US News "Yes I am a battered woman": the terrible story Cindy Lopes on the violence suffered during her pregnancy

23:20  27 november  2020
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Nantes: An experiment to prevent recidivism in domestic violence

 Nantes: An experiment to prevent recidivism in domestic violence The Nantes public prosecutor's office is launching an experiment with ten volunteers © Rafael Ben-Ari / Cham / NEWSCOM / SIPA Illustration of a woman victim of domestic violence. JUSTICE RESTORATIVE - The Nantes public prosecutor's office is launching an experiment with around ten volunteers Encouraging a dialogue between perpetrators and victims of domestic violence who are not involved in the same case.

These three women were all victims of their husband's infidelity while they were pregnant . Adele, pictured while pregnant and with her ex-husband Paul ‘Calmly, this female voice I didn’t recognise announced: “ I ’ve been dating your husband for three months. We were together on the night your son

More than half of women living with abusive partners experience violence during pregnancy . Hannah Dahlen will never forget when she was a student midwife and a woman came to the hospital, the imprint of a studded football boot on her pregnant belly.

The sparkling candidate of Secret Story testifies for Public of the violence of which she and her two children, Stella and Raphaël, were victims of from his former companion.

© Domine Jerome / ABACA "Yes, I am a battered woman": the terrible story Cindy Lopes on the violence suffered during her pregnancy

At 37 years old, Cindy Lopes, former candidate of Secret Story, is the mother of two children. If her former boyfriend recognized their daughter Stella, he still didn't recognize Raphaël. In June 2009, the luscious Cindy joined season 3 of Secret Story. His secret: “I am bisexual”…

Audience: Why decide today to express yourself on facts that occurred two years ago?

Angers-Lyon, the new arbitration scandal

 Angers-Lyon, the new arbitration scandal © Supplied by Sports.fr The exit of Anthony Lopes behind the back of Romain Thomas. Obviously frustrated by the defeat of his troops, Stéphane Moulin had very harsh words against the referee after the match. This is mainly due to the new kamikaze release by Antony Lopes. The Angevins could have had it bad after their conceded defeat to Olympique Lyonnais on Sunday in Matchday 11.

The NHS are unable to investigate miscarriages further until the woman has suffered three. Lisa sought private medical care as she couldn't bare go through the pain again. But the tests came back normal meaning there was no remedy to put an end to the heartbreak.

3) Mary felt so unhappy that she threw on the bed and cried. Words to use in your story : One day then after that finally see a doctor sore throat cough take vitamins sneeze pr … escribe final verdict eat fried food do exercises ПРОШУ ПОМОГИТЕ ЧЕРЕЗ 20 МИН СДАВАТЬ.

Cindy: Because battered women are not protected enough! May Marlène Schiappa stop saying that we have been helped. We are in danger!

Yet you had filed a complaint at the time against this former companion ... Yes. I was seven months pregnant. He attacked me while we were in the car. I went out with our daughter and took refuge in my house. He smashed everything: the intercom, the door… He remained in custody for 48 hours and my complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence. However, he is a repeat offender, it is in his criminal record.

You also say that you had marks on your body… I had bruises, I had two days of ITT. He also hit me in the stomach. I did not feel my baby move for two days: the beatings had caused contractions and the tummy had hardened.

Video: "I do not wish it on anyone ...": Nagui confides (Public)

Children, these forgotten victims of domestic violence

 Children, these forgotten victims of domestic violence © Sipa Each year, these tragedies cause dozens of orphans and concern 4 million minors. They are no longer considered as witnesses but as co-victims. A year ago, the Grenelle had highlighted the impact of domestic violence on children. Before the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, the worksite remains a priority in the eyes of associations. They would be 4million in France to be exposed, estimates the National Federation of Solidarity Women (FNSF).

Other barriers for LGBT battered men and women include the fear of losing their jobs, home, and/or custody of their children should their sexual orientation Laws against domestic abuse are essential in the effort to protect battered men and women from their abusers. Federal law, like the Violence

Do not encourage, glorify, or incite violence . For example: "Kill yourself", "It wouldn't be so bad if we killed all the pedophiles", "This guy needs to die", " I hope this guy gets I don't have children but I am a human being so I can also confirm that it's a relief to hear that this woman isn't a part of their life.

Have you been together for a long time? Three and a half years, from 2015 to 2018. I would have left long before but he didn't want to leave. I'm ashamed to have been through this because people think of me as a strong woman.

But it's not your fault! Still, I feel guilty. I wanted my children to have a father. But at some point, I also had to protect them. Reality TV is over!

Today, what do you expect from him? May he recognize his child! I initiated a procedure to force him to do so. I want my son to have a father. He wanted this child! Why should my daughter have the right to have a father and not my son? It is unfair.

You have professional plans to forget all that… It is hardly more encouraging. I should have performed at the Théâtre les Blancs Manteaux with my one-woman-show, Lopes… tackle !, but, due to the confinement, it stopped. Well, I put it into perspective, because I prefer to be confined rather than sick and in intensive care. Better to be pissed off than to die!

You just finished a film on cosmetic surgery… I participated in Operate me, Doctor! with several other people. In fact, after my two caesarean sections close together, I was considering having surgery for my tummy. This show allowed me to make it while being followed. The show will air in April on Amazon Prime Video.

Did it make you want to do reality TV again?

I am past the age. I am 37 years old today and my passions are not the same. Otherwise, I'd like to do funny stuff on TV. I would not accept anything and everything, but I leave the door open to all proposals ...

Interview by Charles Rémi

"Do not control any more, total block!" "Police unions outraged by Macron's remarks on .
violence © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Macron's interview sparks a revolt among police unions. The two main organizations that represent the peacekeepers, Alliance and SGP-FO Unit, protested on Saturday (December 5th) against the remarks of the head of state on the facies checks and discrimination. The unions are even calling on the police to stop doing identity checks.

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