US News lawsuits dismissed: US Air Base Ramstein remains in the drone war on terror

23:15  25 november  2020
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With a drone! Milan relies on strange training measures

 With a drone! Milan relies on strange training measures The AC Milan coach, Stefano Pioli, is developing new strategies to lead the training units from home isolation. A drone helps him with this. © Provided by sport1.de With a drone! Milan relies on curious training measure Making a virtue out of necessity: AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli, who tested positive for the coronavirus, is developing new strategies to manage his team's training units from home isolation.

The US Air Force base in Ramstein is a central and indispensible element in Barack Obama's The air base , which has attracted some 50,000 US citizens to live in the region, already played a The US remains silent or disputes the allegation and the Germans are left aghast at the Americans' audacity.

Protesters chant "Stop Ramstein " in a human chain around the base where the US Air Force The demonstration was organized by the alliance "Stop Ramstein - No Drone War ", which says the Ramstein base transmits information between operators in the United States and unmanned drone

Three Yemenis wanted to force the Federal Republic to restrict the use of the military base. But the government has done enough, say the judges

Eine US-Kampfdrohne im Flug. © Photo: dpa A US combat drone in flight.

Three Yemenis have failed to prevent or at least restrict drone attacks against targets in their home country via the American Air Base Ramstein. The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig dismissed their complaints on Wednesday evening (Az .: 6 C 7.19). In one case, the action is already inadmissible because the person concerned does not live in the southern Arab country. In the other two cases it is admissible but unfounded. The Federal Republic is therefore not obliged to urge the USA to end the operations.

A "bone road" discovered in Siberia

 A © Provided by Le Point Siberia, Russia, route Some motorists, who have taken a road located in the Irkutsk region, in Siberia, in Russia, do not not believed their eyes: skulls and bones were in their way or on the side. According to the media The Moscow Times , a "bone road" recently appeared in this region, because employees allegedly covered the road with sand (to fight against the freezing of the road) from a site near to 'a cemetery, which dates from the Russian Civil War (1917-1923).

Separately, the Ramstein base has been targeted by anti- war activists, with German courts dismissing a claim by a local resident in the Some of the drone attacks are seen as questionable from a legal standpoint – both in terms of the approval of targets by the US president and the use of

Ramstein is the headquarters for the US Air Force in Europe, and the base is now pivotal for using air power on other continents. " We touch a good chunk Ramstein receives visual images from drones via satellite, then relays the images to sensor operators and pilots at computer terminals in the United

The fatal signal comes via fiber optic cable

The United States' worldwide drone war against suspected terrorists is controversial in terms of international law and human rights. The aircraft from the USA, which are equipped with deadly ammunition, are controlled remotely. However, due to the curvature of the earth, a relay station is required to transmit the signals transmitted via fiber optic cables to the drones. The US Air Base near Kaiserslautern serves this purpose. Critics accuse Germany of indirectly participating in illegal killing operations that repeatedly hit uninvolved civilians.

The BND ruling from Karlsruhe helped

The complaint brought by the Yemeni Faisal bin Ali Jaber and two of his relatives was therefore supported by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR). In the first instance before the Cologne administrative court, she was rejected. But the Higher Administrative Court of Rhineland-Palatinate gave them hope : The Yemenis would have a right, based on their basic rights, to be protected from threatening damage to their lives and their integrity. Germany had to make sure that the operations were carried out in accordance with international law. In a procedure on listening techniques by the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe also made it clear that foreigners living abroad can also assert German fundamental rights , provided that German authorities are jointly responsible for interference.

Whether there is an obligation to protect remains open.

The Federal Administrative Court now left open whether there is actually an obligation to protect. The technical transmission at the air base alone does not have the “necessary qualified reference to German territory”. And even if one were to assume that there was a duty to protect, the Federal Republic of Germany fulfilled it: after diplomatic talks, it obtained assurance from the USA that the activities on US military bases in Germany were carried out in accordance with the law. The Yemenis can now try a constitutional complaint against the Leipzig judgment.

Tigray War: According to the government, the Ethiopian army "took full control" of Mekele .
© EDUARDO SOTERAS A member of the Tigray police at a checkpoint near Mekele on September 9th. Abiy Ahmed claims that federal troops have captured the capital of the rebel region. He launched a military operation against the local authorities on November 4. What happened in Mekele? Once again, the blackout imposed on the Tigray region - all communications have been cut, journalists banned from entering - calls for caution.

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