US News In London, residents are fighting against the “boboisisation” of their neighborhood

08:45  25 november  2020
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Ethiopia: the Prime Minister announces the final phase of his operation in Tigray

 Ethiopia: the Prime Minister announces the final phase of his operation in Tigray © Jean-Michel CORNU Map of Ethiopia and the Tigray region Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced on Tuesday that the military operation in course in Tigray (North) will soon enter its "final" phase, in a context of growing international pressure to see an end to this conflict which worries in East Africa and beyond. © Fredrik VARFJELL Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, during a speech after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, December 10, 2019, in Oslo On November 4, Mr.

In a Breitbart London exclusive video, protesters were seen singing: “I would rather be a human than a slave”, “We are the 99 per cent”, and “You can At around 4 pm the police in London began using tactics to split the protest into separate groups and made at least 18 arrests in Trafalgar Square and

Their respect for the natural world made me embarrassed by the polluted city from which I came. It was a genuinely humbling experience and one that made me appreciate the beauty of my surroundings. One particularly dark winter’s night, I woke to the sound of Kaya tapping on my door.

Santiago Peluffo, un des organisateurs de Latin Elephant, une association qui défend les minorités et commerçants du quartier. © Clara HAWKINS Santiago Peluffo, one of the organizers of Latin Elephant, an association which defends minorities and traders in the neighborhood.

Like Brixton or Stratford for the 2012 Olympic Games, the transformation of the famous Elephant and Castle shopping center in south London contributes to the gentrification of this entire district of the capital. Once again, a popular place turns into a posh resort, with housing and shops unaffordable for locals.

Little known to tourists, the district of Elephant and Castle, which takes its name from a huge shopping center, in south London , is not one of the trendy areas of the British capital. The petrol blue walls of this typical block from the 1960s have been washed out by the weather. While there is nothing attractive, the various communities that have developed around have made it their second home.

Images of the Colombian islands ravaged by Hurricane Iota

 Images of the Colombian islands ravaged by Hurricane Iota © Copyright 2020, L'Obs A devastated landscape. Mighty Hurricane Iota leaves destroyed homes, uprooted trees and overturned vehicles after its devastating passage through the Colombian islands of Providencia and Santa Catalina, where almost all infrastructure was destroyed, said President Ivan Duque, who went there. Look at the pictures of the damage below : At least nine people died after Tropical Storm Iota hit Central America, according to a latest report released Tuesday, November 17.

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-- Residents say they were told to stay in their apartments as the fire raged. Some in the community suggested the Muslim holy month of Ramadan helped contain the fallout. The neighborhood is home to a large number of Muslims who were awake when the fire broke for their early morning meal before

To their dismay, at the end of September, Elephant and Castle closed its doors. Backhoe loaders and jackhammers have taken over from local residents on their way. The site will be transformed by real estate developer Delancey into a complex of expensive apartments and shops unaffordable for the local population.

A very popular meeting place L’incontournable enseigne du vieux centre commercial Elephant and Castle à Londres. © Clara HAWKINS The must-see sign in the old Elephant and Castle shopping center in London.

The 35% Campaign, which calls for a third of social housing in any renovation of London boroughs, has succeeded in obtaining 116 of the 1,000 apartments planned to be of a social nature. But for Jerry Flynn, one of the spokespersons, that is not enough. Elephant and Castle is a neighborhood known to be very popular, he explains. Local authorities tend to be on the developer's side, which they see as bringing wealth to the neighborhood. But they forget that London is not a blank sheet of paper.

In Central America, the toll rises after the passage of hurricane Iota

 In Central America, the toll rises after the passage of hurricane Iota © Wendell Escoto, AFP Residents of La Lima, near San Pedro Sula in Honduras, try to cross a street flooded by heavy rains storm Iota, November 19, 2020. Hurricane Iota, which has become a tropical storm, left at least 44 dead and caused enormous damage, in particular in Nicaragua and Honduras. The emergency services are continuing their search to find the missing persons. The toll of Hurricane Iota continues to grow.

G. If you make Russian friends, you may get invited to their dacha and see the beautiful winter countryside outside Moscow. Here the snow will be deeper and the temperatures lower, but you won't be too cold as Russians have ways to stay warm.

Review if you need to, and you might briefly check your hunches against the sentences you have been working with in this or previous modules.

Elephant and Castle à Londres © Clara HAWKINS Elephant and Castle in London

The association sued the municipality for having authorized the plan proposed by Delancey. If she lost her first lawsuit, she won the right to appeal to include even more social housing.

This question is not the only concern of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. With the demolition of the shopping center, it is a place of meeting and sociability that disappears. Anna Castro, a Colombian saleswoman, believes that the Latin American community in the area, one of the largest in the UK, is losing its spirit. Before, we were all together, she explains. Now we are dispersed. We try to stay united but it is not easy.

Santiago Peluffo, one of the organizers of Latin Elephant, an association which defends the minorities and merchants of the district, confirms it: The shopping center was a large closed place, with wide corridors, he describes. Children could run around freely during the holidays or play with other children in the community. Now they have nowhere to go.

Ethiopia does not want AU mediation in the Tigray conflict

 Ethiopia does not want AU mediation in the Tigray conflict In the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray, the central government continues to rely on its armed forces and violence. Diplomatic negotiations should not take place until the TPLF leadership is arrested. © Ethiopian News Agency / AP / picture alliance The photo released by the government is said to show the Ethiopian military advancing into Tigray Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed - 2019 Nobel Peace Prize laureate - has turned down an offer to mediate by the African Union (AU).

Johnson foresees a future in which every home in Britain relies on wind power (he certainly produces a lot of that), and “instead of being dragged on big commutes to the city” people can “start a business in their home town

Experts suggest the capital’s previous exposure, and capacity to embrace home working, may now be inhibiting the virus.

The relocation of the hundreds of traders who worked in the mall was also a problem. Initially, nothing was planned for them. So the Latin Elephant Association fought for their rights. About forty of them have been granted temporary new places in the immediate vicinity, explains Santiago Peluffo.

His organization was also successful in negotiating a discount on these new locations, which would otherwise be unaffordable. On the other hand, around 20 traders have still not found an alternative. This is particularly the case of Mohammad Al Warris. This Afghan man sold fashion accessories in the mall for fifteen years. Today he no longer has a store. I have three children to feed. I don't know what to do, he says. All my customers are in this neighborhood, but everything is overpriced. I looked for work but it is very hard to find one at the moment.

Anna Castro, une vendeuse colombienne dans la galerie d’Elephant and Castle, déplore de voir la communauté latino désormais éclatée. © Clara HAWKINS Anna Castro, a Colombian saleswoman in the Elephant and Castle gallery, laments the fact that the Latino community is now shattered.

In Syria, the dream of returning to the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk .
© LOUAI BESHARA The Palestinian Issa al-Loubani and his family in the Yarmouk camp (Syria) on November 25, 2020 When the Syrian authorities authorized the inhabitants of Yarmouk to return home, the Palestinian refugee Issa al-Loubani hastened to register his family and begin himself the repairs of his apartment, impatient to find this camp devastated by the war.

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