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12:15  26 november  2020
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Social responsibility: the crisis will test the sincerity of companies

 Social responsibility: the crisis will test the sincerity of companies At a time when the pandemic threatens the existence of some companies, their social and environmental responsibility (CSR) risks taking a back seat, according to some experts for whom the crisis will act as the revealer of the sincerity of these costly commitments.

5 Companies With the Most Remarkable Digital Transformation Strategies . Starbucks’ digital strategy , and its innovative use of data analytics, in particular, remain at the forefront of its growth and continue to Thanks for your efforts and consideration of other people by making your blog available.

Strategy is not always easy to get right, especially when it comes to the tricky issue of attribution. Warby Parker has generated a large amount of its success through word of mouth marketing, spurred on by Online retailer Zappos is famous for prioritising customer service, and it’s a strategy that

Guillaume Legrand et Mathieu Mouton, fondateurs d'eKonsililo. © Provided by La Tribune Guillaume Legrand and Mathieu Mouton, founders of eKonsililo. eKonsilio: the art of revolutionizing conversational marketing

Having a chatbot to interact with visitors to your site is good. Even better is having an online chat run by real humans who take care of responding directly to the prospect's various concerns. In any case, Guillaume Legrand and Mathieu Mouton, the founders of eKonsililo are convinced of this.

In fact, launched in 2016, eKonsilio develops conversational marketing solutions that put people back at the heart of companies' digital strategy. Designed to meet the expectations of demanding and premium customers, the digital solutions offered by the company Le Mans aim not only to increase the value of the customer, but also to allow companies to increase their turnover, by maintaining more privileged relationships. with their prospects.

There is less money for some companies: EU Commission overturns parts of the planned lockdown aid from the federal government

 There is less money for some companies: EU Commission overturns parts of the planned lockdown aid from the federal government Actually, finance ministers in Germany are rather stingy when it comes to handling tax money. But Olaf Scholz - also part-time SPD chancellor candidate - wants to help companies generously during the current lockdown. So three weeks ago, against the concerns of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, he implemented the so-called November aid.

A desert is defined as a place that gets less than 250 mm of rain each year. This means, that every four years or so, when the actors playing the Doctor decide to move on to different projects and leave the show, the producers can find a new actor to take on the iconic role.

This ‘ chat speak’ is very popular with children who are fast at texting. Parents might be interested to know that ‘PAW’ means ‘parents are watching’! B. Of course, different people dream of different things. Someone wishes a calm and quiet life; others imagine their life as a never-ending adventure.

Predictive targeting to increase the conversion rate of prospects

eKonsilio currently has 3 main solutions, namely: Live Chat, VisioLive and Social Messaging. A clever marriage between artificial intelligence and human know-how, eKonsilio's Live Chat stands out completely from an ordinary Chatbot, thanks to the development focused on predictive targeting from which it benefits.

Concretely, thanks to artificial intelligence, Live Chat is able to analyze the visitor's journey to a website in order to determine, depending on the pages he consults, the “Call To Action” buttons on which he clicks ... his needs before triggering at the right time and offering him human help. "Each e-conversation lasts on average 18 minutes and takes place with a trained and qualified online advisor whose ultimate goal is to satisfy the visitor to make them a qualified lead for the partner company", confides Guillaume Legrand.

Solidarity fund: self-employed, you can apply for October

 Solidarity fund: self-employed, you can apply for October © MoMo Productions / Getty Images Solidarity fund: self-employed, you can apply for October Companies with less than 50 employees can, since this Friday 20 November, apply for a solidarity fund for the losses in October. Update on the conditions to be met to benefit from it. Not a minute to lose if you are a trader, craftsman, self-employed or liberal profession and your cash flow is drained by the crisis.

If you use online banking services, make sure they use _____ - files that are like digital identification cards and that identify users and web servers. _____ - getting passwords for online bank accounts or credit card numbers by using emails that look like they are from real organizations, but are in fact

Even middle-class people spent as much as two-thirds of their income on food, of which a fairly high and sensitive proportion was bread. The laws governing the sale of cigarettes and the places where people are allowed to smoke have become stronger in response to people ’s growing fears.

Working with prestigious companies that operate 90% in the automotive sector, eKonsilio makes it a point of honor to offer them an irreproachable quality service. Moreover, thanks to the “eConversational space” that it makes available to its partners, they can find all of their performance indicator data. Thus, they can in real time, visualize, calculate, evaluate and control their return on investment.



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Mail: glegrand@ekonsilio.fr

Heil increases pressure for the supply chain law .
In the struggle for a law against exploitation in the global production of goods, Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil increases the pressure on the Union. © Michael Kappeler / dpa "I'm not satisfied that the discussion is taking so long," says Hubertus Heil. "I am not satisfied that the discussion is taking so long," said the SPD politician to the German Press Agency in Berlin.

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