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19:10  26 november  2020
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Coronavirus: update on the pandemic

 Coronavirus: update on the pandemic © Philippe DESMAZES Evacuation of a coronavirus patient at Bron airport, near Lyon, November 16, 2020 New reports, new measures and highlights: an update on latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. - The American Moderna announces its vaccine effective at 94.5% After Pfizer / BioNTech last week, the American biotechnology company Moderna announced on Monday that its vaccine was effective at 94.5% and that it planned to manufacture 20 million doses by the end of December.

Sweden Coronavirus update with statistics and graphs: total and new cases, deaths per day, mortality and recovery rates, current active cases, recoveries, trends and timeline. Learn more about Worldometer's COVID -19 data. Total Coronavirus Cases in Sweden .

The Swedish Model @coronanerd. Countries with most deaths caused by # COVID 19 As of March 21: 1. Italy 2. China 3. Iran 4. Spain 5. France 6. USA 7. UK 8 Theory: Western version of quarantine isn't enough to end the spread of the novel #coronavirus. This may result in affected countries staying in

  Covid : la fin du modèle suédois © Provided by Le Point

Tasting a glass of glögg (mulled wine with spices) at Lilla Torg, a historic market place in Malmö, south of Sweden , Britta and Inger are discussing the latest turn of the screw announced a few days earlier by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to curb an alarming spread of the coronavirus in the kingdom. No gathering of more than eight people, closing of bars and restaurants at 10 p.m. have been decided in particular. “Our freedom is more and more restricted, but we are still lucky compared to other countries in Europe,” says Britta. " Until when ? »Asks his girlfriend, concerned by the worrying increase in contamination in recent weeks.

Covid-19: what does the strategy adopted by Sweden, long shown as an example?

 Covid-19: what does the strategy adopted by Sweden, long shown as an example? © Pexels Covid-19: what does the strategy adopted by Sweden, long shown as an example? Since the start of the pandemic, Sweden has followed a less strict strategy than other European countries to fight against the coronavirus. But faced with the resurgence of contaminations, the Nordic country had for the first time to take restrictive measures. Has the Swedish method really paid off? Sweden has adopted a unique strategy in Europe in the face of the Covid-19 epidemic .

No, Sweden Isn’t a Miracle Coronavirus Model . The country’s lockdown model is being lauded by the WHO We do know that Sweden ’s Covid -19 journey hasn’t been exceptional. Like other countries, it has Given that we haven’t reached the end of this pandemic, more circumspection might be in order.

Sweden has stood out in the global pandemic by eschewing lockdown and seemingly aiming for herd immunity. Heba Habib reports that Sweden ’s public was This article is made freely available for use in accordance with BMJ's website terms and conditions for the duration of the covid -19 pandemic or

The Swedish experience in the fight against the pandemic, at odds with other countries, is a failure, say its detractors. The Scandinavian kingdom has adopted since March a singular policy in Europe advocated by the chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell of the Public Health Agency, a "guru" who refuses any containment and that government, Parliament and population follow scrupulously its recommendations. Clearly, the Swedes must, according to him, learn to live with the Covid-19 by keeping an open society with its shops, restaurants, kindergartens, schools and workplaces, focusing on respect for barrier gestures and hygiene and the responsibility of citizens .

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“Long-term strategy”

Even at the peak of the epidemic in April, he stayed the course and kept the confidence of politicians, defending his “long-term strategy”, despite strong criticism, in particular from twenty-two renowned scientists denouncing its "erroneous strategy" and urging the political power "to take control". Betting on collective immunity to prevent a second wave in the fall, he predicted that 40% of Stockholm residents? the main source of contamination in the country? had to be immunized. A forecast contradicted by a report from the Swedish Public Health Agency revealing that only 7.3% of residents of the capital tested had developed antibodies to the virus.

Covid-19: how the government can tighten the isolation of sick people

 Covid-19: how the government can tighten the isolation of sick people © Reuters With the alleviation of confinement, the executive must present its new strategy on the isolation of people positive for Covid-19. Matignon is considering making this period compulsory with new coercive measures, writes Le Monde on Thursday. A new strategy to come. "Test, alert, protect": Emmanuel Macron must specify next week the new strategy of France on which this formula is based. Until September, it is the triptych "test, trace, isolate" which was brandished by the executive.

Sweden , which avoided a lockdown during the height of the Covid -19 pandemic, saw its economy shrink 8.6% in the April-to-June period from the previous three months. The flash estimate from the Swedish statistics office indicated that the country had fared better than other EU nations which took

Sweden 's approach to COVID has led to death, grief and suffering. In the COVID -19 pandemic, Sweden has also created interest around the world by following its own path of using a In addition, the stated goal of the Swedish authorities was always not to minimize the epidemic but rather slow it

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The summer lull, where Sweden recorded the contamination rates among the lowest in Europe, galvanized the emblematic figure of the kingdom in the fight against the pandemic, architect of a model praised by foreign media. But the strong resumption of the epidemic since the end of October has cast doubt on the controversial strategy of Mr. Tegnell. "We see no evidence that we have immunity right now in the population that is slowing the spread of the virus," he acknowledged.

"A worsening situation"

An admission of failure for the head of government who took over the levers, multiplying last week interventions in front of the press to warn against "a worsening situation" and deciding alone, for the first time, to ban meetings of more than eight people, which is not a recommendation of the health authorities. “Do not go to the gym, nor to the swimming pool, to the library, do not organize parties,” he begs his compatriots, especially young people, who have been less vigilant since the summer. "We see that our recommendations are no longer being respected as much," he laments, "which forces us to introduce more very intrusive and unprecedented restrictions to break the curve [of the pandemic]. It's hard, brutal, but necessary, ”he hammered last Sunday in his second speech to the nation since March.

Covid-19 in Africa: the specter of the "second wave"

 Covid-19 in Africa: the specter of the © Provided by Le Point More than nine months after the appearance of Covid-19 on the continent, the bar of 2 million cases of infection has been exceeded, the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said on Thursday. This is still less than 4% of the cases recorded in the world, while the continent has 17% of the world population. There is no lack of hypotheses to explain the “African exception”. Like the youth of its population with a median age of 19.7 years, the predom

They argue the Swedish model is more sustainable when it comes to fighting a lasting pandemic. Like elsewhere, most of Sweden ’s Covid -19 “We have had an unfortunate development, especially compared to our neighboring countries, with an introduction of the virus at many elderly care homes

In just a few short months Anders Tegnell, architect of Sweden ’s unique response to the Covid -19 pandemic, has gone from unknown physician and technocrat to a household celebrity in Sweden and in countries around the world. He is beloved by some (people have even had tattoos made with his face)

With 230,514 contaminations on November 25 (+ 4,954) and 6,555 deaths (+ 55, including more than 5,000 people over 70 years old), Sweden (10.3 million inhabitants) has more than four times more deaths than all of its 16 million Nordic neighbors ( Denmark , Finland , Norway ). "We are on a steep slope which continues to rise," Mr. Tegnell warned on Tuesday on public television SVT, calling for "to reduce all social contact".

"It is important that we cooperate so that the curve flattens out", he said, hoping that Sweden "will soon approach a peak and follow the same scenario experienced in several European countries which have started to record a decline after a few weeks of resumption of the epidemic ”. Cautious, he warns against any excessive optimism. “I think it's very important not to believe this time around either that the pandemic is over just because the contaminations are receding. This disease has had an amazing ability to come back in different ways. We must not lose our grip as the WHO says ”, to avoid a third wave.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic back in Swedish selection? The star spoke with coach .
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