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10:15  23 november  2020
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LPT: When speaking to someone with a speech impediment, don't try to "fill in the gaps" or complete their sentences for them. Plus, babies can sometimes outgrow them in a couple of days. How I know this: I'm currently sitting at home with 8 boxes of newborn diapers trying to change a baby who no longer fits into

Diapers may become trendy, but for nights like New Years Eve it may become the norm for drinkers and partiers alike. Occasionally something busts a taboo and gets the normals talking about it - ISTR sex & the city launched the rabbit vibrator into the popular consciousness, 50 Shades did the same for BDSM, but

Condom urinals, diaper panties, faecal collectors: sooner or - mostly - later, millions of people will have to deal with incontinence and the aids available.

Ein Mitarbeiter der Firma Hartmann prüft in der Produktion eine Windel für Erwachsene. © Thomas Klaiber / Hartmann / dpa A Hartmann employee checks a diaper for adults in production.

“Incontinence is a growing problem in an aging society,” explains Manfred Beeres from the German Medical Technology Association (BVMed).

Bladder weakness and fecal incontinence were among the most common causes of costly care for elderly people in old people's and nursing homes. In Germany, six to nine million people are affected, depending on the estimate. "The number of unreported cases is likely to be high," said Beeres. As a result, the trade in incontinence products is a growth market in view of the demographic change with more elderly and multiple sick people with higher life expectancy.

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Wondering what kind of diaper is best for your baby? Here's the lowdown on both types. You can stick to whichever one of the two types of diapers that work with your lifestyle or you can alternate — a cloth diaper , say, when you’re home and disposable diapers when you’re out and about.

While many enjoy using diapers for recreation, comfort, security, emotional support, or even sexual satisfaction, there may come a point where your Ask yourself if your diaper wearing interferes with daily living. If you struggle to engage in normal, functional behavior (such as getting up, going to work, buying

Paul Hartmann AG, based in Heidenheim, is one of the largest manufacturers in the field. Annual sales have been increasing for years, most recently to 2.2 billion euros. "What is special about it is that the volumes of products sold are increasing in general, but the prices per product are falling at the same time," said a company spokesman. This is mainly driven by cost pressure in the health system.

According to experts and those affected, this has consequences for the further development of the products. Stefan Süß from the self-help association incontinence complains that the lump sums of the health insurance companies are too low for innovations to pay off for the manufacturers. "What is being done now is often just a facelift." Customers are also not recommended products that they really need, but those that are covered by the cash payments. If the quality then does not meet the requirements, the patient has to pay himself and, for example, buy more diapers or panties.

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Since diapers are dumped into landfills, covered and not exposed to sun or air at all, nobody knows how many hundreds—or even thousands—of years they could be around. When you toss a disposable into the trash can, you are adding to the 84 million pounds of raw fecal matter going into the environment every year.

Avoid diaper rash and diaper leaks without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorite disposable Expect to become a diaper -slinging pro in no time—most newborns go through about 10 or more What Type of Disposable Diaper is Best? The most important consideration when you’re choosing a diaper is to

Even the commercial manager of a smaller company, who does not want to be named, admits that products are not developed further because it is not lucrative. "From a supply point of view, this is very questionable." This can only be resolved on a political level.

BVMed, for example, emphasizes the progress made in recent years: high-quality products are very absorbent thanks to so-called super absorbers, odor-free and noise-free, so they don't crackle, according to Beeres. "There is a lot of high-tech both in the products and in the production." Sensors and apps can also be used to imagine better monitoring and control in old people's and nursing homes in order to relieve nursing staff. Among other things,

Hartmann works to ensure that the products are light, sit comfortably and do not cause skin inflammation. "Older skin in particular is more sensitive and (often) dry," explains a spokesman. "Excretions like urine can quickly damage the skin." Products are also being worked on in the interests of the health of caregivers.

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You become a toddler and weather you realise or not the first responsibility you get is to learn to s For a person who is a diaper lover wearing diapers is not in itself a fetish. When wearing them takes on a more of diapers from 14 to 17 years old but started wetting the bed again so I went out and bought my own

Step 6: Buy breathable cloth Buy breathable cloth that will make you feel like you're wearing regular underwear. Tip Adult diapers are designed for comfort and discretion. Step 7: Choose the wetness indicator Choose the wetness indicator to know when a change is needed. Get the product that gives you both

The company Essity sees growth potential in men too. They have less experience with hygiene products than women. The prostate is often to blame for the loss of urine in men. Essity also makes it clear that incontinence can affect people of all ages. Young people involuntarily lose urine after accidents or operations, but also after pregnancy and childbirth. In women, hormonal changes during menopause also play a role. Other factors are diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's.

According to the industry association BVMed, there are only a few market-defining suppliers on the market for absorbent incontinence products such as adult diapers and for dissipative products such as catheters. "We are not counting on more companies, since the largest producers have decades of know-how advantages in this market with very high production figures and special machines."

A topic that concerns the entire industry: incontinence is a taboo. Some products for mild bladder weakness are available in drugstores - but the majority only in pharmacies or medical supply stores. "In addition, online trading is playing an increasingly important role in this taboo topic," said the Hartmann spokesman.

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The area is as shame and taboo-prone as hardly any other, so the BVMed. Affected people withdraw from inadequate care, no longer take part in social life and feel stigmatized. According to Hartmann's European study “Breaking the Silence” last year, seven out of ten incontinents would like society to deal more openly with the issue.

From the point of view of the group, however, something has also been going on in terms of removing taboos for a number of years. Companies and specialist societies such as the Deutsche Kontinenz Gesellschaft worked hard on the education. With the “Body Pride” campaign, BVMed is trying to get such diseases out of the “taboo corner”. Among other things, Essity trains nursing staff in homes and is a strong promotional tool on all channels.

The incontinence self-help association welcomes the fact that, for example, incontinence is really mentioned in TV commercials and no longer just about a “sensitive bladder”. But Suss says that all those involved would only remove taboos in the area from which they themselves have advantages: "The manufacturer wants this for his products, doctors, so that people can come into practice." That is only a little bit of removing taboos. "It would be important to talk about incontinence openly and without any background."

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