US News Poverty: the economic crisis due to Covid-19 hits young people "on the front line"

01:05  27 november  2020
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Val-de-Marne: facing the Covid, emergency accommodation is strengthening as winter approaches

 Val-de-Marne: facing the Covid, emergency accommodation is strengthening as winter approaches © LP / Marion Kremp Bonneuil-sur-Marne, this Monday. Djamel, 36, has been living in the emergency accommodation center in the port of Bonneuil managed by Emmaüs since January. The center, which was initially opened for a few months, has been extended by four years to cope with the explosion of needs linked to the health crisis. Djamel needed to feel at home. Very quickly, after months of wandering.

The COVID - 19 coronavirus pandemic is the biggest health crisis for generations, and it is having a The COVID - 19 coronavirus pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on the lives of people • Some young people who usually access online support feel like it takes longer to get it due to influx

Due to COVID 19 , Benton County Clerk’s Office (BCCO) located at 2111 W Walnut St. in Rogers will offer limited services temporarily, remaining open only Voters will be able to cast a ballot or drop-off an absentee ballot at this location, which will be staffed by The Benton County Election Commission

Une volontaire des Restos du Cœur distribue de l'aide alimentaire à une dame, à Nantes, le 23 novembre 2020 © Stéphane Mahé, Reuters A volunteer from Restos du Cœur distributes food aid to a lady in Nantes on November 23, 2020

While the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has worsened poverty in France, it is more likely to amplify the precariousness of those under 30 in France, according to a report from the Observatory of Inequalities unveiled Thursday. These already represent nearly half of the poor in France.

Merkel expects more competitive pressure from the free trade bloc around China

 Merkel expects more competitive pressure from the free trade bloc around China Berlin (Reuters) - Chancellor Angela Merkel warns of increased competitive pressure on Germany with a view to the free trade bloc around China that has recently emerged in Asia. © Reuters / POOL German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses a news conference on COVID-19 in Berlin The dismantling of trade barriers is all the more important in these difficult times, said the Chancellor on Tuesday at the economic summit of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

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The economic effects of the COVID - 19 pandemic are likely to be much worse than the global More research is needed on the risks to health from COVID - 19 among healthcare and other workers at The revised WHO minimum data set for surveillance of COVID - 19 cases contains a question about

Associations have been ringing the bell for several months: the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has increased poverty in France and NGOs are seeing that new profiles are seeking food aid. According to a report from the Observatory of Inequalities made public Thursday, November 26, those under 30 could be the most affected, while they already represent nearly half of the poor in France.

Nantes. When CSR approaches become weapons in the face of the crisis

 Nantes. When CSR approaches become weapons in the face of the crisis © ISTOCK Nantes Métropole's CSR platform facilitates solidarity between entrepreneurs, employees and citizens. A solidarity that facilitates resilience in the face of crises, such as that of Covid-19. Conscious of the need to mobilize everyone's energy to ensure sustainable and responsible development of the territory, Nantes Métropole has set up for several years a CSR platform, for Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to facilitate social dialogue and sharing of experiences.

News 12 featured VNSNY home care nurse Greg Fargas and VNSNY hospice nurse Diane Lynch to recognize the skill and bravery of VNSNY nurses and other front line workers during the COVID - 19 public health crisis during National Nurses Week.

Dr. Chin-Hong has been at the fore- front of preparing UCSF for the COVID - 19 surge in the SF bay area. In this conversation with him, he shares his experiences about the clinical characteristics, course of illness, testing and treatment options for patients with COVID - 19 .

"The elderly have paid the heaviest consequences of the coronavirus in terms of health, young people will suffer most of its economic fallout", said Thursday Louis Maurin, director of the Observatory inequalities, during a presentation of the second edition of the "Report on poverty ".

Difficulties of training, of insertion in a depressed labor market and where companies are uncertain about their future, greater precariousness of parents: young people are "the main victims of this situation", underlined Louis Maurin , as many associations have already done before him in recent weeks, especially food aid.

New profiles : students, workers, caregivers ...

For months, associations have been raising alarm bells , noting an increase in poverty, in particular with new profiles who rarely called for help food or others, such as students or temporary workers.

Covid-19: how the government can tighten the isolation of sick people

 Covid-19: how the government can tighten the isolation of sick people © Reuters With the alleviation of confinement, the executive must present its new strategy on the isolation of people positive for Covid-19. Matignon is considering making this period compulsory with new coercive measures, writes Le Monde on Thursday. A new strategy to come. "Test, alert, protect": Emmanuel Macron must specify next week the new strategy of France on which this formula is based. Until September, it is the triptych "test, trace, isolate" which was brandished by the executive.

Back in March, as the United States was just beginning to experience a steep rise in coronavirus cases, NewsHour Special correspondent Karla Murthy caught up again with Dr. Langsfeld on the front line of the outbreak to A Frontline ER Doctor Talks About the Insurmountable Fight Against COVID - 19

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According to various charities , an additional million French people will have fallen into poverty before 2021. An increase noted by the local Secours populaire on rue Montcalm, in Paris. "Between the start of the health crisis and now, there are between 30 and 35% more beneficiaries, which is a fairly considerable figure", explains David Fargier, responsible for distribution on the solidarity self-service.

"Historically, we had families first and foremost, quite a few isolated people, very few students. But there, even people who work or students have difficulty making ends meet and appeal to the Secours populaire . "

Like Julia, in master 2, who however worked in a costume jewelry store before the reconfinement. Or Sofia, whose husband no longer has an income, who has already appealed for food aid twice.

According to the Observatory of Inequalities, in 2018 - the last known year - there were 5.3 million poor people living on less than 885 euros per month, or 8.3% of the population. Among them, more than half (52%) were under the age of 30, of which a third were children and adolescents growing up in a poor family, notes the Observatory.

Covid-19 in Africa: the specter of the "second wave"

 Covid-19 in Africa: the specter of the © Provided by Le Point More than nine months after the appearance of Covid-19 on the continent, the bar of 2 million cases of infection has been exceeded, the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said on Thursday. This is still less than 4% of the cases recorded in the world, while the continent has 17% of the world population. There is no lack of hypotheses to explain the “African exception”. Like the youth of its population with a median age of 19.7 years, the predom

This independent observatory has adopted for several years a more restrictive definition of poverty, placing it below the threshold of 50% of median income (against 60% for official bodies). According to her, "closer to reality".

Anne Brunner, who led this work, recalls that the median standard of living of young people "is twice lower than the standard of living of the French".

Advocacy for a single minimum income under conditions

To mitigate the effects of the crisis, the Observatory pleads for the establishment of a single minimum income which "would guarantee an exit from poverty". Paid under conditions of resources and open to young people, it would reach 900 euros per month after payment of social assistance. Its cost is estimated between 7 and 10 billion euros.

"This is equivalent to half the reduction in the housing tax or 10% of the stimulus plan. These are political choices," argued its director.

The Prime Minister announced on Thursday the extension in 2021 of the Youth Guarantee to 200,000 beneficiaries. An exceptional aid of 150 euros must also be paid on Friday to some 400,000 young beneficiaries of APL or scholarship holders.

In addition, there is a call for projects of 50 million euros launched by the government, with the objective of bringing out or modernizing mechanisms to fight poverty. Associations have until January 15 to apply.

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Grigny, city classified as the poorest in France: the mayor deplores a lack of national solidarity .
© LP / Florian Garcia The city of Grande-Borne in Grigny (Essonne), is one of the poorest and most degraded of France. Misery rubs shoulders with delinquency, a situation that the mayor deplores. Neither discouraged nor fatalistic. Despite the increasingly difficult social reality that strikes his town, Philippe Rio does not give up even if he recognizes that "adversity is severe".

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