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18:50  28 november  2020
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Gironde: The medical farm authorized to sell its "cannabis welfare" in France

 Gironde: The medical farm authorized to sell its The Court of Justice of the European Union, this Thursday ruled illegal the ban in France on the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD), this which will allow the oils from the production of La Ferme Médicale en Gironde to be sold nationwide © La ferme Médicale La ferme Médicale operates the first field of cannabis without THC in Gironde LEGISLATION - The Court of Justice of the The European Union ruled illegal this Thursday the ban in France on the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD), which will allow the

The original tale tells of a badly-behaved old woman who enters the forest home of three bachelor bears whilst they are away. Plot In Southey's tale, three anthropomorphic bears – "a little , small, wee bear, a middle-sized bear, and a great , huge bear" – live together in a house in the woods.

I hope you enjoy this English video lesson! ⌛ Remember: Always watch the video three times. I thought today would be a good day to teach you a little bit about how to tell a good story in English. You know, the, the kind of story that you tell a friend or a co-worker after you've been gone for the

Une collectrice de l’association Globeconteur au travail. © Globeconteur A collector of the Globeconteur association at work.

Tales of love, war, life, work ... The Nantes association Globeconteur collects fragments of a popular history, those of the invisible, especially in the Nantes region and, more widely, in the West. Academics are interested in it.

This is the story of the Nantes frog eater. Two retired girlfriends, Juliette and Madeleine, kids in the 1950s, remember it like it was yesterday. They curl up laughing at the mention of the character and we laugh heartily with them when they imitate him, spitting out the amphibians with a few liters of water ...

This is one of some three hundred stories collected since three years by the Globeconteur association, which lead in turn to cry, to be moved or to laugh. Like this one, particularly representative in the eyes of Marie Capp and Cédric Jolivet.

"Let's Dance" star Luca Hänni: About Christina Luft: "Didn't know anything about her back then"

 With professional dancer Christina Luft (30) is " Let's Dance " star Luca Hänni (26 ) very, very happy. During this year's RTL dance show, in which they took 3rd place, both had a spark . © imago images / POP-EYE Luca Hänni And from the first couple holiday, the lovebirds shared pretty hot pictures, as you can see in the video above.

Do you want to tell interesting stories ? Telling an engaging story is a social skill that anyone can learn. In this video , I break the art of storytelling down into different topics that people tell stories about most For me personally, there are some stories that I have told people hundreds of times!

If story telling is made into an interesting experience and fun filled activity where the listeners also Task 2. With your friend. Can you suggest a story that you would like to tell your children? Importance of vocabulary. Children will understand the text they read if they know at least 90% of the

For the two organizers of the Nantes association, its futility is only apparent: "It may seem insignificant. However, she tells about the place of children in the city, precisely at the moment when it is questioned again, so that the city belongs to them a little more. Madeleine and Juliette also tell us that they were going to play everywhere in Nantes, three kilometers from their home, and that the parents were not afraid. "

Marie Capp et Cédric Jolivet, animateurs de l’association nantaise Globeconteur. © Ouest-France Marie Capp and Cédric Jolivet, leaders of the Nantes association Globeconteur. "Transmitting popular history"

Ambition of this work of memory: Globeconteur seeks to "amplify the transmission of popular history, between generations and cultures, by collecting life stories". And at “to give back a central place to the citizens most distant from the word, especially the elderly. History and geography are often learned through great men and great dates. For us, history belongs to everyone, and little stories tell a big story. "

Welcoming migrants: Ian Brossat wants to mobilize the Parisian convention centers

 Welcoming migrants: Ian Brossat wants to mobilize the Parisian convention centers © CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT Refugees line up to receive a snack, in a convention center transformed into a temporary refuge, in Paris, on November 18. Several hundred exiles wander in the north of the capital after the evacuation of the Saint-Denis camp. Ian Brossat, Deputy Mayor of Paris, proposes to make the Porte de Versailles exhibition center and the Champerret space available.

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Told in the second person point of view , this story from Moore’s debut anthology Self-Help takes an honest look at the inner life of a struggling artist. Crossing decades and continents, the stories show children and adults alike as they face their pasts and fight for survival in less than ideal conditions.

All these slices of life are located on a world map, visible on the website, with a strong focus on the Nantes region, its region and the west of France. A small search engine allows you to choose between audio, video or written stories, between decades, and to filter according to the theme: love, war, education, family and friends, commitment, religion, nature, etc. Life, what.

We thus navigate from Hervé's love at first sight at the end of the 1970s in Sables-d'Olonne, to Séverine's escapades in the catacombs of the castle of Lude, in the Sarthe, through the life of Jeanine, woman from sailor to Noirmoutier, among other Breton, Norman but also American, African and Asian stories…

The words of women during the war

“We see that those on the link to nature stand out strongly, observes Cédric Jolivet. Is it because we've damaged this link a bit? " Another recurrence, the stories, often female, of the period 1939-1945: " The word of women tells about another Second World War, with another experience. This is not what you learn in textbooks, where it is mostly men who are seen as heroes. "

Thailand: the leaders of the pro-democracy movement under threat of prosecution for lese majesté

 Thailand: the leaders of the pro-democracy movement under threat of prosecution for lese majesté © Jack TAYLOR Pro-democracy activists in front of a portrait of the King of Thailand, November 25, 2020 in Bangkok At least 12 leaders of the movement Thai pro-democracy risk being indicted for lese majesty, a first since the start of the protest which protests again Wednesday in Bangkok to denounce the opacity of the gigantic royal fortune.

A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot and ground coffee beans in the third pot.

In less than 2 years, “Hamilton” has become a cultural phenomenon. Not only did it introduce many teenagers to the world of theatre, it also gave the world a history lesson. The show humanizes the founding fathers, shows us that they were actual people with emotions and personal relationships.

Researchers at work

The approach commands attention. It has won several awards and is now followed by academics. Three researchers in sociology, anthropology and neuroscience from the Klask association, which brings together researchers "in the service of social innovation": "They will analyze each of the stories, categorize them in a much finer way. Which ones appeal to positive, negative emotions? What place does this story have in the person's life course? What was the context of the speech? Is it resilience, was it a defining or painful moment in his life? And they will make a return to the collectors. "

" Make the storyteller bounce back "

But do all these retro looks have the same interest or the same flavor? The talent of the “globecollectors” makes a lot of it. They are about two hundred. "We support them to develop their skills, to bring them to make the storyteller" bounce back "", indicates Marie Capp, attached to "the idea that the collection is citizen, made by citizens who will see other citizens. And we are facilitators. »

Louis de Funès, the joker of Clermont-sur-Loire

Souvenir of Michelle, in the 1950s, at the Cellier, near Nantes (on the Globeconteur site). “During the holidays, my parents rented a house in Clermont-sur-Loire, not far from the castle of the Countess de Maupassant, who was married to Louis de Funès. We often saw him: he went fishing with my father. He was wearing velvet pants and jacket and an apron in front.

There was a farm where we went to get milk. One day, we went upstairs with our cans, my sister, a friend and me. Suddenly, as we were walking along a wood, Louis de Funès came out of a path shouting to scare us. He was hiding to wait for us and play a prank on us. We had one of those scares! Afterwards, we were suspicious, we stuck to the other side of the path and we checked that there was no one there before passing! "

In the intimacy of an Emmanuel Macron seducer, calculator, and Darwinian .
© Thomas COEX / AFP Seducer, calculator, and Darwinian ... Here are three adjectives that would best qualify Emmanuel Macron according to the book "Burglar President "by political journalist Corinne Lhaïk. She was at the microphone of Europe 1, Wednesday, to say a little more about the psychological and political profile of the President of the Republic.

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