met with

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Mr. Mabri Toikeusse says he is however blocked at his home by the police. As for Pascal Affi N'Guessan, whose residence was searched Thursday without success by the police according to one of his relatives, he "is not on the run", but "had to withdraw from his home for security reasons ", according to his spokesperson Issiaka Sangaré.

The former head of state Henri Konan Bédié, proclaimed by the opposition "president" of his "National Transitional Council" (CNT) on Monday, "is not in good health 'arrest "or under house arrest, said the prosecutor, adding that the police blocked his home to" put an end to the disturbance of public order ".

"Bédié is spared because he is an icon for the Baoulé", one of the main peoples of Côte d'Ivoire, a source close to power told AFP.

"The acts perpetrated and ordered by the promoters of this body (the CNT) were intended to attack the authority of the State in order to achieve the overthrow of the institutions of the Republic", said the prosecutor, specifying in to be "still at the stage of preliminary investigation and judicial investigation", no indictment having pronounced at this stage.

Côte d'Ivoire: President Ouattara reelected for a 3rd term

 Côte d'Ivoire: President Ouattara reelected for a 3rd term © Provided by Le Point Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara, 78, was reelected for a controversial third term on the river score of 94.27% of the vote in the first round, the opposition having boycotted the ballot, according to the results announced by the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) Tuesday at dawn. "Is therefore elected President of the Republic Mr.

Côte d ' Ivoire . export revenue, is now in a complex and difficult situation. While production is overwhelmingly located in the north of the country, under the control of the Forces Nouvelles Only the end of the political crisis in the country will effectively enable the rehabilitation of cotton.

This article examines international responses to the post-election crisis in Côte d ' Ivoire , where two distinct governments were established due to contradiction between the election results proclaimed domestically and those certified by the internationally entrusted authority observing the election.

Alassane Ouattara, 78, was proclaimed on Tuesday reelected for a third term by the electoral commission. But the opposition, led by Mr. Bédié, challenges this third term that it considers unconstitutional.

- "Parallel reality" -

The string of accusations unrolled by Richard Adou targets the violence committed before and after the presidential election, which resulted in a total of forty deaths, in particular in interethnic clashes.

The opposition, which has still not lowered its guard in its fight against the Ouattara regime, seemed increasingly isolated on Friday, according to analysts.

"The CNT is really isolated. There was no demonstration of militants against the blockade of the leaders. They are not followed by the international community", which called on the opposition to respect the constitutional order, " their approach is seen as a hopeless adventure, "according to political analyst Sylvain N'Guessan.

"It is not sure that they have no popular support", moderates analyst Rodrigue Koné, "but the population does not want to relive the post-electoral crisis of 2010-11 with two presidents and two governments" , which had resulted in a four-month civil war with 3,000 deaths.

According to diplomatic sources close to power, no progress was recorded on Friday in the behind-the-scenes negotiations between power and opposition.

"The opposition seems to evolve in a parallel reality," lamented the diplomatic source.

Mr. Mabri Toikeusse launched in the night via twitter a declaration on behalf of the CNT calling for "to intensify the implementation of the slogans already launched", without further clarification.

A call for insurrection launched on Wednesday from abroad by the former rebel leader and ex-Prime Minister Guillaume Soro apparently had no resonance in Côte d'Ivoire, where activity resumed normally almost everywhere since Thursday.

An economic operator from Duékoué (west) in cocoa, the main Ivorian economic sector, was however worried after the announcement of legal proceedings against opponents: "The government has an interest in putting water in its wine to appease the situation instead of igniting it ".

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Shooting in Marseille. A stray bullet crosses a girl’s bedroom and hits her teddy bear .
© ARCHIVES OUEST-FRANCE The police found around fifteen cartridge cases at the foot of the building. During the night of Friday 13 to Saturday 14 November, a shooting broke out in the Cité des Rosiers, in the northern districts of Marseille. A stray bullet went through the window of the bedroom of a 3-year-old girl, who was injured by shrapnel. The projectile was found in a teddy bear. A shootout occurred on the night of November 13 to 14 in the 14th arrondissement of Marseille .

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