US News battle of words between Lorenzo and Crutchlow: dispute over job as test driver

17:30  26 november  2020
17:30  26 november  2020 Source:   motorsport-total.com

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Cal Crutchlow has backed struggling Honda MotoGP stablemate Jorge Lorenzo to make a breakthrough soon after a tough start to life with the Japanese manufacturer.

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Einen Job im MotoGP-Umfeld hat Jorge Lorenzo für 2021 nicht © MotoGP.com Jorge Lorenzo does not have a job in the MotoGP environment for 2021

Yamaha has opposed Jorge Lorenzo and Cal Crutchlow as the new test driver for the MotoGP Project decided in 2021. Also because of Corona, the test program planned for Lorenzo with at least one wildcard start could not be implemented this year.

Cal Crutchlow © Motorsport Images Cal Crutchlow

When Lorenzo had to test for two days in Portimao at the beginning of October, he did not meet Yamaha's expectations. Lorenzo was also not nominated to replace Valentino Rossi in early November when there was uncertainty about a false-positive corona test.

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Jorge Lorenzo © MotoGP.com Jorge Lorenzo

When it became clear that Yamaha was no longer planning with Lorenzo, he got in touch with Aprilia. But the Italian team will continue with the current drivers and not bring the ex-world champion on board as a test driver.

Lorenzo: "How to exchange gold for bronze"

Lorenzo is one of those celebrities who maintain their own social media channels and have no PR agents for it. So it happens regularly that Lorenzo talks to normal users on Twitter and Co.

A user recently tweeted: "The fact that Yamaha has not used you, a five-time world champion, to their full advantage is like when a gold prospector comes across gold - but ignores it and looks for coal."

Lorenzo replied to this tweet: "Correct. It's like swapping gold for bronze ..." A clear swipe at Crutchlow, who virtually "took away" the Spaniard's job as a test driver at Yamaha.

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Crutchlow: "He's bored at home"

"I don't really have anything to say to him," says Crutchlow when asked about this tweet by Lorenzo. "He feels the way he feels. I have the utmost respect for him as a racing driver. He is a five-time world champion."

"He'll tell you a lot that he's a five-time world champion. He's an incredibly good racer and very, very special on a bike. But that doesn't mean he's a great test rider too. It's that simple."

"I think you have to take some things he says with a grain of salt," says Crutchlow, saying that Lorenzo shouldn't be taken too seriously. "I'm sure that it affects him more than it does me. I'm okay with what he says, because I don't take it that seriously."

"This comes from a guy who keeps walking around telling people things. I don't mind. I'm happy that I can do something. I have a family and I have a lot of happiness in my life. I have friends. Him is obviously just boring at home. "

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Lorenzo? "I'm not a good test rider? Then the earth is flat"

Lorenzo follows MotoGP events in his apartment in Lugano in Italian-speaking Switzerland. Crutchlow's statements came to his ears too. It was promptly replied in an Instagram story.

"To say that I'm not a good test driver is like saying that the earth is flat," countered Lorenzo. "Engineers and riders who shared the pits with me at Yamaha and Ducati know how good I am at developing the bike."

"When we talk about numbers, the fact is that when I left these two teams the number of wins decreased," writes Lorenzo and also comments on Crutchlow: "Cal has been one of the last ten years Rider with more falls than wins. I think he'll be a good test rider ... to see how stable the bike is. "

Lorenzo added a photo of Crutchlow to his Instagram story from 2014. It showed how the then Ducati factory driver fell in Phillip Island on the way to second place shortly before the end of the race. Lorenzo then inherited this second place ...

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