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12:10  28 november  2020
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Merkel calls for global cohesion in the case of Corona

 Merkel calls for global cohesion in the case of Corona The first day of the virtual G20 summit was dominated by the corona pandemic. Chancellor Merkel and others called for closer international cooperation in the spread of a vaccine against the virus. © Guido Bergmann / picture alliance Angela Merkel: Access to vaccination must be affordable for every country As so often, it was about more money. "In order to contain the pandemic, access to vaccination must be possible and affordable for every country.

History suggests any vaccine could be less successful in old people because an aged immune system does not respond as well, as happens with the annual flu jab. But data so far suggests this may not be a problem with some of Covid vaccines . Multiple doses may overcome any problems, as could giving it

Vaccines typically require years of research and testing before reaching the clinic, but scientists are racing to produce a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine by next year. But a few vaccines may succeed in stimulating the immune system to produce effective antibodies against the virus.

The pressure is great. Germany is preparing for the approval of the first corona vaccines. Much remains to be done to ensure rapid distribution. Who should be vaccinated first?

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The German Association of Cities has asked the federal states to quickly provide enough medical staff for corona vaccinations. "If the vaccine is there, the vaccinations must not fail due to a lack of staff," said City Council President Burkhard Jung (SPD) of the German press agency.

Half want to be vaccinated

Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) expects that a first vaccine will be approved in December. According to the current ZDF "Politbarometer", a good half of citizens (51 percent) want to be vaccinated, 29 percent are not yet sure and 20 percent definitely do not want to.

Qantas plans corona vaccination for passengers - Lufthansa does not

 Qantas plans corona vaccination for passengers - Lufthansa does not Sydney / Frankfurt / Paris (Reuters) - The Australian airline Qantas is planning a vaccination for passengers on intercontinental flights. © Reuters / DADO RUVIC FILE PHOTO: A woman holds a small bottle labeled with a "Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine" sticker and a medical syringe in this illustration "We will require international travelers to be vaccinated before we leave let them on board, "Qantas boss Alan Joyce told Channel Nine on Tuesday. "We think that's necessary." The general terms and c

This vaccine is said to be the first “phase 2” coronavirus vaccine , meaning it has been approved to be “safely” used in human test subjects. And the Canadian government could not be more excited about the prospect of injecting as many Canadians as possible with it to “cure” them of the Wuhan

Clear ’s new Health Pass and other ‘Covid hi-tech innovations’ are a stark warning of how the globalist ‘New Normal’ being mapped out will operate. That’s how Condé Nast Traveller described the latest piece of technology by the biometric ID company Clear , which will help the authorities determine who

In Germany, the health authorities have meanwhile transmitted 21,695 new corona infections to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) within 24 hours . The RKI reported this early on Saturday morning. Last Saturday the number was 22,964. The peak was reached on Friday a week ago (November 20th) with 23,648 reported cases. The health authorities also reported 379 new deaths within one day.

"The federal, state and local governments all want the vaccinations to be a success," emphasized Jung. They are a crucial component in combating the corona pandemic. "The cities of course actively support the construction and operation of the vaccination centers. They are able to quickly make the necessary organizational preparations. This means, for example, renting and equipping buildings." The costs incurred by the municipalities would have to be offset by the federal, state and health insurance companies.

health expert wants to withdraw the right to intensive care places for corona skeptics

 health expert wants to withdraw the right to intensive care places for corona skeptics corona deniers are spreading the virus and endangering us all. Now an expert is saying what millions of people dare to think. © Provided by Männnersache Corona intensive care patient Everything, just no triage! Triage is what everyone is afraid of : Doctors, patients, relatives.

Flu vaccines have been shown to reduce the risk of flu illness, hospitalization, and death. Getting a flu vaccine can also save healthcare resources for the care of patients with COVID-19. Benefits of Getting Vaccinated plus icon.

Although these vaccines are not effective against COVID-19, vaccination against respiratory illnesses is highly recommended to protect your health. Download and share. FACT: Rinsing your nose with saline does NOT prevent COVID-19.

Die Impfungen dürfen nicht an fehlendem Personal scheitern, mahnt Städtetagspräsident Jung © picture-alliance / dpa / C. Seidel The vaccinations must not fail due to a lack of staff, warns City Council President Jung

The vaccinations themselves are the responsibility of the statutory health insurance associations and their resident doctors, according to the Mayor of Leipzig. "Due to the pandemic, the medical staff of the health authorities will remain at full capacity for the foreseeable future and will not also be able to take care of the vaccinations mobile vaccination teams. "

It only affects a few people

Time is of the essence because the first amounts of vaccine should be available soon. "The limited vaccination doses are initially intended for a relatively small group of people. The federal and state governments must now quickly establish binding and transparent information about who is vaccinated with priority," said Jung.

The federal and state governments agree in a tough fight on stricter corona requirements

 The federal and state governments agree in a tough fight on stricter corona requirements The hoped-for turnaround in the fight against the corona pandemic did not materialize in November - that's why people have to adjust to even stricter requirements. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of government of the federal states agreed on a catalog of measures for the winter months on Wednesday. Even if the requirements for human encounters at Christmas should be relaxed - a return to normality is not in sight.

Simple precautions to reduce your chances of being infected or spreading COVID-19.

Without pandemic containment measures—such as social distancing, vaccination , and use of face masks—pathogens can spread exponentially.[90] This graphic shows how early adoption of containment measures tends to protect wider swaths of the population.

Health Minister Spahn made it clear that he especially expects employees in hospitals and nursing homes to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Everyone can decide for themselves whether to accept this offer, said Spahn to Bayerischer Rundfunk. But: "At the finish I already have the expectation and the request that the vast majority of those who work in the health service also get vaccinated." It's not just about protecting yourself, but also about those you care for.

Spahn has asked the federal states that the vaccination centers should be ready for use in mid-December. Jung warned against too high expectations. "We are a little unhappy about the name vaccination center because people might get the impression that from January in every independent city and in every district there will be a facility in operation where you can get vaccinated," said the president of the city council.

Mass vaccinations in summer at the earliest

"In fact, we assume that mobile vaccination teams in particular will travel to care facilities and hospitals well into spring. There, chronically ill, very old people and the staff there will be vaccinated," says Jung. No unrealistic expectations should be aroused. " mass vaccinations for the general population will be possible according to the plans of the federal and state governments from summer at the earliest."

Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) assumes that the approval of the population will grow as soon as the supply of vaccines starts. "We need people's willingness to be vaccinated," said the CDU politician to the "Augsburger Allgemeine". Schäuble made it clear at the same time: "There will be no compulsory vaccination. Nobody who bears responsibility wants that."

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Great Britain is preparing for the first corona vaccinations .
© iStockphoto The first people in Great Britain are to be vaccinated against Corona this Tuesday. Before the start, preparations are in full swing in several dozen hospitals. Great Britain starts tomorrow with the first vaccinations against the coronavirus. At the weekend, boxes with the first vaccine doses arrived, including in a hospital in south London. The vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer poses a logistical challenge for the authorities, as it has to be cooled to minus 70 degrees Celsius.

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