US News ISG blockage? What is behind it and what really helps

17:55  25 november  2020
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An ISJ blockage can cause severe back pain. What are the causes, symptoms, and how can you relieve the pain?

Wenn man Schmerzen am ISG spürt, ist Ruhe deshalb die falsche Option. Besser ist es, sich sanft zu bewegen, um die Verhärtungen zu lösen. © Getty Images If you feel pain in the SIJ, rest is therefore the wrong option. It is better to move gently to loosen the hardening.

The back hurts uncomfortably, pulling over the buttocks, and sometimes certain movements are difficult: Around 70 percent of people suffer from a so-called sacroiliac joint block at least once in their life. But what is behind the bulky name and what are the causes and symptoms of the blockage? Is there a specific treatment or therapy that you should rely on? ( Read more about health here )

Nickel factory in Caledonia: intervention of the security forces to remove blockages

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SI joint blockade: what is it?

The ISG connects the pelvis with the spine. It's a pretty tight joint that has little freedom of movement. If it hurts, it is not a blockage in the true sense of the word, but a malfunction: the SI joint is then restricted in its mobility.

This often happens due to muscle tension. If your back starts to hurt, you take a gentle posture - and the symptoms worsen as a result. ( The best muscle exercises for a strong back - without equipment )

Gentle exercises and warmth relieve pain.

If you feel pain in your SI joint, rest is therefore the wrong therapy. It is better to move gently to loosen the hardening. A quiet walk, for example, is well suited for this. "In most cases, warmth is also good," says Dr. Thomas Müller. He is a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery in Speyer.

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The appropriate documents required to affect that kind of seizure were put in place, signed off on, and it appears there was also US military support in this operation. information before reporting on it . So far we are still flying blind and. don’t have a clear, concise understanding of what is going on. But there.

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A visit to the sauna can dispel the pain just like a hot water bottle or a warm cherry stone pillow that you put on your lower back. A warm bath or shower can also alleviate the symptoms. “They should be gone after a day or two,” says the expert. Otherwise it is better to go to the doctor. ( That really helps with neck pain )

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Sufferers are often unable to clearly assign the symptoms For laypeople it is difficult to tell whether the symptoms are actually originate from the sacroiliac joint or whether it is not the hip or the lower spine that is responsible. "The diagnosis should be made by someone who is familiar with it," says Möller. This could be an orthopedic surgeon or a trauma surgeon, for example. This will also rule out other diseases during the examination - such as a herniated disc. (

This helps against back pain in the home office )

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If the symptoms do not go away by themselves, they can be treated medically. For example, drugs are used that relax the muscles. Antirheumatic drugs are also an option, as are certain therapies that mobilize the joint. If that doesn't help, injections are also possible to relieve the tension.

How can an ISG blockade be prevented?

But how does the ISG blockade actually arise? There can be very different reasons for this. One of them is a lack of exercise. "However, even very sporty people can experience pain in the ISG," says the expert. A blockage can be triggered, for example, by being cold or sitting for a long time in an airplane.

Accidents or one-sided stress can also lead to tension in the ISG. It is not uncommon for runners to suffer from ISG blockages due to improper stress if they do not do any compensatory training at the same time. Then there is an imbalance between the individual muscle groups. (

Can wrong sleeping positions cause bad sleep? ) The right treatment for an SIJ blockage

One can partially prevent an SIJ blockage by moving sufficiently and training all muscles around the SIJ equally. You should not only strengthen your back muscles, but also think of your opponents with the

abdominal muscles . In addition, one should include the legs and the buttocks in the exercises.

Anyone who frequently suffers from an ISG blockade is sometimes able to resolve it themselves. It can help to lie on your back and stretch your arms out to your sides. The bent knees are gently tilted alternately to the right and left, while at the same time trying to keep the shoulders on the floor. Turn your head in the opposite direction. It is always important to do such exercises gently - especially if you are already suffering from pain. (

How to avoid back pain when riding a bicycle )

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