US News With Joe Biden's victory, the United States will return to the Paris Climate Agreement

23:50  07 november  2020
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Biden ahead of Trump: The Candidates' Advertising Spending Compared

 Biden ahead of Trump: The Candidates' Advertising Spending Compared In the past three months, presidential candidate Joe Biden has spent more on programmatic advertising in the US than any company. Much of the money went to the video sector. © Nuno21 / Shutterstock.com US presidential candidate Joe Biden. If the US presidential election were all about advertising spending, Joe Biden would already be the winner. The 77-year-old's campaign spent $ 582 million on advertising through October, according to provider Advertising Analytics .

Joe Biden knows climate change is the greatest threat facing our country and our world, and he has a bold plan for a clean energy revolution. He will not only recommit the United States to the Paris Agreement on climate change – he will go much further than that.

It’ s official: Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the US presidential election, defeating Donald Trump. The call came after the AP declared Biden had won Pennsylvania Supporters are in raptures as they celebrate Biden ’ s victory . He will be the 46th president of the United States of America.

Joe Biden veut développer les énergies renouvelables et les infrastructures «résistantes au climat» © AP Photo / Patrick Semansky Joe Biden wants to develop renewable energies and “climate-resistant” infrastructure

Joe Biden a won the presidential election in the United States. This could mean the return of American leadership on the climate. Joe Biden reiterated his pledge to join the Paris Climate Agreement on the very day President Trump's withdrawal took effect.

“Today, the Trump administration officially left the Paris Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, the Biden administration will reinstate him, ”he said in a tweet.

Actually, it will take a little longer. Joe Biden could indeed make a request to join the Paris Agreement from the day of his inauguration on January 20, 2021. And thirty days later, the United States would reinstate this agreement which aims to keep global warming below 1.5 ° C.

In the midst of an election, the United States officially exits the Paris climate agreement

 In the midst of an election, the United States officially exits the Paris climate agreement © Joe Raedle, AFP A container near Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, November 5, 2019. The United States United formally walked out of the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, fulfilling a long-standing promise by President Donald Trump. A possible return of Washington within this international treaty is suspended from the still unknown result of the American presidential election.

Joe Biden has pledged that he will rejoin the Paris climate accord, the landmark climate change agreement from which Trump formally withdrew the US , on the first day of his The Democratic candidate' s campaign team says it is confident of victory . It has already launched a transition page

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has secured the necessary electoral votes to clinch the US presidency in a knife-edge race, according to projections. The battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin were also instrumental in Biden ' s narrow victory . The two states , along with Pennsylvania

The carbon neutrality of the United States by 2050

Joe Biden has promised to adopt the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050. To achieve it he has pledged to invest 2,000 billion dollars over four years, which represents 10% of US GDP. Joe Biden wants to develop renewable energies and “climate resistant” infrastructure. These investments will form the central pillar of its program to boost the economy and jobs.

The energy transition promises to be difficult in this country, which is the world's largest producer of oil and gas, believes Cécile Marchand, climate campaign manager at Amis de la Terre France:

“Today, we have no lots of information on what Biden is going to do in terms of energy policy in the United States. He said he did not want to ban hydraulic fracturing, which is still very problematic since the United States is the largest producer of oil and gas especially due to the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons. Today, due to the Covid crisis, many projects have been canceled or postponed but they could resume if there is an economic recovery and the price of oil picks up. So Biden’s arrival does not necessarily mean that the United States is going to make its energy transition at the speed at which it should.

US Presidential: If Biden comes to power, the United States will immediately join the Paris climate agreement

 US Presidential: If Biden comes to power, the United States will immediately join the Paris climate agreement © Provided by Le Point Joe Biden, Paris agreement, climate Even before knowing if he is elected at the White House, Joe Biden has promised that the United States, which actually left the Paris climate agreement on Wednesday, November 4, will join the international treaty at the start of his possible term as president. “Today, the Trump administration officially left the Paris climate agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden government will join him, ”he tweeted.

Joe BidenПодлинная учетная запись. @ JoeBiden . Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States , husband to The U . S . has officially left the Paris Agreement , three years after Pres. Trump announced he would leave the international climate change forum. https

Joe Biden ’ s ascension to the White House holds special significance to Scranton, the northeast Pennsylvania city where the former vice president grew up We did it, Joe . You're gonna be the next president of the United States ,” Harris said with a laugh in a phone call to the former vice president.

It is clear that without a strong citizen climate movement in the United States, it will not be a liberal like Biden who will put in place the policies that are needed in the face of the climate emergency. But, obviously it can't be worse than Trump. We are starting from a situation so aberrant - Trump's position on the climate issue - that we can only rejoice that Biden is coming to head the United States ”

Donald Trump's climate-skeptic policy

Donald Trump is noted throughout his mandate for his climate and environmental policy considered catastrophic by many observers. As early as 2017, he announced his willingness to quit the Paris Agreement, which he called a "disaster" and "an unfair economic burden" for the United States. Due to the rules of procedure, the exit from the Paris Agreement did not become effective until November 4, exactly one day after the start of this long American election.

US election: Biden faces US election victory - counting continues - Fed should wait after the election

 US election: Biden faces US election victory - counting continues - Fed should wait after the election Democrat Joe Biden is the favorite on the home stretch, while the last votes in the US presidential election are counted. © Provided by Finance.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images Biden wins major states After winning major states, challenger Biden seems only a few steps away from the White House. Incumbent Donald Trump, however, claimed the victory for himself and sent his lawyers off with lawsuits in several states.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden has secured the 270 electoral votes necessary to defeat President Donald Trump and become the 46th President of the United States , according to multiple sources. newrepublic.com. 'Kind of feels surreal': Arizona reacts to Joe Biden ' s presidential victory .

The US has begun the process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement , notifying the UN of its intention to leave, as other countries express regret The agreement brought together 188 nations to combat climate change. There has been widespread international condemnation of the US move.

As soon as he took office, the Republican unraveled, one by one, the environmental measures of his predecessor Barack Obama. According to the Climate Deregulation Tracker, Donald Trump has signed no less than 163 legislative and regulatory acts that have weakened the fight against climate change and pollution. He also prevented local initiatives to protect the environment. For example, he revoked the exemption enjoyed by California to set more demanding automobile pollution standards.

He has also appointed people related to the fossil fuel industry to key positions. For example, climate skeptic Andrew R. Wheeler, who had a career in the fossil fuel industry, found himself head of the Environmental Protection Agency, the federal environmental protection agency.

The hope of repairing the damage

President Trump's anti-climate policy has been softened by the “We are still in” initiative, a network of 25 states, 430 cities and hundreds of businesses and universities that have decided to respect the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

With the arrival of Joe Biden, the United States will once again be able to play a role on the international scene in terms of climate, explains Cécile Marchand of Friends of the Earth France: “It is important that the United States do their part. return to international negotiations on the climate issue. This is a strong signal that will also be sent to other countries that are badly needed. "

If the United States succeeds in setting an example, they will be able to persuade other countries to increase their efforts, in particular the large emitters who are still reluctant to show real climate ambition, such as Brazil, Africa South, India or Australia. Another important lever: Joe Biden is committed to honoring international financial commitments to help poor countries increase their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

US Presidential: Biden told Macron he wanted to "re-energize" ties with NATO and the EU .
Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on the phone for ten minutes © Carolyn Kaster / AP / SIPA Joe Biden , November 9, 2020. NEW START - Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden spoke on the phone for ten minutes Emmanuel Macron spoke for the first time this Tuesday afternoon with Joe Biden , the president elected American, with whom he hopes to collaborate on major international issues, announced the Elysee. Among the subjects discussed between the two men: NATO , but also the pandemic and climate change.

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