US News Leaked Documents Show How Amazon Is Monitoring Employees

16:40  24 november  2020
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Amazon seemingly asked employees to keep this monitoring secret. A login page included in the files says “the information related to different posts reported out from various social forums are classified. The documents show that Amazon is systematically monitoring , categorizing, and analyzing the

Amazon hired Pinkerton private detectives to 'spy on warehouse workers, track unionization efforts and monitor protests', leaked documents show . The reports allegedly reveal how Amazon recruited operatives from Pinkerton to monitor workers' labor and union-organizing activities around Europe.

Amazon is apparently monitoring its employees on a large scale. This involves activities relating to works councils and trade unions, but also social and ecological movements.

Aktivisten demonstrieren in New York City unter anderem gegen schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen bei Amazon. © lev radin / Shutterstock activists demonstrate in New York City, among other things, against poor working conditions at Amazon.

There are repeated reports that Amazon is closely monitoring its employees and putting them under pressure. On the one hand, this involves bracelets and other devices that control how productive the work is and that should sound out the optimization potential. For example with the walkways or the stocking of stocks. On the other hand, the formation of works councils and trade union activities are supposed to be prevented.

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How Amazon keeps a close eye on employee activism to head off unions. Between March and September, the company employed more than 1.37 million front-line Amazon and Whole A separate Vice report found Amazon corporate employees were monitoring closed Facebook groups used by

Leaked notes from an internal meeting of Amazon leadership obtained by VICE News reveal company executives discussed a plan to smear fired warehouse employee Christian They also show top Amazon brass wanted to make Smalls the focus of its narrative when questioned about worker safety.

Amazon comprehensively monitors employees ...

The Vice offshoot Motherboard has come into possession of numerous documents and emails from Amazon's “Global Security Operations Center”. They show that analysts from the online retailer monitor the activities of employees in trade unions and works councils across Europe. The Facebook and Instagram accounts of environmentalists and activists for social justice are also evaluated. In addition, the Pinkerton detective agency, which is not exactly union-friendly, is said to have monitored the employees in the camps on behalf of Amazon.

Amazon should also save exact data such as place, time and date, but also who reported something, at employee meetings. According to Vice, this is evident from internal emails. It is also noted whether a strike or, for example, flyers were distributed, as well as the points of criticism that were discussed at such meetings. Amazon generally regards such activities as a danger, as an study by the US organization Open Markets Institutes implies. Apparently uncomfortable employees would presumably be transferred to prevent certain activities.

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Amazon said no other user information was shared. The company declined to say how many employees were terminated, the number of In the email, Amazon said it's against company policy for employees to share data with third parties. In a separate incident this week, Amazon said it fired four

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… and preventive

According to Vice, the monitoring mechanisms are also used preventively. You can observe movements in society as a whole in social media, such as those of the French Gilet Jaunes, Fridays for Future and Greta Thunberg's activities. The background for this is to "recognize potential risks / dangers that could affect Amazon's plans" so as not to endanger customer satisfaction.

Compared to Vice, an Amazon spokeswoman said that "like any other responsible company," a certain amount of security monitoring is used to protect employees, buildings and inventory. That includes an internal investigative team that works with law enforcement agencies if necessary. The aim is to ensure that all processes are compatible with the respective law and are known to the local authorities. Any attempt to boost these activities or accuse Amazon of unusual or incorrect behavior is irresponsible and incorrect.

The allegations against Amazon are, as already said, nothing new and are brought to again and again in such or similar form. Attempts by politicians to put the online retailer in their place have not been fruitful either. Which may also be due to the fact that an open letter to founder Jeff Bezos is a very mild means.

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