US News Gironde: The medical farm authorized to sell its "cannabis welfare" in France

19:05  19 november  2020
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Trafficking in cannabis. 2.4 tonnes and 1.8 million euros seized near Lyon

 Trafficking in cannabis. 2.4 tonnes and 1.8 million euros seized near Lyon © OUEST-FRANCE / JOEL LE GALL 2.4 tonnes of cannabis and 1.8 million euros in cash were seized by the judicial police , Friday evening, near Lyon (photo illustration). A record seizure. Seven men were arrested by the judicial police on Friday evening, after several months of investigation. They were presented on Tuesday evening, after 96 hours of police custody, to the specialized interregional court of Lyon, responsible for cases relating to serious crime.

A potential medical cannabis market in France will soon be in the hands of the Health Ministry, after a large majority of Senators agreed in principle last Executives from international medical cannabis companies Tilray, Bedrocan, Aurora, Canopy and others met in May with a French committee charged

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The Court of Justice of the European Union, this Thursday ruled illegal the ban in France on the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD), this which will allow the oils from the production of La Ferme Médicale en Gironde to be sold nationwide

La ferme médicale exploite le premier champ de cannabis sans THC de Gironde © La ferme Médicale La ferme Médicale operates the first field of cannabis without THC in Gironde LEGISLATION - The Court of Justice of the The European Union ruled illegal this Thursday the ban in France on the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD), which will allow the oils from the production of La Ferme Médicale in Gironde to be sold on the national territory

Raphaël De Pablo and Pierre Morel are inundated with calls this Thursday morning. The Court of Justice of the European Union indeed ruled illegal this Thursday , the ban in France on the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD) , stressing that this molecule present in hemp (or cannabis sativa) has "no psychotropic effect or harmful effect on human health".

Air France-KLM expects mergers, collapse of activity in France

 Air France-KLM expects mergers, collapse of activity in France © Wikimedia Air France-KLM expects mergers, collapse of activity in France Many independent airlines risk bankruptcy and could "be taken over by others", judge Air France-KLM. On the other hand, if the air carrier has sufficient liquidity in the short term, it could work to strengthen its balance sheet in the medium term.

In neighbouring Sweden, 10 mink farms have been identified as having Covid-19 outbreaks. Sick animals are not being treated which is another mink welfare issue,” he said. The American Veterinary Medical Association said at least 8,000 minks have died of infection with Sars-CoV-2 on farms in Utah.

Storefronts selling marijuana, commonly known as "dispensaries" and "compassion clubs," are not authorized to sell cannabis for medical or any other purposes. Any individual registered to produce a limited amount of cannabis for him/herself may not sell , provide or give cannabis to another person.

However, these two Bordelais are precisely among the very few growers to have taken the risk of having embarked on the cultivation of cannabis welfare , the name for this type of cultivation aimed at marketing products at CBD based. They started farming in December 2019 on 1.4 hectares in the south of the department, and had just completed their very first harvest, last September. After this experimental phase, the goal is to expand to 11.4 hectares next year.

Two years in Canada "closely studying therapeutic cannabis"

Without this decision of the European Court, they would have had to sell the products of their production elsewhere than in France. “There, everything will be able to remain on the national territory, rejoices Raphaël De Pablo, and we have in particular a lot of pharmacists who call us to inquire about the marketing. Above all, we can assume that this decision will decide a lot of competitors to launch in 2021, we are a little ahead of them. "

Confinement in Nantes: "Give us back mass" ... Catholics demonstrate again this Sunday

 Confinement in Nantes: Almost 300 people gathered this Sunday morning in Nantes to pray and demand the return of mass in public © S.Salom-Gomis / AFP A little over 300 people gathered Sunday, November 15 in Nantes to demand the resumption of masses in public. They braved the driving rain to make their "distress" heard. Nearly 300 Catholics gathered this Sunday morning, Place Graslin in Nantes, to demand the resumption of masses in public, prohibited because of the re-containment sanitary.

As a naturally-occurring ingredient that boasts a plethora of reported uses in the medical After all, competition is fierce, and with an increasing number of people choosing cannabis as a treatment So, if you are contemplating ways to sell CBD online, keep reading. Selling CBD online is perhaps the

2 cuts in welfare benefits for unemployed. If the government have not acted quickly enough, its fiscal and monetary policy changes may be too late. Every time a country manages to sell a product or service abroad, this means money will flow into the economy.

To date, there are only three fields of the same type in France, two of which are in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the other being in the Creuse. The two Bordelais have been working on their project, called La Ferme Médicale, for three years. Raphaël De Pablo notably spent two years in Canada where he “closely studied therapeutic cannabis. »

300 kg of flowers during the first harvest in September

The difference between their cultivation, and a traditional hemp field, lies in the type of plant exploited. "There is an official catalog of authorized seeds for hemp," explains Raphaël De Pablo, "in France there are 25 varieties, but only one allows us to do what we are doing today. In short, the two farmers remove the male plants as they grow, leaving only the females, which give the flower, unlike traditional hemp trees which work with seeds and fiber. "We don't want any seeds on our farm which allows us to have a higher level of CBD, it's very different. In September, they were able to harvest 300 kg of flowers.

Miss France 2021: for the traditional trip, the Misses will fly to… the Paris region!

 Miss France 2021: for the traditional trip, the Misses will fly to… the Paris region! © PHILIPPE DOIGNON / SIPA Miss France 2021: for the traditional trip, the Misses will fly to… the Paris region! Far from the usual coconut trees, the place of the preparation trip of the regional Miss, contenders for the title of Miss France 2021, has been chosen. It is just a stone's throw from Paris that they will take off. Goodbye coconut trees, fine sand and dream landscapes for the traditional preparation trip to Miss France .

Main articles: Poverty in France , Social protection in France , French Fifth Risk Plan, Revenu de solidarité active, and Revenu minimum d'insertion. Beginning in the 1920s, the government enacted a series of welfare programs, based mainly on European models, to provide medical care and financial

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The culture is then taken to a certified organic extraction laboratory in Germany, to extract the CBD molecule as well as the other molecules. “This gives a concentrate of the CBD molecule. "On arrival, La Ferme Médicale will offer oil, and ointment from 2021," which will be applied to inflammation and irritation. "

" Products to improve sleep, relieve pain "

" A little bit ahead of the European Court's decision, we have already started marketing the products on KissKissBankBank, which ends on December 3, then our website will take over. relay, and we have ten interested pharmacies. Typically, these are products that are used to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, or relieve pain. But we are not yet within the framework of therapeutic cannabis.

The other issue for the two young farmers will also be to secure the site, which was the subject of a theft of several hundred feet in late September . The six suspects were arrested the next day. Security guards will be employed to protect the culture.

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“Global security” law: The demonstration on Saturday in Paris finally authorized by justice .
It was initially prohibited by the Paris police headquarters because of the coronavirus epidemic, while other marches are authorized in France © FREDERIC SCHEIBER / SIPA A demonstrator against the global security law.

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