US News 71 victims since September: researchers warn of Egregor ransomware

11:45  26 november  2020
11:45  26 november  2020 Source:   zdnet.de

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Egregor is gaining traction after only emerging in September - and researchers warn this ransomware family is only just getting started. According to cybersecurity researchers at Digital Shadows, Egregor ransomware has already claimed at least 71 victims across 19 different

The Ransomware Meltdown Experts Warned About Is Here. Ransomware works by infecting a computer, locking users out of the system (usually by encrypting the data on the hard drive), and then holding the decryption or other Or, since it's a server-level patch, find the nearest sysadmin who can.

ransomeware-shutterstock-carlos-amarillo-800 © DEFAULT_CREDIT ransomeware-shutterstock-carlos-amarillo-800 The backers are so far active in 19 countries. However, the majority of the victims are in the United States. Thanks to ingenious code obfuscation, security researchers have not yet been able to fully clarify the path of Egregor infection.

The cybersecurity provider Digital Shadows has analyzed the activities of the ransomware Egregor , which was first discovered in September . The ransom software, which is primarily used against organizations and companies, has since found at least 71 victims in 19 countries worldwide. These include well-known companies such as the bookseller Barnes & Noble and the game developers Ubisoft and Crytek.

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Ransomware is a type of malware from cryptovirology that threatens to publish the victim 's data or perpetually block access to it unless a ransom is paid.

Ransomware has become a new targeted attack, with thousands of variants emerging over the last six months, said Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder and chief technology officer of Crowdstrike Inc. Most ransomware still requires a human to click a link or open an infected email attachment, but Cisco's

The researchers believe this is just the beginning of a potentially long career for Egregor ransomware. “The level of perfection in their attacks, their adaptability to infecting such a wide range of victims, and the significant increase in their activity suggest that the egregor ransomware operators have been developing their malware for some time and are only now (maliciously) using it Said Lauren Palace, an analyst at Digital Shadows.

The disappearance of the ransomware Maze is said to have contributed to the success of Egregor. "Given their sophisticated technical skills, which make malware analysis difficult and target a wide range of organizations, we can only conclude that the egregor extortionists are likely to persist and pose an increasing risk to organizations," added Palace.

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Fortinet researchers contacted those behind the ransomware pretending they were interested in using the product, and were later sent a sample. AlienVault researcher Peter Ewane said the spyware tried to evade many of the standard ways security programmes spot and stop such dangerous programmes.

This video explains what ransomware is, and how you can make yourself less vulnerable to a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a type of malware (malicious

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Since Egregor has not yet been fully researched, the researchers say that it is also not yet clear how the backers get into the networks of their victims penetration. The malware's code is heavily obfuscated in a way that makes it difficult for security experts to analyze the malware completely. Nevertheless, Digital Shadows assumes that egregor spreads via phishing emails.

In addition, Egregor is following the example of other ransomware families. In order to increase the pressure on the victims, the malware not only encrypts files in the network, but also pulls unencrypted copies beforehand in order to threaten to publish them. In some cases, extracts from this data would even be published with the ransom note to underline the seriousness of the claim.

Although the victims are very diverse, the Digital Shadows researchers found a pattern in the spread of egregor. More than a third of the attacks were directed against manufacturers of industrial products. In addition, the majority of the victims are US residents.

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Officials had warned that these restrictions could come if the county's five-day average of new cases was above 4 The California Department of Health and Human Services reported more than 15,000 coronavirus cases statewide Saturday — by far the highest level since the pandemic began in March.

Since the first version, Nemty has implemented a functionality to extract the public IP address of the victim . Since the first version of Nemty was released, the authors started to evolve their ransomware by adding new capabilities and fixing aspects of its code.

Recently, however,

hit the Chilean retail group Cencosud . In this attack, the backers also presented a new function of Egregor: In the case of Cencosud, the ransom demand was not only displayed on screens, but also on all printers available in the network. As a result, the demands also appeared on receipt printers at the retail company's cash registers - visible to the public. ANZEIGE

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