US News After scandal in the Bundestag: Head of the Interior Ministers' Conference brings AfD ban into discussion

11:10  21 november  2020
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"We will always be friends and allies": Prince Charles conjures up the British-German partnership in the Bundestag

 The British heir to the throne gave his speech on the day of memorial partly in German. Despite Brexit, he emphasized the similarities between the two countries. © Photo: Frederic Kern / imago images / Future Image Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Prince Charles in Berlin. The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles , invoked the deep partnership between Great Britain and Germany 75 years after the end of the Second World War.

After Bundestag president Wolfgang Schäuble promised to use every legal means against those responsible, AfD floor leader Alexander Gauland Barbara Hendricks, a former Social Democrat (SPD) minister , recalled a friend who ordered a vegetarian dish in the Bundestag canteen hearing

Alexander Gauland, head of the AfD parliamentary group, was forced to apologise on Friday after MPs scheduled an emergency debate on the Police in Berlin tackle a protester during demonstrations against Germany’s coronavirus restrictions. The AfD smuggled some demonstrators into the

Thuringia's interior minister calls for further steps against the AfD. For the CSU regional group leader, this is "on the direct path to becoming the new NPD".

Über AfD-Abgeordnete waren Störer in das Parlament gekommen. © Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa Interferers came into parliament through AfD MPs.

The chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers, Georg Maier, has brought up a ban on the AfD in the event that it becomes radicalized. With reference to the disturbances in the Bundestag by guests of AfD MPs , the social democratic Thuringian head of department said: “It is becoming increasingly obvious how much the AfD functions as the parliamentary arm of the right-wing extremists and tries to undermine parliamentary democracy from within. The entire party is developing in a right-wing extremist direction. ”

satirical party achieves parliamentary mandate: ex-SPD man Marco Bülow switches to “Die Party”

 satirical party achieves parliamentary mandate: ex-SPD man Marco Bülow switches to “Die Party” The Bundestag member and former SPD politician Marco Bülow joins “The Party” - giving the satirical party its first parliamentary mandate. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa / picture alliance Marco Bülow left the SPD in 2018 - out of frustration with Groko. It should be "spectacular pictures". This is promised by the invitation that was sent on behalf of the satirist and MEP Martin Sonneborn this Monday morning.

from the far-right Alternative for Germany ( AfD ), Merkel led the Bundestag 's budget debate on But the AfD 's parliamentary leader, Alice Weidel, began the debate with a very different point to said he hoped the next year would bring a fresh wind into the country because this year had been "lost." defend the hard-fought preliminary deal that the European Union had hashed out with Prime Minister

The entry of the populist AfD into the Bundestag presents a new challenge to Germany's politicians. The Bundestag is much more than a voting chamber for new laws — in parliament, AfD delegates will sit on committees that approve the German budget and oversee Germany's foreign

He told the editorial network Germany on Saturday:“ The task of the constitution protection is to collect legally binding material in order to find suitable means for dealing with the AfD. Prohibition proceedings at the Federal Constitutional Court are the very last resort. But even that can no longer be ruled out if the party continues to radicalize. ”However, it remains primarily a political and social task to deal with this anti-democratic force and to push it back, explained Maier.

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About AfD members were at the Voting on the Infection Protection Act reached visitors to the Reichstag building, who then harassed, filmed and sometimes insulted proponents of the law among politicians.

After consultations with the federal states and parliamentary groups: Seehofer proposes September 26, 2021 for federal elections

 After consultations with the federal states and parliamentary groups: Seehofer proposes September 26, 2021 for federal elections Federal Interior Minister Seehofer has a fixed date for the upcoming federal elections in mind. However, the final decision will be made by Federal President Steinmeier. © Photo: Hannibal Hanschke / dpa countries and parliamentary groups have agreed on a date for the federal election with Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

Germany's lower house of parliament, the Bundestag , on Thursday approved a draft law that would prevent civil servants, judges and soldiers from wearing Islamic full-face veils at work. Germany's ruling coalition said in a statement said that a "religious or ideological covering of the face contradicts the

Co-Chair of the far-right Alternative fuer Deutschland ( AfD ) party Frauke Petry announced her decision not to become a Bundestag member, on Monday. She was

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt sees the AfD on the "direct path to the new NPD". “The honest men in the AfD have long since left the field to the arsonists,” he told the “Passauer Neue Presse”. The abuse of history, the despising of parliament and political institutions, the falsification and forgetting of history and the comparison with the Enabling Act of 1933 show that “the AfD wants to go through the hay with a torch to ignite emotions and stir up aggression ". Dobrindt said: “The AfD is on the direct path to become the new NPD.”

The fact that troublemakers smuggled into the Bundestag have harassed is no coincidence for Dobrindt, but rather an “obviously concerted action”. He added: "The entire action has shown that there is a close network between the demonstrators on the street, the AfD members in the plenary chamber and the troublemakers in the Reichstag."

Brinkhaus and Mützenich are powerless: the government parliamentary groups are missing pretty much everything

 Brinkhaus and Mützenich are powerless: the government parliamentary groups are missing pretty much everything The chairmen of the CDU and SPD parliamentary groups have disappointed the hopes placed in them. So they don't even have reserve chancellor format. A comment. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld / dpa The parliamentary group leaders of the governing parties in the Bundestag: Rolf Mützenich (SPD, left) and Ralph Brinkhaus (CDU). The whole criticism of the powerlessness of Parliament , recurring - is also a bit cheap.

DW: As the interior minister from 1978 to 1982, you headed of the authority that preceded the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). Now it's all about evaluating BAMF's actions. That will happen in the Bundestag , possibly by a parliamentary investigative committee.

BERLIN: Germany´s interior minister came out Friday in favour of partially banning the full-face burqa Islamic veil, as a debate on integration rages after two jihadist attacks and ahead of key state polls. Merkel´s right-left "grand coalition" holds an overwhelming majority in the Bundestag lower house.

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The CSU politician sees a" new quality of the dispute in the German Bundestag, with the aim of decomposing democratic operations from within ". With their behavior, the AfD shows that it has taken another step towards right-wing extremism. “The radical elements in this party are getting stronger and stronger. The heads of the party and parliamentary group also support this radical path. ”

In times of the corona pandemic, attempts are being made to deepen the division in society, says Dobrindt about the demonstration in Berlin on Wednesday. “A lot of people came together there whose concerns are politically abused by the ringleaders with wrong arguments. The organizers try to use lies to paint a horrific picture of the end of democracy and the entry into a dictatorship. ”(Dpa)

“Are you crazy?”: How the AfD almost damaged its party leader .
After his angry speech, a bitter dispute broke out over party leader Meuthen. His supporters only narrowly prevailed. What does that mean for the AfD? © Photo: dpa Jörg Meuthen sits on the podium at the AfD federal party conference. It is an attempt to prevent the showdown after all. “Are you crazy to start a debate about the party chairman?” Calls out the AfD politician Norbert Kleinwächter to his party colleagues. But boos resound towards him.

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