US News The investigation into the sale of Nigerien uranium by Areva in 2011 entrusted to an investigating judge

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Football. A former Nigerien international kidnapped

 Football. A former Nigerien international kidnapped © Reuters Obodo, here with Perugia, facing Van Bommel. Christian Obodo, 36, a former Nigerian international, has been kidnapped in Delta State. Former Nigerian national team football player Christian Obodo was kidnapped in oil-rich Delta state, police said on Monday. Obodo, 36, was arrested by unidentified gunmen on Sunday in the southern town of Warri, police spokesman Onome Onowakpoyeya told AFP.

A Nigerien newspaper published documents last month showing a bank transfer in November 2011 for 0 million from an account belonging to state miner Sopamin to an account controlled by an offshore company called Optima Energy. Areva did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Areva bought UraMin, a Canada-based company with assets in Namibia, the Central African Republic and South Africa In 2011 the company wrote off nearly the entire stake as prices dropped following the Fukushima disaster. UraMin also turned out to have far smaller uranium deposits than hoped.

Le parquet national financier (PNF) a mené son enquête préliminaire pendant presque cinq années. (Photo d’illustration) © Ouest-France / Yann Castanier The National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF) conducted its preliminary investigation for almost five years. (Photo illustration)

The affair, dubbed "Uraniumgate", broke out in February 2017 with the publication, in the Nigerian weekly Le Courrier, of documents relating to the sale in the fall of 2011 of a large quantity of uranium for $ 320 million.

Collapsed buildings in Marseille. A former deputy mayor and a trustee indicted

 Collapsed buildings in Marseille. A former deputy mayor and a trustee indicted © GERARD JULIEN / AFP A former deputy of the former mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin and a trustee of co-ownership were indicted in the investigation opened after the 'collapse of two buildings which had left eight dead in Marseille, on November 5, 2018. Two years after the collapse of two buildings in the popular hyper center of Marseille, which had left eight dead, the former deputy mayor Julien Ruas and the Liautard cabinet were indicted.

General elections were held in Niger on 31 January 2011 to elect the President and National Assembly, with a second round of the presidential elections on 12 March.

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The National Financial Prosecutor's Office (PNF) opened a judicial investigation in particular for “corruption” targeting Areva, now Orano , in a Nigerien uranium brokerage case in 2011 which resulted in significant losses for the nuclear group , he said on Wednesday, November 25.

Explosion in Beirut: The judge in charge of the case wants an investigation of three ministers

 Explosion in Beirut: The judge in charge of the case wants an investigation of three ministers A request to prosecute the Minister of Public Works and Transport, as well as those of Finance and Justice, has been tabled in parliament © CHINA NOUVELLE / SIPA A release of balloons on the site of the explosion in Beirut, October 4, 2020.

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An inquisitorial system is a legal system in which the court, or a part of the court, is actively involved in investigating the facts of the case. This is distinct from an adversarial system , in which the role of the court is primarily that of an impartial referee between the prosecution and the defense.

After having carried out its preliminary investigation for almost five years, the PNF entrusted the rest of the investigations in February 2020 to an examining magistrate for “corruption of a foreign public official, private corruption, criminal conspiracy, abuse of corporate assets , breach of trust and organized gang money laundering of these crimes ”, detailed the prosecution, confirming information from the weekly L'Obs.

"If it turns out that there has been embezzlement or any other act which is likely to have harmed the group, Orano would take the legal actions necessary to defend its interests" , 'AFP a spokesperson for the nuclear group.


The affair, dubbed "Uraniumgate" , broke out in February 2017 with the publication, in the Nigerian weekly Le Courrier, of documents relating to the sale in autumn 2011 of a large quantity of uranium for $ 320 million.

Compensation for discriminated homosexual soldiers

 Compensation for discriminated homosexual soldiers The cabinet has decided to rehabilitate homosexual soldiers who are disadvantaged under employment law. They are to receive compensation if they have been dismissed or not promoted for their homosexuality. © Getty Images / AFP / F. Florin Provided by Deutsche Welle The draft law that has been passed provides for judgments by the military courts to be overturned, for example for consensual sexual acts. Earlier federal governments had refused to repeal the relevant service law judgments.

On 'Special Report,' House Intelligence chairman provides insight into the probe. Congress probes 2010 Russia uranium deal - Продолжительность: 0:54 CBS News 1 382 просмотра. Devin Nunes To Step Aside From House Investigation On Russia | The New York Times - Продолжительность: 1

We are in the process of investigating further. UPDATE: InfoWars host David Knight is now calling Steve Pieczenik a “CIA shill” and claims Pieczenik comes onto shows in order to “trap” hosts like Owen Shroyer in disinformation honey pots. In essence, Knight says Pieczenik is a liar who is fabricating this

The stock was initially sold by Areva to a Russian company, Energo Alyans, which then sold it to Optima Energy Offshore in Lebanon.

A few days later, Optima sold the uranium to the Niger State-controlled Société de Patrimoine des Mines du Niger (Sopamin). Areva then bought this stock from Sopamin at a price much higher than that at which it had initially sold it.

Financial arrangement

The police officers of the financial brigade, in charge of investigations after the revelation of questionable transactions by the weekly Marianne in the summer of 2015, sought to determine whether the financial arrangement could have made it possible to conceal commissions or retrocommissions.

Between November 2011 and February 2012, between November 2011 and February 2012, between $ 24 million and $ 101 million were embezzled from the Areva group, according to L'Obs.

According to the weekly, the judicial investigation was entrusted to the same investigating judge as the one in charge of the investigation into the acquisition by Areva of a Canadian mining company, Uramin, owner of three uranium deposits in Africa , for which he spent 1.8 billion euros in 2007.

In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp

 In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp © ASHRAF SHAZLY An Ethiopian refugee sells tea, in a transit camp in Sudan, November 26, 2020 Samarwat Tkhali, 10, has been walking around for a week the streets of "Village 8" in Sudan, where thousands of Ethiopians have taken refuge fleeing the war in Tigray. To survive, she sells the chocolate cakes bought by her father. In this miserable village, where some 15,000 Ethiopian refugees are crowded near the border, she approaches the people by asking them timidly: "Do you want to taste one?".

Two open judicial inquiries

The operation had turned into a fiasco: after the departure of his boss Anne Lauvergeon, Areva had divided by five the value of the company and spent, at the end of 2011, a heavy provision of 1.5 billion euros.

Two judicial inquiries had been opened: one relates to suspicions of fraud and corruption, the second to the provisions entered in 2010 and 2011 by Areva, the magistrates suspecting former officials of having undervalued them in the accounts to hide the collapse in Uramin's value.

Several former leaders of the group are indicted in these investigations, including the former director of the "mines" division Sébastien de Montessus. Anne Lauvergeon, she is continued in the accounting section.

In this last case, the Paris Court of Appeal must rule on December 17 on the validity of the indictments, which were the subject of a judicial standoff from 2017 between the first judges of instruction who refused to pronounce them and the PNF who demanded them.

Iran's parliament wants more uranium. .
The decision of the MPs is intended to demonstrate rigidity. But even in their own country, the new Atomic Energy Act meets with resistance and incomprehension. © Fatemeh Bahrami / AA / picture alliance Home of the hardliners: Plenary session in Tehran (archive picture) Irrespective of its international obligations, the Iranian parliament wants to increase uranium enrichment to 20 percent in the future.

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