US News Football players come out of their silence and denounce police violence

00:55  27 november  2020
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Nantes: An experiment to prevent recidivism in domestic violence

 Nantes: An experiment to prevent recidivism in domestic violence The Nantes public prosecutor's office is launching an experiment with ten volunteers © Rafael Ben-Ari / Cham / NEWSCOM / SIPA Illustration of a woman victim of domestic violence. JUSTICE RESTORATIVE - The Nantes public prosecutor's office is launching an experiment with around ten volunteers Encouraging a dialogue between perpetrators and victims of domestic violence who are not involved in the same case.

He keeps coming back to this issue over and over. Most of those players are black men. They have lived with the reality of police brutality their whole lives. The false claim that they are “anthem protests” also implies that protesting police violence is inconsistent with patriotism.

Domestic violence perpetrated by male athletes upon their intimate partners or family members is one of the most common off-field crimes that affects sports administration. There is an ongoing struggle among sporting leagues, governments

  Les joueurs de foot sortent de leur silence et dénoncent les violences policières © Copyright 2020, L'Obs

We usually advise them to keep quiet, because they are football players and we want them to unite, good behind the ball, but not cleaving. This time, and it is an unprecedented fact, they broke the imposed silence. The lynching of Michel by police officers who entered his home in Paris on November 21 sparked outrage among French internationals. Antoine Griezman is hurting France, and directly calls on the Minister of the Interior, Gérard Darmanin, on his Twitter account.

My France hurts! @GDarmanin https://t.co/78HRfoyqhA

—AntoGriezmann (@Antoine Griezmann)

For Benjamin Mendy, the case of this beating revealed by journalist David Perrotin on the Loopsider site, reveals the probative force images to face the false allegations of the police officers, which too often prevail. The international posted an image on Twitter this evening that asks "Who is protecting us from the police? »

“Global security” law and freedom of the press: “A grotesque dystopia”

 “Global security” law and freedom of the press: “A grotesque dystopia” © Cyril ZANNETTACCI Rally in Paris against the proposed “global security” law, Tuesday. The Minister of the Interior says he is ready to revisit article 24 to guarantee the work of journalists. For the sociologist Fabien Jobard, the protection of the police, indisputable, seems to hide another purpose: to prevent documenting the demonstrations.

The players honored slain UConn football player Jasper Howard by wearing #6 decals, donated by Rotary International, on their helmets during their game Aside from the players , special recognition is due to Ignatius assistant coach Tyrone White, who sought MaxPreps out to help shed light on this

The ball or the player with the ball goes out of bounds. A team scores. Officials blow a whistle to Scoring Main article: American_ football _rules#Scoring A team scores points by the following plays : ·A Fewer players nine-man football eight-man football six-man football Smaller field The Arena

without the videos what would have happened to Michel? we would have preferred to believe the version of the police under sermen ... https://t.co/fKyaHNliSG

—benmendy23 (@Benjamin Mendy)

It is, without naming it, article 24 of the bill on global security which is actually targeted by footballers. Jules Koundé, a Sevilla FC player, affirms that cameras and videos are the best weapons to fight the impunity of "this fringe of police" who go beyond their rights, even killing, sometimes.

Against this fringe of police officers who greatly exceed their rights by beating, sometimes even killing, our junkies ... https://t.co/RCwWNqi6T3

—jkeey4 (@Jules Kounde)

Words are strong and committed when they are acts to denounce "inhuman" acts committed by human beings. Like those of Alexandre Lacazette who displays three red emojis of anger, Samuel Umtiti breaks the step in turn.

Hong Kong: Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong to plead guilty

 Hong Kong: Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong to plead guilty © Peter PARKS Left to right: Pro-democracy activists Agnes Chow, Ivan Lam and Joshua Wong speak to reporters ahead of their trial in Hong Kong on 23 November 2020 Joshua Wong, one of Hong Kong's best-known protest figures, and two other prominent activists will plead guilty on Monday for their role in protests in 2019, which could earn them jail time .

The incidents come as the government tries to bring in laws banning the broadcast of police officers' faces. He was detained and charged with violence and resisting arrest, but prosecutors threw the charges out and instead opened media captionPolice tipped some migrants out of their flimsy tents.

A French minister has backed the Paris police chief after clashes at the dismantling of a migrant camp in the capital this week. Interior minister Gerald Darmanin called the images "shocking" and said the officers who carried out the violence would be punished.

??? https://t.co/NХ-$GdYLDay

—LacazetteAlex (@Alexandre Lacazette)

Human beings ... are capable of doing inhuman things! https://t.co/XelrPZ1c9e

—samumtiti (@Samuel Umtiti)

Kylian Mbappé also denounces on Twitter “unacceptable violence” in the “unbearable images” of the beating of Michel, which lasted twenty minutes.


—KMbappe (@Kylian Mbappé)

These public outings by international footballers are a first, in France, on the theme of police violence. They could mark the acceleration of a movement started in June by comedian Omar Sy, who called for unity and courage in a text published by the Obs.

Omar Sy: "Police violence is everyone's business"

For Assa Traoré, Adama's sister, who died in July 2016 on the asphalt of the Persian gendarmerie, the words of personalities, "and in particular footballers are precious and necessary, because they carry weight, because they are young people who also defend a future, that of our children. The question that arises is that of justice and equality for all. We must put an end to police impunity ".

IGPN seized after new video showing man beaten up by police officers .
IGPN was seized by the courts after being informed of a video showing three police officers beating up a music producer in Paris. © Screenshot / Loopsider Police violence again highlighted by a video. Loopsider reveals this Tuesday the images of a man beaten last Saturday by several police officers, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. According to the media, Michel, a music producer, was in front of his studio when he was attacked by agents, "simply because he was not wearing a mask." In total

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