US News Covid-19: what does the strategy adopted by Sweden, long shown as an example?

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Record of contamination in the United States, first case in Vanuatu ... Update on the pandemic

 Record of contamination in the United States, first case in Vanuatu ... Update on the pandemic New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic in the world. © afp.com/Anne-Christine POUJOULAT A nurse takes care of a patient with coronavirus in the intensive care unit of the Center hospitalier de l'Europe, November 4, 2020 in Port-Marly, near Paris The pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the planet. The Covid-19 has killed at least 1,263,890 people worldwide, according to a report from official sources on Tuesday.

Despite global criticism, Sweden has seen a drop in serious Covid cases without ever having a lockdown. But according to clinical epidemiologist Helena Nordenstedt, there's no consensus in Sweden 's scientific community that the strategy as a whole has failed.

International observers and critics within Sweden blame these depressing figures on its controversial Covid - 19 strategy . It is also why the public health agency in Sweden seems to have few qualms about “herd immunity”. Whereas other countries see it as a dangerous national experiment, Swedish

Covid-19 : que donne la stratégie adoptée par la Suède, longtemps montrée en exemple ? © Pexels Covid-19: what does the strategy adopted by Sweden, long shown as an example? Since the start of the pandemic, Sweden has followed a less strict strategy than other European countries to fight against the coronavirus. But faced with the resurgence of contaminations, the Nordic country had for the first time to take restrictive measures. Has the Swedish method really paid off?

Sweden has adopted a unique strategy in Europe in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic . Unlike its European neighbors, the Nordic country has never imposed restrictions, such as wearing the mask, or instituted an containment or an curfew to curb the circulation of the virus. The Scandinavian kingdom preferred to rely on recommendations and the responsibility of citizens. The Swedes also turned to another strategy, that of collective immunity . But today Sweden has had to revise its method as it faces a rapid increase in contaminations and deaths.

Coronavirus: update on the pandemic

 Coronavirus: update on the pandemic © Philippe DESMAZES Evacuation of a coronavirus patient at Bron airport, near Lyon, November 16, 2020 New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. - The American Moderna announces its vaccine effective at 94.5% After Pfizer / BioNTech last week, the American biotechnology company Moderna announced on Monday that its vaccine was effective at 94.5% and that it planned to manufacture 20 million doses by the end of December.

Sweden not untouched by COVID - 19 . Sweden ’s more relaxed approach — coexisting with the new coronavirus rather than declaring war on it — hasn’t “In terms of the mortality rate per capita from COVID - 19 , Sweden is not doing as well as the other countries nearby in Scandinavia that are similar

That same week there were numerous reports in Sweden ’s national news media about just how badly the country’s nursing homes were starting to be Since then pressure has mounted on the government to explain how, despite a stated aim of protecting the elderly from the risks of Covid - 19 , a third of

Covid-19: public gatherings of eight people will be banned in Sweden

On Monday, November 16, the government announced measures , described as "very intrusive" and "unprecedented" by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. These are in opposition to the strategy adopted by the country so far. Sweden has decided to limit public gatherings to eight people. This restriction will come into effect from November 24, and for at least four weeks. “Do not go to the gym, nor to the library, do not organize a dinner or a party at home, he implored. Cancel everything (…). And do not try to circumvent ( recommendations) ", declared the Swedish Prime Minister on November 16 at a press conference.

Covid-19: what restrictions are in place in Sweden?

This restriction is in addition to the rare measures ordered by the Swedish government. In list of the rules imposed in the country, we find the ban on visits to retirement homes. Another restriction is the ban on the sale of alcohol after 10 p.m. in Stockholm and Gothenburg, forcing restaurants and bars to close at 10:30 p.m. until at least February 2021. The Swedish Prime Minister explained that this slight turn had been taken because "compliance (with the recommendations) was much lower" than last spring.

This is how Per Gessle experiences the special corona path in Sweden

 This is how Per Gessle experiences the special corona path in Sweden © imago images / TT Per Gessle is one of Sweden's best-known export hits. Sweden is going its own way in the corona pandemic. In contrast to most of its European neighbors, there has been no real lockdown so far, restaurants and bars, for example, have remained open. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Per Gessle (61), singer and songwriter from Roxette, talks about his experiences.

Sweden ’s coronavirus case numbers were “going in the wrong direction quickly,” he pointed out, referring to the recent rise in infections across the Sweden was one of the few countries to refrain from harsh national lockdown measures during the first wave of Covid - 19 in spring, and still relies on

Following the Swedish example , therefore, should not mean “ adopting the exact same measures”, she said. “There are lessons to learn from every country. “Each country’s strategy to curb Covid - 19 should be based on its specific situation and context, and be both scientifically sound and culturally

Is the Swedish approach to the coronavirus a failure?

The Nordic country's strategy, which has been strongly criticized, does not seem to have paid off. Since mid-October, the number of cases of Covid-19 has increased rapidly. In addition, four times as many deaths have been recorded in Sweden than in other Scandinavian countries, which had introduced semi-containment. Although Sweden has been forced to change strategy in the face of the rise in contaminations and deaths, the government still refuses to establish full containment . "The government does not believe in total containment. We believe that the measures we have taken are appropriate," said the chief epidemiologist in charge of the fight against the coronavirus in Sweden, Anders Tegnell, on November 16.

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